Amazing Products TV MacOS Big Sur review

Awesome Tips MacOS Big Sur review

The Mac becomes an even better partner to the iPhone and iPad with this upgrade along with the move to Apple Silicon.

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  1. Apple is practicing skeuominimalism here, a hybrid of flat design and skeuomorphism where emphasis is on adding depth without visual overload. Personally I think the gradients inside the icons are a bit much aesthetically, but you'll get used to it

  2. Sounds ammmmaaaaaziiiiing ♥️♣️♠️♦️

  3. what has happened to Quality Control? I have the latest running on 3 machines and they all have barfed at some time or other. Never in all these years have I seen this. Or did Apple hire Windows developers?

  4. Is the m1 SSD issue fixed?

  5. I was always a fan of icons that really looked like items in real life, and not those flat "modern" icons that makes you waste time to actually guess what they are for. So for me this is a welcome move from Apple!

  6. 1:47 why is everyone so against complexity? If back then all icons were simple and bland, these new icons would look like an upgrade. Simple and bland is more boring imo.

  7. love your jacket

    • M R A
    • November 19, 2023

    I didn't learn anything about this new OS other than what is wrong with icons and widgets.

  8. it looks like it was designed for 9 year olds

  9. But the entire design of Windows 10 is better than mac oshudh

  10. having 4 clocks ON desktop along with stock market graphs is my jam. macOS here I come

  11. iT hAs ClAsSiC SoUnD

  12. Apple= Add Transparency
    Microsoft=Remove Transparency

  13. for gods sake take the shadow out of the messages and mail app icons.

  14. Anyone else think of MacOS Big Purr ? 😅🥴

  15. This is not the place to ask this but..
    I have been using windows laptop and desktops all my life.
    Should I switch to macbook?? I wanna get the MacBook m1 pro version.

    I wanna install steam will it work? Along with games of course.
    Netflix as well?

    Also just overall should I replace my windows with macos?

  16. Thanks

  17. why doesn't windows just copy this ui, icons and animations and keep the windows start menu and launch as Windows 11

  18. A middle age grandpa talking about design trend is the funniest wannabe ever existed, I'm so glad that Apple is leading back the UI design again, there's no right or wrong, 1493 was modern for la Reina Isabel, as well as the flat UI is modern to you, but probably not to the rest of us, at least not for me.

  19. I like the simplistic, clean icons myself..

  20. I wish they went with a MacOS design for IOS. The IOS design looks very transparent and floaty, not appealing.

  21. No thanks

  22. I extremely adore the new Icons tbh

  23. fhey should make mac software same ipados

  24. how does it rank under passmark cpu? was very disappointed it was no where on the website! I have a windows pc and was considering apple imac because windows 10 is broken and the fixes only render os blue screen of death. my problem with mac is the specs in 2012 when i bought my last pc, and lap top in 2016 the processor on mac sucked and was almost double the speed less than mine! Also beef with the ssd or external drives supporting a minuscule amount of drive space. I dont know what graphics card this thing has, because none of my questions can be googled three big red flags. Maybe I should just do linux it seems most stable. I read 5 crashes in current imac version. Will you cover any of this or can you answer my questions? I'd be surprised. You are speaking of bells and whistles none about how fast stuff is????

  25. can anyone tell me what processor it is?

  26. Did anyone else notice the old MacBook in the thumbnail

  27. didnt have to flex the watch on us like that

  28. I love the new icons

  29. Design evolutes over time, for me all versions os OSX are beautiful, and shadow on icons just for add more 3d deep project, giving a more relaxing feeling, what Google tried with Material design principles but failed

  30. I just upgraded to Big Sur Os because more and more of my programs stopped working on my iMac. In three words: I hate it! It totally sucks! Nothing makes sense and it looks like crap. I don't want my computer to look like a stinking iPhone. I want it to stay the same and look the same as it has in the past, so I don't have to find s#$t all over again. Why do these children at Apple keep changing stuff. Leave it the way it was for a year or ten years. It worked fine and looked good. Now it looks like a preschool screen. I can't stand it. I am going to work on my '87 Macintosh again.

    • Rex
    • November 19, 2023

    In linux, I can have pretty much any kind of dock I want, put any kind of icons there that I want, including a wide variety of macos icons. If I wanted a dock in my system, it would take less than a minute to be up and running, even though I have none installed.

    • LG
    • November 19, 2023

    so last year they ruined macs physically by removing ports and adding a horrible 'cheap dell' looking keyboard to them, now this year they have ruined the software by trying to make it like ipad software, personally i like mac having its own identity and being different to IOS maybe this is there first move to eventually kill macs completely. theyve been clueless since steve jobs died. apple is losing its 'apple' factor IMO

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