Amazing Products TV Full comparison! New Pixel Buds 2 vs. Galaxy Buds Plus vs. Jabra Elite 75t

Awesome Tips Full comparison! New Pixel Buds 2 vs. Galaxy Buds Plus vs. Jabra Elite 75t

The true wireless Pixel Buds are getting rave reviews. But how do they stack up against the Android-friendly Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus and Jabra Elite 75t? Here’s the full skinny.

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  1. 1. Jabra 75t
    2. Buds+
    3. Buds 2

  2. Those teeth are more yellow than your shirt! Pro tip, don't review white products that will be pictured so closely to your corn kernels.

  3. I like that he listens to Tool. 🙂

  4. I bought the Jabras a couple of days ago. There is a slight hissing noise on the left ear bud. I have tinnitus, and I was surprised to be able to hear it. And even with my phone in my pocket, the ear buds sometimes lose connection when I move my head.
    Otherwise the sound quality is very good. Just some minor minusses.

  5. Its seems more like a pixel buds 2 review

  6. Issue with them is that right bud losing power 30% faster than left one. Not cool samsung, not cool….

  7. you need new teeth

  8. Who's better?
    Who the winner?

  9. the galaxy buds plus are ipx2 water resistant you made a mistake 3:56

  10. I love my Buds+ ❤️
    More so, because I am totally into the Samsung ecosystem.

  11. Never buy anything from Google! My buds are defective, the left drains so quickly it is unusable, and Google says its just buyers remorse and won't do anything to rememdy the problem.

  12. Apparently the Jabras are getting ANC through an OTA!!

  13. Witch one are the Best ?

  14. Thank you for concise review and mentioning noise leakage. Noise leak is a dealbreaker

  15. Hello guys ,
    I have issues with my Jabra Elite Active 75t . Charging case light can't turn off after charging (always light up) that make my charging case battery down significantly. Please help me about that issues guys 🙏

  16. i reached for the case to get my google pixel Buds 2… and the case was empty. i was already was wearing them… that speaks to the comfort of these ear buds (for me).

  17. Man the teeth!!!!!

  18. Galaxy buds+ is IPX2 not 4

  19. 5 hours for pixel buds 2 is no bueno…

  20. I want to buy earbuds for the gym, which one stays better in ear?

  21. pixel buds two all the way bruh

  22. Do they have a built in mic? Say i wanna record myself will they work as a microphone?

  23. I almost got the Pixel Buds, but I just couldn't say no to the battery life of the Samsung Buds+.

  24. Is it just me or do the Jabra elite’s look hella ugly!

  25. im listening this with my new samsung galaxy buds plus i received yesterday. love them

  26. Samsung galaxy buds plus is more comfortable and lovely ♥️♥️♥️who else use Samsung buds hit a like🙌🏻

  27. One more thing you MUST do is changing your codec (if you are using Galaxy) from SBC to ACC (you should enable develop mode in android smartphone)
    It looks like other buds (more premium).
    Sound quality will increase absurdly!!
    I can't understand why Samsung set default codec to SBC!?!?

  28. Let's say I want to use the Pixel buds in my bed, on the side, so the 👂 is face to my pillow, is it comfortable? I have the Samsung galaxy and are too bulky for that use, so I'm now considering buying the pixels…

  29. TOOL!!!

  30. Sorry, for me that wasnt much of a review. I would have liked Lexy's review on these

  31. Lawl at Fear Inoculum

  32. I still have the pixel 2xl( I know super old) . Just never felt the need to upgrade yet. Will the integration with the pixel buds 2 and features be the same as with a pixel 4xl?

  33. Fear innoculum

  34. I feel like the deal breaker for me would be that the Buds+ and 75t have hear through mode so they can hear more of the environment and they also have a better seal so they both have better passive noise isolation. It just basically means that the 75t and the Buds+ both provide you better hearing of the outside world and better sound quality due to its better seal than the pixels… add the difference in battery too and it’s really just a showdown between the buds+ and 75t for me.

  35. I do no reccommend using the right bud only on the Jabra. Mine worked flawlessly until I did and ever since the left bud refused to connect. I tried all the solutions from forums and Jabra themselves and none fixed the problem they only connected two more times in the past 3 weeks out of luck. The hear through feature and sound quality are both outstanding but that is a serious design flaw they have. Id go back once both buds connect to the phone itself

  36. Pixel buds are over priced.

  37. Has anyone or does anyone know if this would be compatible with ps4/5 or Xbox?

  38. I have AirPods Pro but I really want the Pixel Buds 2, but the whole noise leak thing is such a deal breaker.

  39. get a hot chick to do these. It won't make the wax all over your disgusting buds so gross

  40. Buds without a transparency mode is just stupid, you need to be able to turn that feature on and off at will.

    • @OXIR
    • December 11, 2023

    Buds+ overall winner. Great quality and considerably cheaper so better value for money.

  41. Hi mate! Can we use separate buds? Thanks

  42. Actually you forget to compare with new sony earbuds WF-SP800N sir..
    I'll be waiting ✌🏻


  44. How about compared to the Sony 1000×3 or whatever? They're available refurb for the same price as these, and have anc

  45. I have the original galaxy buds and there are amazing still. Gonna wait until google pixel buds 2 drop the price and they will be my next day to day earbuds. Also waiting for that sexy mint green color.

  46. Why are his teeth so distracting??

  47. That shiny galaxy earbuds looks so damn cheap.

  48. Air pods pro rules

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