Amazing Products TV Ultimate Guide to Starting and Growing a Smart Home in 2024!

Awesome Tips Ultimate Guide to Starting and Growing a Smart Home in 2024!

Whether you’re starting or growing a smart home in 2024, this video is packed with tips for beginner to advanced level!

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Getting started with Home Assistant

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0:00 Intro
0:09 3 Smart Home Goals
0:46 Controlling Your Smart Home
3:17 Your Smart Home System
6:23 Adding Devices
8:26 Automating Your Home
10:28 Smart Home FAQs
14:18 I’ll never let go…jk


Rinse Repeat by DivKid
All of the music throughout is by Nihilore.
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Ending song is The End by EVA.

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  1. Don't forget to subscribe so you can keep learning how to grow your smart home! And leave a comment if you have other questions I didn't cover ⬇

  2. Please make a beginner into home assistant video.

  3. Home Assistant looks too complicated. What do you think about Homey Pro?

  4. One thing about wifi: I don't want to use it for smarthome, because the wifi security of many devices is shit. I just don't want to open new attack windows into my wifi with all my smarthome tech.

  5. Hii Reed, it's me again 😉 Another awesome video, thanks so much! Any updates about those awesome shirts you're wearing? Would love to order one (or two) from you! Cheers from Holland ✌🏻

  6. A friend of mine is building his Smarthome now. But he wants it plug and play, because he's not capable of programming everything himself. He says it's too complicated for him. Got any solutions for these cases?

    I would send him your videos, but he doesn't speak English either and there are not enough Smarthome users in my native language who explain it in detail

  7. I love to tinker and node-red paired with Hubitat is perfect for that.

  8. In the Home Assistant vs Homey conversation, what's realistic as far as cost comparison just for the hubs? Obviously the Homey Pro hub is fairly expensive at $400, while you can get a Home Assistant Green + Sky Connect for $130 to get started. But is that a reasonable way to look at it? It seems that most people end up running HA on more robust hardware (rPi+SSD, NAS, etc.). What would you consider a decent HA hub setup for someone who's making the switch from SmartThings?

  9. Thank you for another great video! BUT, another goal should be how to transfer smart home ownership especially when you have to sell the house.

  10. That shirt is 🔥

  11. At the 11:25 marker you are showing a zigbee mesh visualization in H.A. that I have never seen before. Can you go into more detail on how that is set up?

  12. Mines fully built using Alexa as like everyone when starting out we all tend to use smart speakers.
    I have noticed lately that Alexa doesn't always know what im on about even though I am using the exact same commands, my biggest issue lately is the master bedroom light – I can change the brightness but trying to turn it off at night is a pain in the butt.
    Sometime soon I plan to start using HA (ive been saying this for a year though :/ lol )

  13. Great advice. Thanks.

  14. Literally NO ONE has multiple wifi access points at home. Dude said that like it was the norm in all houses 😂

  15. Quick question Reed, what do you think about Brilliant switches and home controls? Are they worth the price?

  16. Great video! Wish had came out before going down my rabbit hole of smart home devices. At least I've finally narrowed it down. I'm using Homey Pro for all my automations, after I had started with Home Assistant Green. I still have Home Assistant Green on my network, mainly just to get devices that Homey Pro doesn't have an app for. I just didn't like how complicated Home Assistant was for creating automations. The visual layout for Homey Pro flows has been my favorite thing. I do want to change out a switch, in my bathrooms, so when the fan is on, it activates "shower time" and keeps my lights on in the bathroom. Had my lights turn off on me once, when I was having shower thoughts about automation ideas. It's activated by voice right now, but having something keyed off of a fan turning on, even better. I have a flow called, "back to normal," that I'll just voice activate it, to reset everything back to normal modes, either from movie time, shower time, or music time.

  17. Watching your videos started my rabbit hole of getting my own smart home! Thanks for all the content and tips!

  18. My family has PhD in home automation destruction as well! Hilarious! Wish you could have given Hubitat some love. Love my Hubitat and it's flexibility.

