Amazing Products TV Insta360 Go 2: The tiny, fun camera that made me crazy

Awesome Tips Insta360 Go 2: The tiny, fun camera that made me crazy

Insta360 makes some of the most fun cameras out there. With weird accessories and an app that really inspires you to try new things, Insta360 really does a lot to stand out. The new Go 2 delivers on what Insta360 does best, but also brings a ton of quirks with it. So many quirks, in fact, that it might’ve actually broken my brain and sent a part of me soaring to the astral plane. It’s also tiny. Like, really tiny.

You can buy Insta360 Go 2 here:
*CNET may get a commission from this offer.

Watch my review of the Insta360 One X2:

Watch me battle Insta360’s AI to see who can edit a better skate video:

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    • @CNET
    • December 11, 2023

    You can buy Insta360 Go 2 here: https://bit.ly/3iJDxXB

    *CNET may get a commission from this offer.

  1. insta360 go 2 won't connect with bluetooth only wifi. Why?

  2. ooohhh, NOW I remember…. he's that SALAD GUY hahahaha. COOL – I think I watched it a couple of times when I was on that website, don't know why 😀 Friendly face maybe

  3. How does the 360 part work?

  4. That guy looks JUST LIKE YOU!!

  5. Wayyyy too long. Boring. Not funny.

  6. It looks like a Ring doorbell

  7. There is an attachment helps with storage

  8. Doesn’t last 30 minutes though…you’re lucky to get 10 minutes in pro mode…mine kept crashing at about 3.5 minutes…not to mention overheating

  9. 30 mins battery with regular video or pro mode shooting?

  10. This reviewer is great!

  11. That was hands up 🙌🏼 the BEST review I’ve ever seen about the insta360 Go 2 and the astral plane. 😁 The end and honesty was not only refreshing and entertaining ~ it was inspiring. Thanks for the reminders and sharing your visits to the astral plane. 😁 Wolverine. 😂

  12. Can I use this wonder as a webcam?

  13. The shooting time limits are kinda trash.

  14. Hahaha funny video. Well done

  15. Okay, Ibrahimovic. Thank you.

  16. Grate

  17. only 30 minutes record time!?? I'd sincerely appreciate a review of the Boblov C18 Mini or a comparison between the Insta360 and Boblov(Operating time: 3-4 hours of video (with wifi off))

  18. As soon as he ate the chip (first 5 seconds), I was grossed out …. Next video. Click.

  19. كريم السيد

  20. Hmm sounds like a pain

  21. A lot of guesswork with this, and terrible battery life.

  22. I've just ordered one, I liked the idea of it being so small. I ride MTB, but never record much, I got this to be able to quickly record a run or a line for fun. The versatility of it really appealed to me

  23. Is it 4K?

  24. A webcam mode over usb-c type of connection will make this little thing sell like donuts these days.

  25. You’re good at basketball and skateboarding. Very talented

  26. I wish they made this black instead of white.

  27. “hahahahah😂 you are so funny!! love yah!” this is what I literally said while watching🤣🤣🤣

  28. I don't think the reviewer realized you can start a recording or set a mode remotely from the case rather than remembering key presses

  29. Storage alone will prevent me from having this. It could have been an option to use micro SD

  30. Where's Brian Tung? I've been in a comma for 4 years, I'm learning we're in a Pandemic, and Brian Tung is no longer in C/Net.. What the actual frack.

  31. 30 minutes, for 2021? No thanks.

  32. Thank you, not for me 😁

  33. This was a great review. I have seen so many positive review of the Insta369 Go2. So to see this review, somewhat of a positive negative review brought more perspective.

  34. "if you're still with me"
    Appropriate question. Haha

  35. Dear CNET editors. Is Nic Golden Henry up for adoption? Just asking. For a friend…

  36. Insta should at least sell replacement batteries for the "new" insta x2 and not build new cams. I am waiting now for 4 month! And some function for the android app are still not working.

  37. Actually a very cool video. Not a regular channel user and not even that much interested of the product, but youtube recomended and i was not dissapointed. 🙂

  38. I want this sort of camera to come with any electronic tag to prevent losing one during the ride.

  39. It's no longer 300 dollars. It went up a bit to USD 319.

  40. Love your videos and sense of humor. I can relate

  41. Cat looks like you didn’t ask her first before filming her.

  42. Like your humor 😂

  43. Never get tired of seeing this guy🤣🤣🤣

  44. I'll buy it when the next gen comes out

  45. Too much talk

  46. The prize is crazy

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