Amazing Products TV I Bought 6 PC “Speed Up” Tools to See if They Work

Awesome Tips I Bought 6 PC “Speed Up” Tools to See if They Work

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Everyone wants their computer to be running in the best condition possible, but they dont want to re install windows. Thats why we decided to run 6 Different tools to see if any of these can Speed up your computer. Will they work? Are they Snake Oil? The only way to find out was to hand over our credit card, and get Labs to test them!

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Download these Tools…If you dare!
AVG Tuneup:
MS PC Manager:
Ashampoo Win optimizer:

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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
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0:00 Intro
1:58 Our Tools of Choice
2:29 Startup Time Results
3:29 Some Failed before starting…
4:26 Productivity Test Results
7:10 Scary Marketing Tactics
9:45 Gaming Results
10:12 Why didnt they work?
11:11 Should you buy them?
12:00 DIY Solutions
15:01 Outro

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  1. This video was missing what these tools actually do to the system

  2. Unistalling Cookie Clicker? You monsters….

  3. There's only one way to actually speed up your clogged Windows system: Google "windows reset". You don't even need to download anything because the feature is built into Windows.

  4. What happened to Linus’s solid gold Xbox controller? Did Yvonne keep it or maybe it got melted down?

  5. Well you wasted your money on all 6.

  6. If anyone want to boost up pc speed without buying software do this i personally do this and it boost it very well I debloat and uninstall all unnecessarily windows functions and applications also improve its speed by going into adjust performance of windows and setting it to max performance, select max cores and max memory in ms config boot settings, disable startup and background apps Use emptystandbylist to free standby ram memory remove any kind of animations and effects as i love my windows to be snappy rather than smooth flow animation

  7. I've been using IObit Advanced System Care Since the XP days. I agree that it's annoying how it automatically installs other programs that I may not want. The marketing is suspicious as well. I discovered it as a torrent and was curious so I installed it. It optimised many aspects of my PC within a short order of time. My boot times were notably improved. I ended up paying for the license. I've used it on other people's computers with great success as well. After I finish cleaning their computer I just uninstall the entire IObit suite and deleting related registry entries as a last step. Since windows 10 Advanced System Care has proven to be less useful than before because Windows 10 has shown itself to be rather stable overall. I only run ASC about once every week or two whereas I used to make it a daily habit while using XP.

  8. I used to use CCleaner and IOBIT back in the day before I had SSDs and windows did not have very good built in tools. They really did help a good bit, but I have not bothered in years. Sad to see how toxic IOBIT has gotten with their advertising. Years ago even the free version of IOBIT had very little advertising, just a banner in the interface when you were using the software. I stopped using this sort of tool when windows built in tools got decent enough and I started putting SSDs in everything. This kind of cleaning makes way more of a difference if the OS is installed on spinning rust.

  9. A lot of those tools are pretty much snake oil

  10. These are the tools I dropped from my arsenal a decade ago due to their enhanced cleanup which removed my visual studio installers and my compiled apps.
    Replaced them with bleachbit, wise disk cleaner,OOSP10 and hibit uninstaller(skip the registry cleaner). Avast and CCleaner are the ones you should stay away few galaxies after they bought piriform.
    Better testing would be using second hand desktop with broadwell or AMD athlon. With latest hardware is barely noticeable until it's few years old.

  11. Avast. yeah. no. thanks. been there. done that. whatever they say. always falsely advert you with a pop ups "YOUR PC IS IN DANGERRR, Subscribe to PRO FOR MORE PROTECCTIONNN" fuck you. no. uninstall.

  12. I use PrivaZer

  13. whoa, straight to the main content. Ok!

  14. What about Revo Uninstaller and their built in tools?

    They have a junk files cleaner, windows manager etc.

  15. Clonezilla is another free drive cloning tool I'd also recommend.

  16. damn avast taking over, i used to use avast to find my phone back in the one M8 days

  17. I had to clean up my parent’s computers about every 6 months before I installed uBlock Origin in their Firefox browser. After that, I didn’t need to keep rescuing the family computer from malware infestations. Content blockers for the win! 😊

  18. DDR4 is not high performance.

  19. Shame that the PCdecrapifyer is no longer a thing. That's one tool I actually would suggest people use to help optimize their systems.
    A system optimization consists of 4 things.

    1. Startup items/services. Turn off the ones you don't need running every time you boot. Easy.

    2. Sfc scannow. It will either make no difference or it'll make a big difference. There's little in between with this one. Reboot and rerun it if it says "problems were found and repaired. (If problems were found and not repaired, try a dism cleanup image and rerun sfc)

    3. Chkdsk !!!WARNING!!! DO NOT RUN A CHECK DISK ON A FAILING HARD DRIVE!!! You have been warned. Use a SMART tool (like crystaldiskinfo or GsmartControl) to check your drive for signs of failure. Running chkdsk on a failing drive will almost certainly leave you with data loss. The most noticeable difference will be on HDDs, followed by SSDs with no dram cache, the ssds with cache.

    4. File cleanup/space management. Deleting temp files can make a noticable difference in some cases. Once while working as a PC tech an older guy brought his laptop in because it was so slow. After removing the 200+GB of temp files, it was much faster. Also, space management. SSDs get slower as they fill up. If your got less than 20% free space left, upgrade to a bigger drive. It's not hard, drive cloning is super simple with tools like lazesoft which can be used for free in the hirensboot tool, or BOBombs.

    Assuming you're not infected with some nasty virus, these steps will almost certainly make your PC feel new and speedy again. Oh, and of you don't have a SSD for boot, what are you even doing with your life. They are dirt cheap, even for a decent quality one

  20. I used to love IObit, until the driver updater nearly bricked my Surface Laptop by disabling my keyboard and touchpad, forcing me to reinstall windows with a flash drive, while also needing a USB mouse because the touchscreen didn't work on the install screen. Oh, did I mention I had only 1 USB port, forcing me to by a little hub just for extra ports, just to fix my laptop? Fun times!

  21. So any tips for forcing a person to learn about their phone or PC? I dont mind helping family but its can you do this because idk how to. How do you think multi millionaire sub king LTT learned he fiddled with stuff until he figured it out.

  22. I remember seeing Ashampoo products back in the 2000's, even my younger teenage self, who took a lot more risks with their data, didn't go for them.

  23. CC now just bombards you with ads

  24. 07:41 That is not how you search for Microsoft Partners, that is a filter instead of a search bar… I checked all Microsoft Partners from Germany and neither Ashampoo GmbH & Co. KG or HOB GmbH & Co KG, (the actual owners of ashampoo) are listed as partners regardless of the missuse of that filter.

    Ashampoo is using an old version of the logo so I guess they were a Partner at some point and never renewed their competencies to still be part of the program… And that is still meaningless bc it only means a certain number of people in the company passed a couple certification exams (I work for a partner myself)

  25. You covered bloat, FPS etc, but what about the network optimizations? (Latency, throughput etc) Also snake oil?

  26. some said defraging an ssd is not recommended, which one is true?

  27. @Linus Tech Tips it's a little out of scope for this video, but I highly recommend Windirstat. Some programs generate a massive amount of data on your drives that don't get categorized as "temp" files by windows, and will just build up. It has a visual treemap that shows you by physical color-coded blocks what is taking up so much space. For example, for me a big culprit was Baldur's Gate 3. I had so many saves and dozens and dozens of save files. The treemap showed a massive color-coded block that was all bg3 data. Can't recommend it enough.

  28. What are your thoughts on Norton?

  29. I think the more…disturbing consideration is that Windows itself now comes with built-in junk that can and should be removed. My understanding is that removing those items can make the system better than the baseline.

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