Amazing Products TV I tested 3 NEW Video Doorbells, and I’m shocked 😬

Awesome Tips I tested 3 NEW Video Doorbells, and I’m shocked 😬

Warning! These new video doorbells each have a big hidden catch you need to know about!

Ecobee doorbell:
Wyze 2 doorbell:
Eufy E340 doorbell:
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Eufy drama from 2022
The Hook Up:

My smart home favorites:

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0:00 Intro
0:18 Super slimy
1:54 Cheaping out
4:32 Too good to be true?
6:31 Lesser of two evils
7:14 ANOTHER subscription 🙄


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  1. I never love making a negative video, but when I figured out everything that was going on, I knew I had to. Next video is another fun smart home tour, subscribe so you don't miss it!

    • Zay
    • November 5, 2023

    Wyze is (& I don’t say this lightly) the WORST company I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life. I have V3 cameras all around the exterior of my house & they constantly need to be reset, unplugged & replugged in & NONE of the features I’m currently paying for are actually working on any of the cameras. STAY. AWAY.

  2. Just terrible all about money now days, send it back tell them it's faulty 😂

  3. I’ll take the Aqara doorbell for 100 thanks

  4. this is exactly the public service that a channel on YT we need. Exposing these awful products and making buyers aware of the shady tactics some companies will resort to. Thanks for all your effort on our behalf.


  6. I really don't like how so many companies are pushing subscriptions. Like it's a video doorbell. We've had cameras and doorbells for a long time. Why is it so hard to just make something slightly more expensive so it doesn't require a subscription. And the things that are behind a paywall are just ridiculous. Sure, 24/7 video recording. It makes sense. The companies have to maintain their servers, which costs money. But a cooldown on notifications? Like does it really cost that much more money to send a notification?

    • Ira
    • November 5, 2023

    You should review Reolink

  7. What is the doorbell you use? You mentioned it was local but did not say which one it is.

  8. I got the Wyze V2 on release day (as I have the full compliment of their products). I have been testing it using the micro usb under the back rubber cover but could not for the life of me figure out why it would notify on the first door bell press but not subsequent.
    This is the first Wyze product I'll be returning. Lets hope this is not the start of a bad thing, not looking forward to reconfiguring my whole home 🙁

  9. Eufy is a great doorbell. No subscription, fast notifications, local recording. So while the notifications use the cloud the recordings are still local.
    Great bit of kit with great resolution.

  10. I understand the main point was to talk about the paywalls, but curious how the Wyze V2 Doorbell holds up if we're already subscribed to Wyze.

  11. You definitely are subscribed to Cute Kids Plus! I appreciate all your good info, but I always stay to the last second to see your adorable girls.

  12. What a huge ripoff

  13. Isn’t it a lot worse than that?
    If someone comes up to your door, that’s one notification, if they press the doorbell, you will miss it? Guess all my guests will have to wait at the door for five minutes before pressing the bell… 3:38

  14. If you have to write extra codes to limit functionality. Thats dirty

  15. Have you reviewed the Ezviz DB1? It's easily better than these.

  16. THANK YOU for the info and honesty. I get that companies need to make money, but subscriptions have gotten out of control.

  17. I can sort of understand the cooldown period for motion detection on the Wyze but a cooldown for the bell ringing!!!! That is absolutely ridiculous. Wyze should be ashamed of themselves for that. They were once an innovative company but now I wouldn’t touch them – so many better options now.

  18. Thank you thank you thank you for being so honest !!! I finally get rid off Nest hello doorbell first generation and the Arlo ultra 2 4K both of those cameras are a big reap off, it was a nightmare but I finally and after a long research I decided to go with Lorex fusion 4K +, is not perfect but it’s way way way better than other cameras …best part NOT MONTHLY FEE EVER!!! with the NVR every stay local and has a lot of good features…. A little difficult to get just to their app but is for me the best option so far ….. thanks for your honest review of those 3 products….

  19. try Reolink Doorbell

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