Amazing Products You NEED to try this gaming mouse!

Awesome Tips You NEED to try this gaming mouse!


In this Endgame Gear OP18K review we’ll take a look at the piece of string that’s attached to it! Why is it there? What is this mysterious artifact? And should you even consider buying a mouse that SHACKLES you to your PC???

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  1. 3950 op18k coming soon along with the xm8k and new xm2w4k and op1w4k end game gear is absolutely cooking this year

  2. Hotswap switches is neat. Wired, and the size and ambi shape is a pass. Performance I honestly couldn't care less at this point, the difference between most top spec mice has been imperceptible for a while now.

  3. I've been really wanting a new mouse since that new Logitech Lamparray sh*t f*cks up my pc. I hate how it's such a poorly documented thing and everything I find about it is "It showed up in a Windows/Logi Ghub update one day and randomly crashes in the background/triggers Valorant anti-cheat"

  4. i really would wish they make a version that fits bigger hands like 19 x 11
    it would be so perfect for me bc i love claw and with lighter switches i could even fingertip it

  5. Btw WL Mouse software takes up 1.7 MB of memory space

  6. if you can feel the 8khz please tell me cause everyone who tries it, cannot. you are dickriding some specs that you dont understand. it is cabled mouse, do not praise this like it is something special.

  7. There's no point in wireless mice in a fixed gaming desktop setup.
    Wireless mice have been introduced for portability, to be used along with a laptop.
    Good that more people are starting to look past that marketing crap.
    And if you "feel the wire", you have a mouse with a bad wire or you're not using a bungee correctly.

  8. I just got one yesterday, along with a pack of various switches and 100% PTFE feet.
    Very nice lightweight mouse and nicely basic programming software.
    My only two gripes with it is that you can't program multiple profiles and no multi-key macros.

  9. It’s a good mouse for sure but the wire is still too noticeable for me. Looking forward to them shipping wireless

  10. Insta subscribe after Al Gore Rhythms

  11. Sadly they don't export it to Brazil, I've been wanting to try these for a long time now

  12. please try the Vaxee Oryza mouse bungee with the op1 8k

  13. i have been maining this mouse ever since i got it. i was using the op1we before. honestly i think the xm2 8k would be a better fit for my handsize, so i'll probably move to that afterwards.

  14. I was using a Viper 8khz and tried was always a fan of the Zowie shape mice, decided to pull the trigger on the OP1 8k and have loved every minute of using it. The fact that you can swap out switches and even replace the cable with exposed screws sold me.

  15. Wow and swappable 😢with a 17$ price for the universal kit 😅 company's need to Make this universal

  16. I can't wait the xm2w 4k and op1w 4k…own an op18k, truly a high-quality mouse with amazing features!

  17. Thanks for making this! Been looking at this mouse for a while, finally gonna pull the trigger <3

  18. theyre releasing xm2w 4k and 8k after cancelling the xm2w wireless confirmed 😅

  19. Just my type of humour 10/10
    But NOPE to wired mice in 2024 no matter how good they are. Cant go back to it

  20. I own this as well as the Sora v2. The Sora is just better 😶 lighter wireless better shape and a better sensor. You could run it wired and have similar click latency as the OP1 8k

  21. which switch should i buy for my op1 8k if i want it for gaming and want the least force possible to press?

  22. man theres no way in hell im using a wired mouse again

  23. please also try to do a review on VXE R1 SE+ or the Pro versions of it.

  24. linus tech tips (real)

  25. Nice mouse but its wired

  26. Best mouse hands down for me anyway. Lightweight, great shape, top sensor and best feet. The cable is there but you don’t feel it when playing games

  27. You must be crazy to ask 80$ for a cabled mouse in 2024, adding the faster input in software is such a simple upgrade that will come to other options as soon as some people talk about it

  28. some of these features are cool but they don't offset the fact it's not wireless for me.

  29. No I don't

  30. Can u compare this to the NZXT Lift 2, for around 50 bucks it also has 8k polling, is only wired, lightweight and u get the point. It basically seems to be a cheaper version of the OP1

  31. i want my beard to graze yours and i dont even have a beard

  32. I have this and I love it! It took a day or two to get used to how small it is, my fingers were sore on day 1. However I love everything about the mouse now that I’ve used it for a while 😁

  33. cool mouse but I really can't with wired mouses

  34. no i dont

  35. I got to try this mouse and I have to agree, it's too narrow and small for some grip types. Everything else it is indeed quite good. Now Endgame Gear just needs to make a wireless ergo shape and have a proper scroll wheel that doesn't jump up and down when you scroll like on the XM2we and we're Gucci.

  36. This is my favourite mouse of this year so far as I have small hands, so the shape is just excellent for me. The only "downside" would be the cable but as I have a bungee I legit don't feel it at all and not having to worry about my battery draining in five seconds when constantly running 8khz is amazing ngl. That was what was annoying me on my previous wireless mice as I would just use them on 1khz because they would drain too quickly and the upside never seemed worth it to me. Coating is top notch, most responsive mouse ever and being able to put any mechanical switch on is awesome, considering I dislike how optical switches feel.

  37. i fckin love this mouse… gpx can suck a dick lol combined with monsgeek M1W-SP HE im fckin invincible

  38. $75 and 50 grams for a wired mouse in 2024? No thanks!

  39. you can change the mid and side buttons settings to (2). it'll feel flexi

  40. 2:24 clearly its pronouned HeNeCiHuKe

  41. Goated mouse, I can't stop using mine. Bought it as soon as it was avaliable in Australia, bought the hotswap pcb, GM 4.0s (my personal favourite switches), Jade dot skates, PXP grips and it's going to be my mouse until they make a wireless one that doesn't have optical switches.

  42. this mouse quickly became my main. every other mouse has gone in the box. highly recommended

  43. 3:25 why did it take so many years for someone to make these ffs

  44. Before I got a wireless mouse, I had 2x glorious O's, ducky feather and lastly xtrfy m4. ALL 4 WIRED. They all started having the exactly the same problem with the cable disconnecting within the first year. I don't know if it's because i didn't use bungee, but it was driving me insane. Then I discovered your channel and bought a darmoshark m3. It's only half a year now, but the hassle it eliminated with having to be mindful of the cable's positioning all the time is already worth it. It h That being said, 84$ for a wired mouse is ridiculous to me. I am thankful for your reviews of lesser known and cheaper brands as I would never buy a logitech gpro or anything similarly priced.

  45. Love your reviews, informative with a perfect amount of comedy 🔥 Keep it up!

  46. I just bought sora v2 hope i havent messed up

  47. All mice should be made this way, accept nothing less. Well played Endgame this time.

  48. Battery drains and wireless interference is one of the reasons I'm interested in giving up on the wireless DAV3 and go with the wired, also better coating. I've already tried the OP1 8k and unfortunately the shape wasn't for me.

  49. Wired best for me? Lol

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