Amazing Products TV Talking ‘Apple Intelligence’ with Tim Cook

Awesome Tips Talking ‘Apple Intelligence’ with Tim Cook

CEO of Apple, Tim Cook talks to SuperSaf about what devices he uses, how Apple Intelligence is different to other AI, what his top features are and more.
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  1. Only had a short time slot but hope you enjoyed the chat! 🙂

  2. I wouldn’t consider SuperSaf as much of an influencer to have an interview with Tim Cook. Well obviously I was wrong

  3. I thought the gift he was going to give him was a Galaxy S24 Ultra. 😂

  4. tim cokking

  5. This interview is great. Only one sad thing is that Apple Intelligence is going to available for iphone 15 pro and future pro phones. Not old iphone 14 pro

  6. Why does it sound like tim is trying to make an english sort of accent?

  7. superb interview and the edits 👌

  8. Yooo this is crazy Masha Allah brother

  9. TIM, if Steve Jobs was looking down, he would be proud. But i bet he looks at the features and new tech from apple now, he would be dissapointed. the company just stagnated… and only moves when the competition moves………….

  10. Le- Tim Cook 😂 , apple intelligence

  11. lol those glasses are defo going in the bin 💀

  12. While Apple Intelligence may be a laudible aim, there is a barrier to entry on Macs which is Apple Silicon. 2020 Intel Mac users would have to spend a lot of money to upgrade or get left behind and not all Apple users have bottomless pockets.

  13. Amazing to see you interview Apple Ceo!

  14. Should we expect these Apple intelligence features to come to other models like the iPhone 15, 15 plus, or not ?

  15. Let Tim Cook

  16. 😳

  17. I think Tim is promoting his products without anyone noticing that. 😂😂

  18. MashAllah saf is our here with tim

  19. What is apple intelligence…. Its private and privacy. So its very private and about privacy.

    It really does private things about privaacy.

    Top three features: Making emojis, using a bad mail app, making emojis

  20. Fast but great chat,greetings from Scotland✌️

  21. If I was there with Tim apple, I would have asked more legit questions like why are you such a greedy company? Make him swallow his words. Ask him real questions like why did it take so long to include iMessage on Androids? When new products you realease why don't you give free product away when a customer buys your new products? Like with an iPhone any free Buds or discounted apple watches? Why do you hate Google so much and Microsoft? If it wasn't for Microsoft you wouldn't exist! Ask him why do you copy so much from Google Android operating system? This where you actually have a legitimate interview not this garbage!

  22. I don't understand the hate around Tim Cook, he is a great CEO

  23. Everyone? 😅 it’s not supported on my latest iPhone base model

  24. Imagine Tim saying, I use Google Pixel 8 Pro alongside my iPhone 15 Pro Max 😂

  25. sunglasses…. really dude? disrespectful….

  26. Gifting sunglasses was a great gesture! 🕶️👏🏻

  27. For a moment, i thought that was Deepfake

  28. Tim, do you realize that no one outside of the US is using imessage ?

    i actually want to use it but can't get ANYONE to use it over here in The netherlands !!!!

  29. Great video! Awesome!

  30. Imagine if he pulled out a Samsung Galaxy and said this is my phone I use 😅

  31. so this upcoming year also $3000 ipad will be just iphone in dex mode.
    why its called ipados 18 when it is just ipados 17.6 with calculator app

  32. Would've been baller if Saf was reading off the S24 Ultra

  33. Super sad proved my point apple bought another one. Well it's okay by 2030 there won't be an apple company at this rate they will become like BlackBerry. Which BlackBerry rim was amazing! Apple trash waste of money! Buying an apple product is like throwing money in the trash or sewer! Super saf take some advice buy an Android! Like Samsung, Sony or Google Pixel!

  34. He is lying about the current phone he is using. He would be using iPhone 16 Pro max

  35. I know its your trademark but I think it is a little bit disrespectful to talk with someone while wearing sunglasses.

  36. Tim Apple really wanted people to know that he does indeed use the Apple Vision Pro

  37. From Leicester to Tim Cook!

  38. Thank you very much very informative.

  39. I dare you to do that interview holding a pixel or Samsung in your palms. XD

  40. Can't wait to see Tim on stage, but SuperSaf Style

  41. Apple is already a legacy company.

  42. Supersaf ma bro, I have noticed that your videos are considerably increasing in quality and you also probably have one of the cleanest sets. It used to be Dave2D but my man’s game went through the roof. Keep going bro! And hope to see you sometime in London.

  43. You should have asked him about his favorite Android.

  44. Another technocrat working for the establishment Oligarchs giving us the illusion of a meritocracy of opportunity.

  45. The audacity… It's just artificial intelligence. Apple acting like they invented it.

  46. Why is he wearing sunglass, when you are inside?

  47. What an awkward interview

  48. For a second I thought it was Riley from LMG with deepfake 😂
    Tim Cook can self fund Apple to keep the higher market share.

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