Amazing Products The GORGEOUS RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming PC Build! – Project Zero x Corsair 2500D | AD

Awesome Tips The GORGEOUS RTX 4070 Ti Super Gaming PC Build! – Project Zero x Corsair 2500D | AD

RTX 4070 Ti Build Time! This MSI Project Zero gaming PC Build 2024 packs and Corsair 2500D Airflow and Ryzen 9 7900! How to build a gaming pc with Gameplay Benchmarks!
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MSI RTX 4070 Ti Graphics Card 3X Ventus:

MSI B650 Project Zero Motherboard:

MSI E360 AIO CPU Cooler:

MSI 850W Power Supply:

Ryzen 7900 Processor:

Corsair 2500D Airflow Case:

Corsair RX Fans:

32GB G Skill Trident Z5 6400MHz RAM:

1TB Seagate Firecuda 930 SSD:

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00:00 Marcus LOVES Micro ATX
00:47 What Is Project Zero?
03:14 CPU Installation
04:28 RAM Installation
05:16 SSD Installation
05:57 Cooling Options
07:26 Motherboard Installation
07:57 CPU Cooler Installation
11:00 Cable Management
14:14 GPU Installation
15:49 PSU Installation
21:07 Final Specs & Price
22:39 Horizon Forbidden West Gameplay
23:29 Flashing the GPU VBios
25:27 Returnal Gameplay
26:36 Starfield Gameplay
28:29 Warzone Gameplay
30:53 Noise Test & Final Thoughts!

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  1. ryzen 5 5600x with 7800 xt or ryzen 5 7600x with rx 7700 xt both are same price witch is batter for gaming and video editing…… please reply

  2. 0:00: ⚙️ MSI sponsors cable-free gaming PC build with Micro ATX and powerful components.
    3:27: 💻 Comparison between Ryzen 7900 and 7800 x3d processors for gaming and multitasking purposes.
    6:49: ⚙️ Review of Corsair's new fans, highlighting design flaws and installation process.
    10:26: 💻 Efficient cable management system using a single cable for RGB and fan speed control.
    14:25: 💻 High-performance MSI RTX 4070 Ti Super graphics card for gaming at 4K resolution with ray tracing.
    17:52: 💻 Effortless cable management and future-proof 600W PCI Gen 5 Connection in a tidy build.
    21:46: ⭐ Highly recommend considering AMD Expo for RAM selection in AMD gaming PC builds due to enhanced performance and compatibility.
    25:23: 🎮 Impressive performance of games on high settings with ray tracing and 4K resolution.
    28:34: 🎮 Impressive performance in Call of Duty Warzone at 4K resolution with DLSS set to Quality, achieving high frame rates on a high-end system.

    Timestamps by Tammy AI

  3. I love this channel

  4. can you please make a wall pc like the ones that hang on the wall

  5. So far i have savings for 1 stick of that ram

  6. 19:26 my boi strong

  7. Rtx 4070 ti super with i7 12700kf for blender ?

  8. At 18:05 that's kinda scary 😅
    I just finished my build with a 7800x3d and just installed one 8 pin for the pcu, my motherboard had a 8+4 pin but my psu didn't have a
    +4 cable. Anyway i looked it up and one of those 8 pin cpu connector delivers 384 watts, that should be plenty enough considering the tdp of the cpu is 125 w, and in real time conditions like gaming it only draws 60w.

  9. Fans are ugly af

  10. Daddy likes…

    Thank you for inspiring me to build my next pc build. Anyone want to buy my others first? 😆

    Jk jk but someday I do hope to get into pc flipping. 😅

  11. GPU needs RGB? The Ventus is the MSI basic model. Should have asked for the Suprim version!

  12. I just don’t like amd ryzen for some reason

  13. Love your builds!! Can you do a balls to the wall Asus Strix build!?

  14. Cool build but definitely not worth $2,250.

  15. I like the case

  16. Hi brother great video was wondering I only play apex legends could you recommend a cpu graphics card combo for me I play 1080p I would like to play without problems thanks in advance

  17. I will buy 4060. Should be fine for gaming.  

    I guess If I want to play with good graphics I need 4070.

    But if I add a bit more I could get better performance with 4070 Super. 

    But damn… Look at those Vram.. its not gonna be enough 12GB.  I will go for 4070ti Super. 

    Man… If im planning to spend that much money on Gpu so why not to go for a proper one 4080Super. 

    Hmm…. Best Gpu right there, We live once after all. 4090 here I come.

    And then , after 2 years 4090 will be beaten by 5070 that cost only £550

    Guys dont forget, they are milking us 😉

  18. How much is this rig? in UK pounds?

  19. I know it would be a bit more expensive but I think custom cables would be better for a mobo like that.

  20. the window update remind me the funny scene 🤣

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