Amazing Products TV Apple is Working Overtime to Dominate Sports [Apple Sports Explained]

Awesome Tips Apple is Working Overtime to Dominate Sports [Apple Sports Explained]

Apple’s new Sports App looks simple on the surface, but it’s one way Apple is rewriting the playbook in Sports media. CNET’s Bridget Carey takes a closer look at all the ways Apple is extending its reach in sports — and what could be next.

0:00 Apple Continues Its Push Into Sports
0:55 New Apple Sports App Aims For Simplicity
2:28 Where Apple Offers Sports Coverage Now
3:44 How Apple’s Sports Ambitions Continue To Grow
5:03 Apple Eyes Formula 1, NBA For Future Integrations
7:00 Will Apple Keep the Sports App Simple?

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  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. My biggest complaint about sports apps is WAY TOO much info when all I want are scores. Keep it simple

  3. Very mixed on this. On the one hand Apple's native iOS Apps are always some of the best made Apps around. On the other I'm really not a fan of Apple constantly pushing these nonsense subscription services on people.

  4. One more way that Apple can track every move you make and figure out a way to make more money tracking you.. all these companies are tracking every move that you’re making all the time the more you stay in their ecosystem, the more they can track an influence, good or bad

  5. There’s a very simple reason why I would use Apple Sports above any other app. No ads!

  6. Floor seats in Vision Pro could be just what I need to get V2

  7. Sure I'll do Apple sports. Better to have one subscription than a half a dozen for everything else. Apple has me by the core stem and seeds

  8. Brillant analysis, going from the products to the strategy, covering the user experience, in a digestible form.

    Bridget Carey is on an other level.

  9. Whyyyy can’t Apple add live activity support for all the sports in the app so frustrating!! 😡

  10. Lets go Apple!

  11. Sorry Bridget, but that app defense was lame.

  12. Cricket would be a good avenue for apple sports

  13. S24 Ultra better

  14. Now that they've gone all the way with MLS, why not check out Premier League Football. Also I'd like to see Hockey and more Baseball content in 2024.

  15. No NFL in the app. I deleted it immediately.

  16. I could not find the score for a college women’s basketball from 3 days ago. it would only show today and yesterday. I don’t really like it.

  17. I don't care because there are more pressing things in my life and the world than watching grown adult from all 4 corners of the world matching colours so they can represent an area they have no real connection while ruining their bodies and the environment

  18. I you havent noticed no one really cares about sports; they care about gambling on sports – apple needs a fantasy football and gambling app. Otherwise they are wasting their money.

  19. Live Activities is a great feature for keeping up with sports scores. No searching, no flipping channels, no opening apps… the scores are right there on your lock screen. It's great. They should push this feature more because alot of people still don't know about it.

    The problem is that there is no single source to get the scores from. If this Apple Sports app can help with that, I'm all in. Would be nice if it comes with widgets too. But if you actually have to open the app every time, I'd call that a missed opportunity.

  20. Put boxing and chess in that thing and I’m in.
    Imagine being able to purchase seats directly from there, all incorporated into the ecosystem.


  22. You guys. It’s so obvious. Apple Sports on iPhone is not even their main focus. They’re just laying the ground work. Apple Sports will 100% long term be their platform for an augmented/virtual reality sports experience for the Vision Pro.

  23. Updated faster than TV? Great can’t wait until my phone spoils every TD for me 5 seconds before they happen.

  24. Apple about to launch a betting book under that app.

  25. The SECOND I can stream all college and nfl football through Apple TV I’m canceling yt tv.

  26. Thumb looks like SNL weekend update. Got me to look.

  27. Apple is going to bid big for NBA. The iPhone is slowing down. Vision Pro is what they are pushing. Content is going to drive Vision Pro sales.

  28. Apple needs to get the English Premier League from NBC 🎤

  29. You guys, go should check Apple sport on an iPad. It’s hilarious 😂😂😂

  30. Once again Apple is at the forefront of innovation. Live scores in a app could be a game changer. They've already ruined MLB and MLS broadcasting, but that's besides the point. Steve Jobs would be proud.

  31. When I tested the Vision Pro demo at the Apple Store I was most impressed by the immersive sports experience.

  32. As usual apple is always years behind and then tries to get into the action

  33. I did a search for NFL and NCAAF. No results found. That’s just not Amurican.

  34. How can you not have the NFL in this new App?

  35. E-Sports!!!! Can you imagine dipping in and out of audience/player views to gameplay in realtime in the VisionPro? That would be awesome!

  36. That app is for market research and the countries at launch says it all. This is just to see who is watching what, when and where and how many would want to see it live.

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