Amazing Products TV Microsoft's plan to store data for 10,000 years

Awesome Tips Microsoft's plan to store data for 10,000 years

Microsoft’s Project Silica aims to show that glass is the future of long-term data storage. To prove its usefulness outside the lab, Microsoft partnered with Warner Bros. to write the 1978 Superman film into glass with lasers. To see the whole process and the Superman glass, we visited Microsoft’s Research Lab in Cambridge, England and Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California.

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  1. Thanks for watching What The Fam! Got any future-tech you'd like to see featured on WTF? Let us know down below 🔬🚀👽

  2. DNA storage laughing in the corner

  3. guess you need to rub it and not blow it to make it work

  4. as long it doen't have magnets or magnetic sensitive metals, it will be ok

  5. this have good random access?

    • Volgg
    • December 23, 2022

    that'll be dope that future console storage would be glass. Or a glass video game cartridge

    • H. A.
    • December 23, 2022

    I find it hard to believe a real technology were invented based on a use case made in film. I think this technology was already deployed by the humans that lived tens of thousands of years.
    What are the odds we could find data stored in certain crystals excavated from sites.

  6. I had 8 TB of data on my hard drive. I thought I was safe until I dropped the drive on concrete and I lost all the data. Glass sounds great, just don't drop it on concrete LOL.

  7. Microsoft couldn't even keep my hotmail account where I talked with Sergei Brin in Google. But this is cool, I'm tired of disc rot with DVDRs

  8. Could you please cover Collinear Holography and Holographic Versatile Disc technology. Would be much appreciated. 🙏🙏

  9. Hdd and Ssd fanboys are the worst.

  10. I want this so that i cancel my google one membership

  11. I love this so much

  12. Can't wait to ""accidentally"" drop this

  13. my cd-room cant write glass

  14. Fuzed Quartz memory can print a memory via 2 laser printer and the data imprint is a tiny barcode in billion lines what is the definition horizontal laser controlled the part of lines the diagonal printer print the data lines in the part of the lighted by the horizontal laser well that's it on how to print data in the fuzed Quartz memory

  15. From what I hear it takes a couple days to read the data back. If they can find a way to give high speeds that would be one problem solved, also if they can find a way to squeeze femtosecond lasers into computers and consoles, that'd be another problem solved. And last of all, give it different form factors other than just a rectangle or square. You make that thing look like a data crystal from a superman movie and make a slot so you can slip it on a key chain, I'd go for it.

  16. @CNET, they got the recipe Kryptonians used to store data

  17. Glass is actually a fluid and flows. This is why old glass warps. I doubt it is the best means for storage. I like the microscopy etching though, very similar to two photon electron microscopy used in neuroscience.

  18. Siempre he soñado con que el futuro sería en cristal. Por fin!! Creía que no lo iba a ver. Ahora es presente. Y no contamina, es lo que más me gusta.

  19. Are there any plans for home use devices?

  20. This would’ve been great for Dr. Stone

  21. Will diamonds be a possible way to store data in the future?

  22. Will mechanical hard drives ever be made out of glass to keep data that long?

  23. That should vastly outlast the civilisation that we are doing our best to F.U. out of sheer stupidity.

    The cockroaches that will succeed us may have trouble reading the media however…

    …as uninterested as they will be.

  24. It's about time they play around isolinear chips like in star trek.

  25. Glass is actually a liquid, and fails over time

  26. how much storage can you put on the glass…and audio archive vaults should be done from 1920>

  27. It's the same idea as CDs

  28. If you thought Superman the movie was already dated looking after only 40 years, imagine how dated it will look in 10,000 years! Yikes! 😝

  29. Why bother mankind will not be around in 10,000 years.

  30. Amazing

  31. > We invent a storage medium that can't be destroyed
    > We need to handle it with gloves

  32. Fifty, Hundred, Ten thousand years. That's a wide margin of uncertainty.

  33. femto second lasers may not be viable at large, more importantly, we need to have data written inside a lattice, say 100 laser heads go in horizontally, and slightly above it 10 laser heads go in vertically ie we are encasing the cassette and using the two inner surfaces for one to one redundancy apart from each sides own redundancy

    • ck_
    • December 23, 2022

    Didn't Hitachi and some other japanese company already reach this stage some 6-7 years ago?

  34. Impressive

  35. LoL..is it bullet/war proof also?

  36. This is literally windows.

    • Jolly
    • December 23, 2022

    Why bother? Left wing BLM woke will burn down these movies and data before you get a chance for backup.. ask Cat in the hat.. Or some random statues

  37. Well. I guess The Minority Report comes to life.

  38. Can it be erased and rewritten back to it .

  39. 10,000 years… or until you drop it.

  40. Ffs editors stop putting music over people talking

  41. how many times can it be rewritten though? or is it just a 1 time use write .

  42. 0:13 medium, not media.

  43. this very interesting

  44. Could we one day make something that could store data over 100,000 to maybe even one million years?

  45. In the Superman movie when he was on his planet and watching messeges from his didnt he have to use glass icles in his lil computer thing?

  46. After 10000 years if dinosaurs comes back and see this they will say this is the proof that human's existed.

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