Amazing Products TV Insane home automation idea 🤯

Awesome Tips Insane home automation idea 🤯

I used home automation to turn on my kitchen lights from vibration!

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  1. Where can i get copy and paste scripts for automations?

  2. I'm eagerly waiting for your videos Reed.

  3. Doesn't work with my cat fancying the kitchen counter

  4. Very nice 👍

  5. Where can i get that?

  6. Genius

  7. you already have aqara presence sensor installed. doesn't it?

  8. Awesome!

  9. This is so cool

  10. It'd be even better if you got Alexa to announce that you're "Engaging in midnight snacking" right in your bedroom. Just to keep your wife informed that it's working.

  11. Lol. Thanks Reed.

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