NEW PERSONAL RIG TIME BABY! This 4K gaming PC is an all white RTX 4090 PC BEAST, with a Ryzen 9 7950X, Phanteks NV5, and NZXT N7 B650E Motherboard! ⭐ Get Your PC Centric Mousemat! ⭐ MSI Project Zero: (AD)

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Phanteks NV5 Case:

NZXT N7 B650E Motherboard

Ryzen 9 7950X CPU:
Best Buy:

NZXT Kraken Elite 360 Cooler
Best Buy:

Corsair Dominator Titanium RAM (I used 7200, but recommend 6000)

Nvidia RTX 4090 Graphics card
Best Buy:

Samsung 990 Pro SSD
Best Buy:

Samsung 990 Evo SSD
Best Buy:

Corsair Shift 1000x Power Supply

Corsair custom cables

Lian Li AL v2 Fans

🎮 My Personal PC Gaming Setup on Amazon Storefront:

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00:00 Personal Rig Part 2!
02:03 Case Overview
04:05 Platform Choice?
05:28 CPU Installation
06:44 RAM Installation
08:19 Storage Options
10:49 Motherboard & Fan Installation
12:58 Cable Management
14:08 PSU Installation
15:19 CPU Cooler Installation
17:26 Graphics Card Installation
19:27 More Cable Management
21:22 Turning It On

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  1. im looking to upgrade from a gtx1050 ti would a i3 8100 bottleneck a gtx1080 ?

  2. 4090 two months before 5090, ouch! and with 4090 prices dropping fast.

  3. Don't put that in the video😂. Editor Carl is a funny guy! Great vid, great set up. Will be very interested to see the final look….

  4. Marcus please how and where can i talk to you directly.?

    I really wanna talk to you

  5. proud to say i’m watching this in celebration of finally saving up money for my first custom itx build! 4080 super, 7800x3d, and 32 gb ddr5 cl30 ram, and a whole lotta storage!

  6. As much as I like the NV5 the cougar FV270 is just better. You should definitely check it out it may convince you to switch !

  7. First mistake, white case. The new beige of 2024 (PC's in the 1990's beige cases).

  8. I could only understand 5% of all the words you used. 😵‍💫

  9. Part 2 please😁

  10. 22:40
    could you walk us through step by step how to custom water cool ?

  11. wait why did you not use the 7950x3d instead? And why did you not wait and get the 5090 instead of the older 4090?? come on bro.. It aint like you are broke man. a build like this makes no sense, especially when the next gen cards are right around the corner.

  12. spending 300 quid for a tier 3 chipset board is a terrifying poor proposition. you can always identify a rookie builder when they do things like this.

  13. I think the video card looks great with the white. That one piece has a "formula 1" type feel to it and looks really unique & classy.

  14. QUICK Question… Which motherboard would be best paired with Ryzen 9 7950xd. That's the processor I currently own. I haven't opened it since I have no motherboard yet. @PCCentric can you recommend a board to choose in white. That NZXT one looks great.

  15. i personally would love to have nv7, but its just too expensive. nv5 is a great choice, good looking case with some quality fans. Phanteks is crushing it.

  16. ill be upgrading my gpu from a gtx 1660 to a 7600xt soon to pair with my 11700k. 6-16GB of VRAM, here i come.(yes i am aware that the 7600xt may be held back a little by the cpu)

  17. I had the Phanteks NV5 Case, but didnt think it was great for cooling, so upgraded to the Hyte y70 touch and the cooling is just better for the 14900k and 4090, cheers.

  18. Top 5 PC Centric fart

  19. My NZXT Motherboard had plastic on it too. I took the plastic off, saw there was a place for the thermal tape. right there, where they didn't put it, where they should have put it, because it's an insulator instead of cooling. I just removed it. Didn't get thermal tape because I don't use that much storage rewrite and deleting. But kind of aggravated because it's literally a spot for the thermal tape.

  20. NOTE that the SHIFT1000x can supply up to 450w not full 600w to the GPU on 12VHPWR
    only the SHIFT1200x can Supply up to 600w

  21. it looks amazing

  22. Guys i got a 4060rtx should i get a ryzen7 7800x3d?

  23. Any thoughts/ recommendations on air cooled for this build?

  24. Good cpu choice. Not a fan of the 7950x3d myself as it's reliant on support from amd in the future. I've got that same motherboard too and looking for some new ram so nice to see how that corsair one looks

  25. Why not wait for next-gen hardware? Content?

  26. rig is beautiful, wish the gpu matched the color scheme and wasn't the FE but its a 4090 so who wouldn't just go out of their way for this little demon.

  27. Just upgraded to a 4070 ti Super! It's been an absolute beast so far. Upgraded from a 6700xt and have gained about double the performance. Even more in RT performance.

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