Amazing Products TV LTT Released 3rd Party Investigation Summary – WAN Show May 24, 2024

Awesome Tips LTT Released 3rd Party Investigation Summary – WAN Show May 24, 2024

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  1. Re windows laptops: The numbers dont lie for Apple. I feel it's more of an "emotional" thing to beat Apple because they have very vocal hardcore fans.
    Not to mention global vs US market fanboys.
    I guess they have inferiority complex despite being the biggest?

  2. They should give everyone a year of spotify free who bought it.

  3. The Ms function is a version of a staff monitoring solution, it is already in use by 3rd party software, with support staff and stock trading etc. not related to home use

  4. It's so annoying to me that they have to clarify each time something is meant as a joke, because of a few morons. Let me wonder sometimes ^^

  5. Your medical system sounds great!

  6. lol canadians talking about north american medical and wait times. … Uk Bi*** please

  7. TTS has been around for a looooong time, but suddenly it's a problem because it's now based on AI and has quality?

    Some people need to slow down and check themselves. It's for an educational video that wouldn't even come close to recouping the costs of VA.

  8. For the new platform with components review:

    Maybe consider the layman's willingness to pay 5 dollars for a month's access to the equivalent of PC-PartsPicker, but with reviews also.
    Like a one-stop shop for building a nice PC.
    Get compatibility, reviews and stores, for a fee.
    Maybe previews of how it might look too.

  9. Can we talk about Luke's character breaking and us getting his true voice at 1:24:30 ?

  10. The voice your using for that AI stuff is really grating, and feels completely out of place considering the usual tone of speakers on your channels

  11. For your AI voice, I want the Brondo of Thirst Mutilator.


  13. Even though our medical system has a potential chance to pay these doctors more. The experience is exactly the same regardless of the country 😅

  14. Geez, it's almost like Spotify's situation should be legislated by the government. This is completely unchecked, and we pay dearly for this very clear evil.

  15. 1:56:30 American Chocolate is disgusting anyway, the first time i ate Hersheys and almost puked, its so dusgusting…

  16. Make the AI voice female, its gonna sound much better. Also, must of your audience are guys.

  17. AI voiceover is very lazy

  18. At least in New Zealand, if they don't explain the drug to you and stuff, they could lose their licence

  19. 3rd Party Investigation Summary: Linus hates Apple SOOO much? He's willing to leave money on the table just to spite them! 😂

  20. As if the videos were not bad enough before, they will now be putting AI in charge. Baffling.

  21. Bless Linus’s Canadian heart for thinking an American hospital could only charge as much as $30 for a bandaid 😭

  22. 1:40:34 ah yes, Linus who was famously successful in school 😉

  23. Hot take, AI is dumb

  24. So the video has nothing to do with the title. And talk about it, you will be banned.

  25. Do I surmise correctly that when some truly horrible or excellent PSU crops up it will get an LTT main channel video?

  26. 2:32:46 no he just realised he had just paid for CNN on X. Also look at the demands lemon made

  27. The new PSU channel reminds me of a lot of local news sites is I can read faster than the video plays. I skip those "articles" that don't have text. Then again this is informational when you have a need vs the prime source of info.

  28. 47:58 please just make a good leather jacket. I will probably buy a functional ltt leather jacket in medium tall but not a joke one with useless stuff on it.

  29. The end was the best part!

  30. 12:40 why does YouTube use more power in an hour then a game running at a higher refresh rate and more resolution does in 4 hours of Gaming😢😮

  31. 2:11:51 that's bullshit, sounds nothing like her

  32. 1:45:11 yep yay "free" healthcare

  33. 22:06 lmao, whatever you don't use –force

  34. You know it's serious when they don't put text in the thumbnail 🤣

  35. I am literally the only person in my friends group that has watched Reboot, I don’t even know if I’ve interacted with anyone that has watched it. Stoked as hell for this project.

  36. "Reposnse" 🤓

  37. reboot is awesome

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