Amazing Products TV Dare Me to Take This “Laptop” to Starbucks?

Awesome Tips Dare Me to Take This “Laptop” to Starbucks?

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Have you ever thought “Laptops sure are great, but I wish they had 3 monitors, desktop components, and weighed 20 times as much”? Good news! With the MaCase B43 chassis your PC can go from a portable, reasonably powered slate that lives in your backpack to a monstrously huge Frankenstein machine capable of running several instances of Crysis. This thing games so hard you’ll totally forget about the disc you slipped in your back while trying to get it up onto the table.

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
Video Link:
iTunes Download Link:
Artist Link:

Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
Video Link:
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Introducing the Case
3:47 CPU, Mobo, Cooling
5:55 RAM, SSD, GPU
7:24 Fitting the GPU and everything else in the case
9:55 Cooling with a custom side panel
11:22 PSU + GPU Stabilizer
13:22 Testing it out
14:31 Check out these monitors. They sure are monitors.
16:10 Gaming, yes. Temperature
17:05 Conclusion

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  1. I wish they made an option for higher end screens or at least sold higher end panels that could be easily swapped out. I dont have a problem with 1080p but 60hz is a deal breaker for me

  2. Please make more sponsorships like this, id actually watch them

  3. Weird how Decoy Voice was in the sponsor segment.

  4. One of those screens must be touchable.

  5. Okay

  6. The original “luggable” computers were even heavier — Compaq, Kaypro were both around 28lb

  7. I genuinely just enjoyed watching this. Classic vibes.

  8. Starbucks might not make any money off of a customer running up the electric bill with this computer.

  9. nice job justin!

  10. Still lighter than Asian students Bags

  11. What do you get when you cross a rhetorical question with a dad joke?

  12. I bet Linus and Alex can build a better alternative to this thing.

  13. Honestly, when I was working in 3D scanning in a shipyard, with the frustration of a laptop, this would have come in handy. We were already moving a lot of cumbersome equipment for 3D scanning anyway and the extra power would have come in handy.

    There are a couple of key things missing though. Physical touchpad buttons or a clit mouse were a massive advantage for CAD work and 3D manipulation as we had to do in the 3D scanning software.

  14. Fun curiosity, but but this thing is just plain stupid IMO.
    For that kind of money, you can easily just get a sturdy small case and three mobile screens… or add those 1500 USD to a laptop budget. That laptop is probably going to perform better, too.

  15. Look, I'm not going to consider that a "laptop" until I see Linus with it firmly IN lap.

  16. Ahh, I see, banana for a scale

  17. We used to have a class of PCs called luggable. It’s not gonna be on your lap, but it would have a monitor and keyboard. Amber CRT…

  18. They should of went with a rollable flexible OLED screen that you just roll out into 1 ultrawide and have it come with a surface keyboard…. lose a ton of weight it could be cleaned up and look like an actual top of the line product and has a decent keyboard and trackpad and you could just throw some magnets in it so you can attach it to the side of the case when your done.


  20. not a fan of the cashless wallet…

  21. Why would anyone use one of these cases. Put your keyboard mouse and monitor in your backpack and use one of the actuslly small, small form factor cases.

    The chinese clone/king of win pc build comed to minf as a far netter build for this use case.

    Instead of building in a keyboard they should've built in wheels

  22. Linus got his hands on a GWS pretty much

  23. nice CM

  24. Looks amazing 🥹❤️🏆

  25. Looks like something grandpa built cos he's cheap and doesn't want to spring for a real laptop.

  26. 40LB… What's that? 40 ligmabytes?

  27. EDP you say?

  28. Just when you thought the Framework was the most modular laptop out there.

  29. about 10 years ago I saw a kid at the mall food court with an iMac on the table, thanks for awakening that specific memory with that intro

  30. 😂😂😂😂

  31. I am a supervisor at starbucks and i've let people bring in their whole setup so they can update/play their games in the lobby!

  32. “Nerds, ASSEMBLE!”

    – Captain America

  33. today's sponsor segment stole my heart, I might need to buy a Ridge wallet

  34. Go back to the VGA matter, try to find out why it is used. Don't be fobbed off, somebody is responsible. Who ?

  35. Finally a proper gaming laptop!

  36. The Ma-Caseoh

  37. Please do more sponsor messages of that type. Those, I would watch intentionally and without irony.

  38. A couple of flippy feet at the bottom of the case like keyboard feet could solve the monitor angle issue

  39. 1:36 When did Captain Hammer start working at LTT?

  40. Good luck finding a niche to put it in…

  41. I have a question about what could be causing error message with browsers, it would randomly cut off a video and say aw snap and do it constantly. It never did this with my last computer and my game crashes quite a bit I noticed now. It got custom built for me like I914th gen, 4090, corsair dominator 64 gb ram. What could be causing the issue and m also upgraded to windows 11, was using windows 10. Its kind of annoying when im in a middle of a game and it crashes or when im watching youtube and it pops up with a error in the browser. Im not as knowledgeable when it comes to computers and ive already cleared the cache as well.

  42. Jesus, I get fooled by North American Father’s Day every year, gives me a damn heart attack! It’s alright folks, the good and proper Father’s Day is still months away.

  43. I want to play quake on this

  44. Make daddy a baddie again 😶‍🌫️

  45. I guess for LAN parties? Do people still do that?

    Maybe internet cafes where people plan on being there a while? idk

  46. Ubisoft is the best assassin in assassins creed, they assassinated the recent games with great skill

  47. Thumbs for the Ridge sponsor spots! Both killing it! 😎

  48. displays would probably fall off after 50 th reboot of windows

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