Amazing Products TV M4 iPad Pro (2024) Unboxing & Review

Awesome Tips M4 iPad Pro (2024) Unboxing & Review

Apple iPad Pro M4 2024 Space Black, Unboxing, First Look and Review

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The 2024 iPad Pro M4 features 13/11 inch Ultra Retina XDR Tandem OLED display, the Apple M4 Chip, up to 2TB storage, 16GB RAM, Face ID, Ultra Wide Landscape front camera with Center Stage, 12MP Rear Camera, LiDAR Scanner, has Four-speaker audio, Four studio-quality microphones, USB-C with Thunderbolt & USB 4, iPad OS 17, Apple Pencil Pro Support with Squeeze and Barell Roll, has a new Magic Keyboard and Price is from £1299/$1299

0:00 – Intro
0:19 – Unboxing
1:13 Design and Build
2:48 Tandem OLED Display
4:55 M4 Perfomance
7:51 Cameras
9:08 Apple Pencil Pro
11:05 New Magic Keyboard
14:12 Price
15:06 Conclusion

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  1. Wait, why is it yours doesn’t have a charger block but when I order one in the USA it’s included? All the all review videos have one included too 🤔

  2. Apple such a smart company they sure kno how to make $$$. Offcourse the old keyboard and pencil wouldn't work lol cause they want u to buy the new ones.

  3. Bro i will ask my brother for Ipad pro m4 can u tell me THAT its good in gaming and apple pencil pro is also good or not

  4. Dual boot OS please

  5. No charger for Europe. We get a charger in the States 💗

  6. Is it powerful? Sure, but what's the point? Why does it need to be as fast as a macbook when it's not allowed to do any macbook type computer tasks? It's a 3000$ Youtube machine.

  7. Can u use the Apple Pencil Pro on the 2022 ipad pro models or is it just designed for this ipad?

  8. Why does it look like you’re gonna eat it in the thumbnail?

  9. EU forces USB-C onto every device

    everyone: "yay thanks EU you rock"

    Also EU we removebthe chargers from the box to reduce E-waste
    "Wait no EU what are you doing staaaph"

  10. Jerry rig everything 😂😂😂

  11. To my kidneys: you were perfect but now time to go 😢

  12. US still gets a charger in box

  13. Removing the charger and apple sticker from the box is an insult to the $200 price jump. They keep overdoing themselves with things the consumer doesn't care that much about, and then try to justify how much it costs.

  14. It’d be nice if video would expand past the black bezel then have the entire screen a video. But when you hold it and use it, the video shrinks giving you a bezel to hold

  15. Every tech YouTuber seem all the same boring nothing to offer

  16. meh

  17. Lol the other guy got a 25 watt charger brick in his Ipad… "Ur average Consumer"

  18. Apple cloth is the thinnest apple product ever…

  19. Just getting the 11in pro just to watch the MLS Season Pass on Apple TV +

  20. Very odd, Karl Conrad got a charging brick with his iPad Pro M4 in Canada. Maybe a UK thing?

  21. Still OS a big iphone , nope , not giving apple more of the same with my money

  22. I am not getting new IPhones if they aren't 100 grams lighter like this iPad revolution or at least close ..

  23. R.I.P Samsung Tab s9/s10 Ultra

  24. Just to note: Only in America and Europe don’t have chargers. In the rest of the world they do get the charger

  25. Samsung tablets have been that thin for 2 years 😂

  26. Ordered a 13 inch 1TB with cellular not cheap but I can’t wait

  27. I saw somebody else on box it and his had it in there the charger I mean😅

  28. Is it that thinness is inclusive of the camera bump or just that it's the thinnest area. I want to know if I can slide it under a 5.2mm gap just for the sake of it?

  29. Nice new unboxing.

  30. 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

  31. I don't like these practices doing by apple on the basis of dramatic mother nature ultimately apple wants the more money from consumer I don't like the brands doing these things like apple
    Samsung nothing etc I wants we should quit from these brands strictly shame on the brands doing this funking things.

  32. What is just above true tone flash?

  33. 9 mins in and still waiting for the review portion. I know all this from announce.

  34. Only in the UK and EU the charger is not included. USA, China, Brazil etc. it is…Thanks to the EU commission.

  35. My iPad Pro 5th generation has a bent on it near the charger port. Costing me 49 dollars to replace it. Good thing i have AppleCare

  36. How often do ppl bend products for every reviewer to talk about it?

  37. They don’t included usb-c power adapter?

  38. There is a charger in the US

  39. Free Palestine

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