Amazing Products TV How to Use Google Gemini in Google Messages

Awesome Tips How to Use Google Gemini in Google Messages

If you don’t know what to say and need a little help replying to a text you can use Google Gemini in Google Messages.

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  1. Got an s22 ultra, updated messages app but I don't have those features. Is it because I use the Samsung keyboard?

  2. What smartphone is that u using

  3. Or just be normal and text like a normal person

  4. Feels pointless and more ai bloat

  5. I don't have a bubble??? My phone is only 4yrs old.

  6. whats the world coming to when you need help to have a conversation, smh

  7. Gemini is incredibly racist, and lies all the time. Just as Chat GPT lies when it either doesn't know something or it's trainers didn't like the factual answer. Garbage.

  8. Google woke

  9. I use Gemini to perfect my racism. 🥂

  10. "Are you eagerly awaiting the release of the Taylor Swift Eras Tour movie" is not the way anyone will ever ask that ever

  11. Didn't South Park cover this years ago?

  12. Idiocracy

  13. I've never used Gemini and considering it launched with such an anti white bias, I don't think I ever will.

  14. When will it end if we start letting the AI he start typing for us? What are we going to become stupid?

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