Amazing Products TV DON’T skip these 3 smart home rules 😬

Awesome Tips DON’T skip these 3 smart home rules 😬

More info coming soon in my new getting started video 👀

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  1. I went with Google Home and or Alexa so I'm stuck. If I spend any more money My a$$ is grass

  2. All good rules to live by.

  3. Is that what she said?

  4. I would call these guidelines.

  5. Is anyone aware of an (easily followable) in-depth guide that’s available for setting up network(s) for home automation?

  6. I wish my stepdad took your advice. He set up a bunch smart light switches and stuff and then promptly died so now all of that stuff is confusing and wired badly in the house

  7. Analog is better than digital and I’ll die on that hill

  8. Thanks Reed. I'm following. 😊

  9. Hey Reed! Did you use a vibration sensor to trigger the piano automation? Feels like it, thanks Reed!

  10. Hi love your vids could you pin this comment

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