Amazing Products TV Apple Vision Pro vs. Meta Quest 3: Battle of Realities

Awesome Tips Apple Vision Pro vs. Meta Quest 3: Battle of Realities

We compare work, hand tracking, games, and playing videos in both headsets, and also discuss how shareable they are. Which wins?

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Meta Quest 3 vs Apple Vision Pro: Which One Is Better, and for What?

0:00 Intro
0:59 Fit
1:36 Pass-Through Cameras
4:22 Hand-Tracking
6:48 Gaming
10:10 Watching Videos
14:05 Working In Mixed Reality
16:05 Sharing
18:10 Final Thoughts

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    • @CNET
    • February 25, 2024

    Hi all. Unfortunately we had to trim a short section about watching Movies and TV shows on the AVP out of this video because a trailer for Dune that was captured with the Vision Pro, kept getting flagged by YouTube for copyright infringment. We apologize that we could not include this portion in the Versus video. If anyone has any insight on how to best avoid this in the future, please reply to this commment. We have reached out to YouTube for guidance and clarification. Thanks for watching!

  1. the apple fanboys will pay an awful lot just to watch a movie or sent a mail

  2. The Quest 3 is a fantastic product even without considering how much less expensive it is. The AVP is a tech demo in its current state. The Quest 3 is a mature product & ecosystem that can do more.

  3. Immersed is dope & I like it a lot, I use 4-5 screens from my Macbook. My work website, youtube music, iMessage, Slack, and youtube. Im waiting on Immersed 4k visor headset.

  4. Watching this on my Meta Quest 3

  5. Why does people keep using the small flat menu of the Q3 like it was the only one… THERE IS AN OTHER TYPE OF MENU SCREEN WAY BETTER… Please know your tech before reviewing…

  6. This review is biased. There is clearly a lean towards Meta in the dialogue. To be honest, these headsets are not equally comparable, Meta has years of consumers data and research while Apple have just entered the market, it’s clear that there will be differences and the journalist in this content would seem to take on the role as a poor sales persons pitch. Just Saying.

  7. Only poor people want to try apple product because imac $4000 can't play most game! build $4000 pc you are the god!

  8. I had pre ordered Quest 2. It mostly eats dust in a drawer. I find myself using XReal glasses a lot. For watching movies, YouTube and sometimes just coding and working connecting to my laptop as a second monitor. I am claustrophobic and I don't like blindfold form factor. Hoping Meta and Apple adapt this Ray-ban sunglasses form factor in a few years. Looking forward to that mainly. Imagine AVP being just Ray-ban type glasses connected to an iPhone or iPad for processing. It would make the AVP lighter and more ergonomic. For now, I am enjoying making apps for AVP using Xcode and Reality Composer Pro. Spatial computing is getting exciting and competitive. Awesome!

  9. Recently I bought meta quest 3. Pass through is very bad in meta quest 3. Only 1 reviewer mentioned about it, others didn’t tell anything about it. You are seeing the recorded video only here, real experience will be worst

  10. You could make meta hand tracking faster if you turn it on, and also double tap the controller. For a reviewers, you're not doing a really good job.

  11. Apple fan here, agree Meta Quest 3 wins on almost use cases here. maturity wins 🙂

  12. So the gist of the video kind of seems like yeah you can do things in the quest three that you can do in the Vision Pro but it really just isn’t as good. I heard you say that multiple times the question is whether or not you want to pay the extra 3000 to get that better experience.

  13. Quest pro 2 is going annihilate the industry when it comes

  14. OMG, I had the coolest dream last night where I was hanging out on my computer desktop. I was looking at the icons…thinking about which I'd like to launch. I sat there in real time…staring…

    Come to think of it, what a boring dream.

    Hey, I've got a paradigm shifting idea! Let's make a simulation of my boring dream!!

    VR is awesome but spatial computing is never going to be popular – ever.

  15. If quest was 3500, would you still pick it as the winner?

  16. I like bigscreen app with meta quest

  17. Visual pro needs to get more apps 
    meta quest needs to get better software

  18. For the price of AVP you could get the MQ3 and a very powerful PC to go along with it

  19. It seems like if you're looking for quality vision pro is the way

  20. Thanks apple 🍎 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  21. Quest 3 wins 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  22. Screen recording spatial videos do not do that feature any justice. On the screen recordings they just look like regular videos with a blur on the borders, but in the headsets, you truly feel immersed in 3D.

  23. Buy APV, test it, then refund it and get Q3.

  24. IPhone vs Xiaomi. you should say Xiaomi is best because it can do same things like iPhone 🤓

  25. It's funny the Quest have been out for years soon as Apple come out with their headset, VR is amazing SMH 🤦

  26. cand you watch youtube 360 or 3d from youtube with Vision pro? What about Meta?

  27. Who wants a spyware company on their face?

  28. You can not read a text in phone from quest 3 as well as on Apple. I’m not saying that makes it worth getting, but I have the quest 3 and the reality of what the pass through looks like compared to all the early influencer reviews made me have a bad taste in my mouth with the quest 3.

  29. What about OLED burnin on vision pro?

  30. Respectfully disagree. Outside of price I believe the AVP is the overall superior device. I have the VP & my son as the meta quest, if looking solely for a cost effective gaming device sure MQ3, but for entertainment(movies/music)/sports viewing and multi-tasking the VP is incredible now and only going to get better. Watching Avatar on the Disney App in 3D w/ a custom immersive background is better than the movies!

  31. I just got a quest 3 due to the hype Vision Pro caused for these vr headsets and believe it or not Zucks video also sold me…. I have been using immersed and skybox vr for my movie files and you can’t see pixels at all it’s a great experience …. All I had to do was get android file transfer and connect the quest 3 with a usbc cable to my mac and voila all my files are synced and movie watching is phenomenal… I like the quest 3 build quality as well …. Is small and light and the plastic feels premium…. 4k is just too much for a Vision Pro that can basically only do many safari windows all over your space…. Good video thou!

  32. quest 3 is better

  33. meta should just add better resolution and better camera.. maybe add sumsang's zoom camera too.. so we see moon using meta quest..

  34. 4k per eye and support hdr10 and dolby vision in Vision Pro

  35. Double tap the controllers together to switch to hand tracking. Works 95 percent of the time. But you can also turn the auto track sensitivity. On the MQ3

  36. Vision Pro has only been out for about 3 weeks. Developers haven’t had a chance to develop apps for the VP. VP right now is as bad as it will ever be.

  37. I watched the AVP presentation and was wowed. Then I went and bought a Quest 3. Literally every single feature I liked on the AVP is possible in basically all it's glory on quest 3, plus I can game on it. Delighted.

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