Amazing Products The NO NONSENSE Gaming PC Build 2024! 😲 RX 7900 XTX, Ryzen 7950X

Awesome Tips The NO NONSENSE Gaming PC Build 2024! 😲 RX 7900 XTX, Ryzen 7950X

Hate DLSS, FSR and Ray Tracing?! This all AMD gaming PC rocks a Radeon RX 7900 XTX, Ryzen 9 7950X! Join PC Centric for this Deepcool Morpheus build, with the Mystique cooler w/ Gameplay Benchmarks⭐ Get Your PC Centric Mousemat! ⭐ Sponsored By Deepcool (AD)

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Deepcool Morpheus Case:

Deepcool Mystique 360mm Cooler:

Deepcool 850w Power Supply (I Used the PN):

Asus TUF RX 7900 XTX:

Asus TUF X670E-Plus Wifi:

AMD Ryzen 7950X CPU:

Samsung 990 Pro SSD:

G SKill 32GB 6000MHZ DDR5 RAM:

Deepcool Fans:

🎮 My Personal PC Gaming Setup on Amazon Storefront:

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  1. I could really use a hand building a pc

  2. If you are dead set on ignoring upscaling tech, then definetly don't run the majority of settings at ultra. Often, ultra settings are just resource hogging versions of the high setting with a small, barely noticeable improvement visually. There are some exceptions and it varies game by game. Sometimes a specific ultra setting is better looking and has 0 impact on performance but its less common.

  3. Can you please provide a brief video for the motherboards, it is the only part of pc and pc building for which i am confused about which and what is better, affordable, expensive, not worth, kind of stuff

  4. All you YouTube builders and tech guys talk about how great AMD cards are yet you never use an AMD GPU in your own personal rigs.

  5. Damn that is a dream pc.. I love AMD and Deepcool and seeing them both in a build is awesome… "DROOL"

  6. Is 7800x3d better for gaming than this cpu?

  7. 26:30 I would march it right back to the shop if I paid that much money for a GPU and it crashes. If you're buying the flagship GPU of a company, there really should be no crashes especially with their partnered game. imagine how disappointed you'd be if you had saved up for 2 years to buy this and worked overtime. Then you fire up some new game and it's like you're back to your old gt1030 I would be furious. I love AMD but Nvidia has that thing inside it that amd just doesn't . I don't even know what it is but I can feel it and see it. I can see an NVidia card without seeing the card. I can see that ish in the smoothness and the overall polished and quality feeling on all your graphics. even just scrolling windows. amd has this contrasty feeling to it like it's trying to do something but you don't know what

  8. If you knew anything about gaming PC's, you'd have put a 7800x3D in this, and a 7900XTX Sapphire Nitro+. The TUF's temps are garbage, and the 7950x isn't a gaming cpu….please don't take this guy's advice

  9. AMD RYZEN 5 5600X
    FSP HV PRO 85 PLUS 650W BR

    Is this good for pre-build and what can i change to make it cheap and still has the same performance?

  10. Ryzen 9 7950x rtx 4090? Fps

  11. ASUS can eat a bag of male reproductive organs

  12. Question: what happens to all the pc that you built?

  13. Your work is a masterpiece! 🌟 -♦ "Success is not just about making money. It's about making a difference."

  14. Will this build work with 7800x3d and 4080 super

  15. using an ASUS product?? oh dear. i thought everyone boycotted them?

  16. What’s the typical temperature?

  17. Awesome PC!

  18. I've a 6700xt with a 5600 CPU. Any idea why my PC keeps restarting on certain games? I love AMD and dont wanna switch to Nvidia anytime soon.

  19. I like everything except the motherboard, I just can't trust ASUS these days.

  20. Hey Marcus! Im now a PC owner thanks to you sir! Im loving Civ 6 at 144fps lol!

  21. You are very smart.

  22. pretty sick amd build ngl

  23. That's basically what I built for myself 2 months ago.
    Differences I can see is that I went with MSI Tomahawk motherboard, MSI branded 7900XTX, MSI 1000Watt PSU, Arctic Liquid Freeze 3 360 and the case is Aerocool Dryft V2.

    It runs like a dream on both Windows and Linux, and I only use 1440p for gaming.

  24. Some 90 and 180 degree connectors would seriously improve the visual cable management at the front. At that price point I would, personally, insist on them.

  25. did u think about making it in the dual chamber stuff so we can see it

  26. I cannot be the only person that thought the fans were front mounted on the thumbnail.😅

  27. As usual another quality build but can i ask that you do a build using a RX 7900XT as i have just upgraded my GPU but need to know what to change the rest to, to make a killer build as at the moment the GPU is being supported by a i7-10700k and 16GB of 3000 ram. Please show me the way to a better world 😁

  28. About time ;p

  29. That case is basically what the Lancool 215 wanted to be… now, I want it 😂

  30. Did the pump come pre-filled with fluid, or did I miss you filling it?

  31. So refreshing to see high tier builders use AMD GPUs.

  32. 1.48V look's quiet wild to me….

  33. 👍👍👍

  34. Wtf who plays STARFIEILD? Test more popular games.

  35. You bought a graphics card from Asus after recent revelations about their return policies? Brave.

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