Amazing Products TV First Person View POV PC BUILD Guide!

Awesome Tips First Person View POV PC BUILD Guide!

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Building a PC is can be tricky, but now you can see exactly how to do it through the eyes of a professional! This is our 2024 POV PC Build guide!

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
Video Link:
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Preparing to Build
2:27 Motherboard
4:38 CPU Installation
6:23 RAM Installation
7:25 M.2 SSD Installation
8:57 CPU Air Cooler Installation
10:27 Thermal Paste
11:14 CPU Air Cooler Cont. Fans and RGB Headers
13:36 Test Boot
14:49 PC Case
16:41 Mounting in the Case
19:28 Case Fans and Front I/O
24:21 Power Supply
27:12 3.5″ and 2.5″ Drives
29:10 Cable Management
29:25 GPU
33:18 Case Closed, Second Boot

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  1. 0:47 “these” are magnetic parts trays and yes they are great especially if you’re using them on the regular.

  2. instructions not clear i see a nose in my pov.

  3. the entire grounding step is unnecessary

  4. i remember 2019 i was building my pc for the first time after having used shitty prebuilds. first LTT video i saw was the old POV build guide… oh god that's 5 years ago.

  5. wow, now we get to see things Linus size

  6. Stop eating things!🤦‍♂

  7. I've lost sight in both of my eyes but i'm glad i am following along with the audio only. Thank you linus for this video.

  8. 24:07
    Me, ready for it
    Her: WTF is that?

  9. I thought he was gonna start eating the case when he got closer 💀

  10. Not all of us has 2 LTT screwdrivers around, maybe a 2-pack bundle deal perhaps in the future?

  11. The screws look delicious 🤤

  12. cant lie my brothers, not into the pov video

  13. As a newbie to pc building and a 1st timer. I honestly am thankful you did this, I play games that generally don't need high end 4k pc's. I play tf2 kind of games, I am thankful you added links to the items you have in the video. I'll get the other stuff myself. I'll still get my friend who's a pc nerd to standby and help if needed.

  14. 8:32 Be careful not to install the screw directly to the motherboard, this motherboard had the standoff already installed. If yours doesnt, its probably in the bag where the retention screw is.

  15. I watch PC Building POVs, you watch…other types of POVs. We are not the same

  16. FUCKIN' BRAVO!!!

  17. The only thing I didn’t like here (while building my own pc for the first time and following along) was that you assume I just know what to do with the you for a test boot

  18. The ChrisFix of computers, but maybe just avoid the "Soapy Wooder™"

  19. an hdd?

  20. Eye FixIt

  21. 32:20 if anyone's curious about the why of this recommendation (and why it's not required), it's due to the reduced resistance of using more cables. This reduces voltage drop over the cables which is a producer of waste heat. For a 350W GPU, this only amounts to about 2W-3W of savings when using two cables vs daisy chaining one. That rough calculation is an ideal one and in the real world the savings would be a bit higher. Cable self heating would increase resistance further and I didn't account for connector resistance. In any case it wouldn't be significant enough for it to be required. Maybe if you're doing extreme GPU overclocking, then the voltage drop itself could also be problem.

  22. Arctic mx-2? That's a throwback

  23. Meme Sound Here : [ 24:47 ] ! ❤😂🎉

  24. It is finally back! Behold the stone age 😮

  25. “It’s got six pee cores and four poo cores” – Linus, 2024

  26. wooow linus i just made my pc 2 days ago and you make a pc build pov when i needed it

  27. 4:50 The pee poo cores joke made me laugh out loud. At 33 years old I’m still a child.

  28. Disappointed that the sponsors wasn't FPV as well. Bad video! Boo!


  29. please do a sleeper imac g3!

  30. As someone who's built more than their fair share of computers both for personal and professional use over my career – this is exactly the sort of video I've wished I could provide to people who want to build their own. Thank you so much for putting this together!

  31. could have done with this video like 2 months ago regardless appreciate you guys doing a video like this 🙂

  32. I needed this video a week ago 🙁 It seems my friend did misplace that m.2 retention screw so we had to use another. Or is it that some newer motherboards don’t come with one? I think he misplaced it though. Also a mistake to buy a m.2 nvme ssd with a heatsink when the motherboard came with its own heatsink.

  33. Hey Linus Tech Tips. Weird Issue with my router/wifi having a big problem with uploads to dropbox of large files. I am a remote video editor and just really struggling. I have a current wired connection which did increase speeds but did not know what I was doing wrong otherwise. Also if you made an updated Video editing machine for roughly 2500 would be nice too 😉

  34. Why go with iFixit when you can go with an absurdly overpriced LTT screwdriver?

  35. realistically, you dont need to the static wrist strap 🙂

  36. no tweezers???

  37. Instructions unclear..I ate my pc now have an upset stomach

  38. 0:12 Origins of the Borg , after all this time that’s where they start .

  39. TIL Linus is related to the Cookie Monster. Still a good guide though.

  40. Oh yeah, and don't forget the sandals with socks.

  41. My cooler would only go on at about a 30 degree angle. Is that bad?
    It has been working fine for about 3/4 years

  42. We need a 2024 STICKER PACK!!!!!

  43. As someone who's had to help other people install RAM, I think a little more detail should have been included. For example, mentioning that sometimes only one side has clips that open, and that the ram only goes in one way. Checking which direction lines up with the notch is very important!

  44. the detail of the mousepad is so distracting, hard see what you're showing

  45. Funny this was uploaded today since the last larts for my fiancée's new PC are arriving today and she'll be buoding it herself

  46. every tech blogger last few years "SKUUUU SKEEWWWW" instead of "model, item, version"

  47. "IT'S SATA DATA!"

  48. That SATA connector at 27:43 looks like it's made to power multiple drives. Am I seeing that correctly? (I thought that kind of thing is a fire hazard?)

  49. I love this video. This will make building a pc much easier.

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