Amazing Products TV Ultimate Smart Light Switch Comparison

Awesome Tips Ultimate Smart Light Switch Comparison

Smart light switches galore! I tested 16 light switches to find the best. This video compares the features and what you need to know, whether you’re adding your 1st or 50th smart light switch.

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0:00 Intro
0:36 Treatlife
1:31 Gosund
2:10 Kasa
3:05 Favorite Inexpensive WiFi Dimmer
3:15 Meross
3:50 GE Z-Wave
4:24 Zooz
5:21 Inovelli
6:20 Lutron
7:21 Favorite with a Hub
8:00 Ecobee Switch+
8:31 Orro
9:37 Brilliant
10:56 Favorite High End Switch
11:33 Unicorn Lights

Article with more details:
Treatlife switch for pull chain fans:
Best switches and buttons for smart bulbs:
Best Smart Bulbs:
Brilliant review:



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Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver was sent Inovelli, Ecobee Switch+, Brilliant, Zooz, Gosund, Lutron Caseta, Meross, and Orro switches for this comparison or a previous unbiased review. As always, our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced. We have never been paid for any reviews.

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  1. Thanks for watching! I think I walked out to my electrical panel probably 100 times installing and uninstalling all of these switches… and it’s been 115° outside 🥵 But it was interesting to compare these and here’s the link to the article https://smarthomesolver.com/reviews/ultimate-smart-light-switch-comparison/

  2. Update on the Kasa switches. You can know turn off the led on the switches and plugs.

  3. Wyze?

  4. Hey Reed, any chance that you could do a comparison measuring the idle wattage usage from each of these? I have multiple smart lights controlled by dumb switches, and would like to be a little more energy conscious by replacing them with smart switches.

  5. Are these voice activated with Alexa, Siri….

  6. So… cheap ones use WiFi, high end use WiFi, but mid-range use a hub for more reliability? Hmm.
    I'm doing Kasa. I like local control with no cloud in the way.

  7. Ive always had good luck with Leviton Zwave but they are $$

  8. Thanks for all of your content. I've been thinking back on this video for the past year or so. Just wondering if you have any updates for new stuff now that this is over 2 years old. I'm recalling specifically something you described as a dimmer memory where the switch goes back to the the last setting it was on when it is turned on again. I have many new applications that I need to do around our new house and want to choose the best options. Thanks! -Fan from Southern Ohio

  9. Thanks you are amazing

  10. No leviton smart switches? I don't see anyone on YouTube taking about these switches. I have one at my house and I've had really good luck with it

  11. I'd be interested to see you compare the Enbrighten (GE/Jasco) ZigBee Dimmer which is supposed to be near the same as the Enbrighten (GE/Jasco) Z-Wave dimmer you compared. There are significant flickering issues with this dimmer when more than 4 LEDs attached to the circuit when still under the 300W capacity. Jasco refuses to address this issue.

  12. There is also Cync by GE smart switches, of which I have several. But I am thinking of upgrading them to the Brilliant switches. I love the idea of having mini control panels, but not the idea of the pricing…

  13. Excellent work, sir. It's been my pleasure being a longtime subscriber.

  14. Why would a new product like Oro, designed as black? To stand out… yes, but it’s not a good look

  15. Hi, what wattage are you LED bulbs approximately? I'm seeing Comments on Kasa switch saying LEDs need to be a minimum wattage to work properly

  16. I have a kasa smart switch can I add a motion sensor to turn the outside lights for my dog

  17. I have both smart switches and smart dimmers. I did not find the problems he described. I have gosund and use them with multiple cans. Good app and easy programming. No bleed thru either

  18. Howdy! Im am constantly scrolling through all your videos while getting new ideas for my smart home. Now I'm trying to update my switch situation and I have a question for you:
    So my kitchen has a 4 way switch for the main lights. Meaning I have 3 switches that can toggle the lights. I can't find any switches that specifically say they can function under that scenario.

    My current situation is this: I have 2 switches that I try to leave alone and one switch has a third reality switch that covers the toggle to make the lights "smart." The problem is that when someone hits any of the other 2 switches the third reality switch will now have to be told the opposite command to get the desired results until a toggle can be flipped again. It's super annoying, and the spouse hates it. Sooo…my question then is, will multiple of (example) kasa switches be able to function together to prevent my current situation? Or would that be a problem solvers with a home assistant other than just an echo + the switches?

  19. Are you using led bulbs? What brand? Thanks for the video.

  20. I have lots of Philips hue touch switches and love them .. most of what you have reviewed requires an electrician to install in Australia and would cost a fortune.

  21. I am really needing a master switch and a couple of companion switches that run through my home WiFi or emits good enough internal network to shoot from a back water heater closet upstairs to the far end of the big house on first floor. Any suggestions 🙏?

  22. I’m having trouble dimming my smart bulbs with the Kasa dimmer… they always flicker instead of dimming. I’m using ecosmart smart bulbs with them. Any solution??

    I bought 4 (approx $75 each) and couldn't connect to Alexa as advertised.
    I called their tech support and after four days, they couldn't figure out how to either…WTH!!!

    • R
    • December 23, 2022

    this is the best review of smart switches on the entire YouTube!

  24. I have viewed videos about smart switch comparisons over and over and over again. I have come to the conclusion that the Lutron Caseta is best for me EXCEPT this bridge thingy. What's up with that? I have Alexa all over the house. Bridge? Hub? I don't get it. What if I sell my home. Will the next owners have a problem with the lights? Help before I make my "first" smart switch purchase! Thank you.

  25. Thanks for the video. I’ve had a lot of problems with the GE Z-Way switches during power outages. getting the Peter Pan click clicking going to replace them with something better.

  26. Thanks. I have been using the RR2 products from Lutron. Then the customer can use as little or as move as they want.. the switches interface with everyone & are reliable. I use the pico remotes & motion sensors. Makes for a better job, with fewer problems. The new Pro switch seems to be the one that I carry on my truck for most applications. Check them out & compare to other products from the same company.

  27. Do an update on smart switches

  28. @smarthomesolver helpppppp
    I got the kasa smart dimmer switch abs followed installation correct but the light turn on but never go off. They just dim. And every so often they brighten and dim on their own

  29. what do you think about Wyze smart button

    • Heidi
    • December 23, 2022

    I’ve been trying to find a smart motion sensor switch for the bathroom that I can program to be bright during the day (no windows) but dim at night. So far I haven’t found one yet. Still hopeful!

    • C-V-N
    • December 23, 2022

    Linus from tech tips could have used your help in his home lol

  30. Great video. What is a good smart switch the controls outlets in your opinion?

  31. Was a great video, thank you for changing your kitchen switch soooo many-times for the testing.

  32. Are those lights support dimming or any reguler LED light will dim??

  33. I didn’t know my dimmer switches have settings. Thanks

  34. best budget smart plug and best budget smart light switch?

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