Amazing Products TV Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 review: It’s like a Galaxy Note in laptop form

Awesome Tips Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 review: It’s like a Galaxy Note in laptop form

The top of the Galaxy Book Pro has a lot to offer. Even more so if you’re deep into Samsung Galaxy devices.

Learn more about the Galaxy Book Pro here 👉
*CNET may get a commission from this offer.

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    • CNET
    • November 18, 2023

    See the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 and all of its features here 👇 https://bit.ly/3xcZm7C

    *CNET may get a commission from this offer.

  1. Does this laptop has military grade durability or certified Mil STD 810H?

  2. Ive got the late Galaxy Book2 Pro 360 2 in 1 with i7 processor, 16 GB of ram and 1 terrabyte HD on Friday and have been setting it up ever since. Ive come to understand it pretty well by now.. Im really enjoying this laptop but there are certain things that could have been made easier. No, its not really like a Galaxy note. Where do people come up with this stuff? Yes, you can connect your phone to it but so what? Its like casting your phone to the TV. Thats not a special function in my book. Id be impressed if my entire phones contents were available to manipulate by drag and drop to my Laptop. Viewing it in FULL screan and not a mini screen would help too. I want to manipulate my phone easily and integrate it to my laptop. Unless im doing something wrong, thats not how this thing works. You can play with your phone on the Book Pro Screen but it's ONLY in that screen.

  3. That bottom bezel sucks… get rid of that wtf… learn from Dell xps and Razer Book 13… booooooo it is 2022 and 720P camera? Everyone is using their laptops for videocalls for online work and school. Boooooooooooo

  4. Hi – I am planning to purchase one but I have a couple of questions to the reviewer –

    How is the build quality of the laptop? Is it plastic? Does the screen flex? Does the palm rest area bend? Can it be compared to the XPS 13 level of build quality?

    Does it feel premium like the dell xps 13 does?

    I’m a performance business user and the build really matters to me. If I’m paying so much money- I want my laptop to look and feel premium.

  5. Sir,
    You please tell about the sound and speakers.

  6. I wish they are 4K

  7. What's the best way to use an external monitor with this unit. Like VGA, or Display port?

  8. Adobe software works smoothly?

  9. Who pays over $650 for a Chromebook?

  10. Please I have samsung galaxy book pro 360 how do I press this key

  11. Amoled = burn-in & pink screen

    • Rsss
    • November 18, 2023

    Where did you get it in that color I'm frustrated looking for one and there's only blue and pink 😥

  12. Caution: the screen cracked for no reason. MAybe a temperature change. $500 repair, 5 weeks and they still sent it back broken!

  13. But can it run Crysis?

  14. Just got this laptop in a 2 in 1 form from Best Buy two days ago. 15.6 inch screen. I am just delighted! It replaced a 6 year old Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 with a 13 inch screen. The Samsung is only a few ounces heavier than the Lenovo and not too much bigger, really; it fits nicely in the Tumi laptop bag that I got for the Lenovo which is great. Keyboard feel is excellent; screen is bright and brilliant. Sound is pretty good considering the speakers face downwards. Well, most laptops don't have great sound anyhow but even orchestral music comes through pretty darn good on the speakers of this Samsung. It is state of the art with two USB-C ports and one Thunderbolt. Fan noise is only audible in the dead quiet of the night. After all these years with only buying Dell, Lenovo and HP computers, I was a bit nervous buying a Samsung, but all I can say is: Way To Go, Samsung!

  15. There’s a lot to like about the laptop. The Evo chipset seems ideal, because the computer runs cool and fast.
    It does show fingerprints awfully bad, though. The deal breaker for me though is that 6 weeks after getting it, the screen cracked. $450 repair, and Samsung support is chaotic and say, well SOL. I’m mad and upset. I baby my devices and have never broken one. When I first got it, the lid felt way to light and fragile, and now I got exactly that, a money pit. Reminds me of my 10yr old $2600 flatscreen from Samsung. It burned out within a few weeks. Though they repaired it, the case never went back together and to this day has to be held together with packing tape. No more Samsung products for me!

  16. it’s a windows laptop, it’s not like a phone , i own one

  17. Hi! Thanks sharing the review. How's the fan noise?

    • M S
    • November 18, 2023

    Tim Schofield said the speaker & keyboard are bad, so one of you must be wrong, but I appreciate you share this, just improve your reviewing quality

  18. Do you really feel this as a tablet when it s folded?

    • Adhi
    • November 18, 2023

    How about to compare with HP Spectre 360?

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