    • @revx
    • February 18, 2024

    Great video as always Reed! One thing about WiFi devices; they usually rely upon servers that the manufacturer runs, and if they ever shut down, your hardware becomes uselss. I also just don't trust all the random fly-by-night companies to keep my data safe, and so going with local control is ideal IMO. But of course there are also WiFi devices that don't connect to an external server, I'm more amenable to that

  19. Disappointed that you don’t even list Hubitat… why ? What is so bad about Hubitat ?

  20. Great video Reed. I would concur with all that you said and have done most of what you have suggested. It is much easier doing one room at a time as the whole home can get overwhelming. Be curious to see the HA tutorial and will watch for that on the other channel. Keep up the great work.

  21. Congrats for reaching 600K!!!

  22. 1:50 Baby's walking already? Time flies!

  23. Mine would be zero also.

  24. Can’t have a smart home days without incident board because Home Assistant crashes once daily

  25. Beginer home assistant video YYYEEEESSSA

  26. I wish I had watched this kind of video earlier. I went through the following stages.
    1. Wow, google voice control is so cool.
    2. I'm so tired of having to say "OK, Google" everytime just to turn on the light.
    3. What? I can't control anything just because the internet is down?
    4. Home assistant + local control + sensor without voice control are must have for smart home.
    Before knowing that I've purchased too many not-really-smart devices. Wasted a lot of time and money.

  27. I very much agree with these tips / rules of thumb 👍🏻😊

  28. When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all….. I think of that a lot when I'm spending hours making automatons work just right, but the ones that are flawless are the ones with the highest approval

  29. Is there an easier way to get all your smart home Devices into homeassistant alot of them have you to change a bunch of code and also how to feel about hubitat, homeassistant here lately the integrations constantly keep braking so I'm starting to believe it's not reliable.

  30. Hey, congrats on the 600K subscribers. Keep up the good work. 👍

  31. Unfortunately there are no devices that are stable enough for the average person, they all fail constantly requiring configuration continually…

  32. Reed love you’re videos but can you make videos on how to setup automation in home assistant, like a step by step for beginners, I make basic automation on home assistant but not positive,

  33. You are describing what I have been calling in my head an "aware home", sensors all over to know what is going on, and then actions based on those sensors to make them "smart"

  34. I would LOVE a beginner guide to Home Assistant! We’re getting ready to move and I think it’s the perfect time for me to finally make the switch

  35. Yes, please do the Home Assistant tutorials! I've been wanting to get into it, but too scared haha. Good video as always!

  36. Awesome job – and funny. Though my favourite joke ever was probably your count-down to new year!

  37. I used to be a Home Assistant purist, but have moved towards native HomeKit as a base for relaibility and simplicity and making sure those devices are either also Home Assistant integrated or Matter enabled so I can add into Home Assistant as well for Logging and more advanced automations.

    Meaning even if Home Assistant goes down (and at least one AppleTV or HomePod is still alive) I still have basic control of my devices aut automations, but I might lose some of the nicer automations. It's a good compromise to get the best of both worlds.

    It's also a lot simpler to just avoid WiFi devices when there is a good alternative availalble than having to diagnose the problems these devices can cause later.

  38. All these fancy automations and we still don’t have a way to say a command, and then three rooms of my choice start playing a specific playlist of music. Very frustrating.

  39. Reed, always love your videos! I’d definitely like to see a migration into Home Assistant from SmartThings. Like the customization possibilities & the Dashboard that you show, but don’t have a programming background. Is it necessary? Thanks

  40. I control most of my smart home with voice commands. I actually prefer it.

  41. The ending is epic. Hahahahahaha!

  42. Why wasn’t Hubitat considered at all in the list? I thought Hubitat has more advantages than Home assistant?

  43. Reed, I want to use matter as my smart home standard, but since it’s new not that much devices support it yet, but I know some older smart home devices can support it with a firmware update. How much of already existing smart home devices do you think could support it?

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