Amazing Products TV I have 5 hours to fix the gaming mini van

Awesome Tips I have 5 hours to fix the gaming mini van

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Problem 1: My gaming minivan is completely broken and not a single game can be played. Problem 2: I promised my children that they’d be able to game during our road trip over the long weekend. Problem 3: The long weekend is in 5 hours, we’ve gotta get going.

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Intro: Laszlo – Supernova
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Outro: Approaching Nirvana – Sugar High
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Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0  
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 – My Problems
0:39 – War Thunder!
0:50 – Monitor Plan
2:40 – Power and assignments
3:53 – Display Power
7:24 – Interior disassembly, cable running
10:24 – Children with bench grinders and sharp knives
20:09 – Putting the car back together
24:12 – The End Result
25:01 – War Thunder!
25:49 – Outro

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  1. Seeing Linus be a dad and how very excited he is to teach them is just so frickin wholesome

  2. There's screen brackets on arms that attach to the seat brackets without drilling, you could place one in the back to hold a screen at eye level. They are similar to the screen arms that clamp to your desk, just heavier duty.
    You may have just violated NHTSA regulations in tampering with a safety critical component of your vehicle, the B pillar. You can't block your rear vision mirror either, you may fail a roadside inspection and be fined for driving an unroadworthy vehicle. You probably should get an engineer to look that over.

  3. 1:56 linus the answer to this is, thats what portable systems are for like a nintendo switch or steam deck for example.

  4. oldest kid is literally just linus with black hair

  5. I think Mac makes it a lot easier where it just works. I think doing multiple displays.

  6. You need to hire some car audio people so you can do some car audio tech and you need more hosts for the Apple channel so we get more videos and Beta videos and you guys also need an android channel that does betas and stuff

  7. Hope Linus kids sends a copyright to Linus for using their content.

  8. This does not look like a small problem than the computer in your home. This looks like a bigger problem with tiny spaces.


  10. A BMW enthusiasts 😂, of course it was Jake haha!

  11. 22:42 My video buffered right after he said that. Perfect timing I guess?

  12. Bro the fact that Linus' kids are already better than I am at this kind of thing 😭

  13. I am concerned by the possibility of an accident. The screens do not appear to be sufficiently well anchored to prevent them becoming dislodged in the event of an even quite moderate impact. Their location would seem to present a distinct possibility of facial injuries for the rear seat passengers.

  14. I can't use screens when in a car. Whenever the car changes speed or goes around a bend whilst I'm using a screen, it makes me feel nauseous. I like to just look out the window as the scenery goes by.

  15. It's all MSI's fault!

  16. 7:29 please note just because you disconnect the battery airbags can still go off

  17. Became zoidberg 😂😂😂 5:43

  18. Linus is best dad

  19. The RX6950XT has type c although I suppose that would have been a bit overkill But then again, it is supposed to be the ultimate gaming van

    For context, the particular gpu that has the type C is the blacked out reference card.

  20. Coolest part of the whole video.. the modern phone with an IR emitter. Really miss those on ALL the Samsung devices I've had the last ~10 years.

    Family's mind is blown at the Roku remote app on my phone.. and I'm like, "If you only knew..".

  21. 20:00 I'd add a 1 dollar angle adapter

  22. 9:48 the X570 alone gets so hot you can cook on.

  23. lol

  24. Hey Linus you should do a full review and analysis of all the different quantum cloud services there are like from Amazon and ibm because if those services are used right you can literally spawn item into real life via quantum teleportation of computer simulated objects and theres a bunch of other cool things you can do with quantum computing I wanted to get into these cloud services but they don't have any coverage nobody has uploaded videos on how to use them or a review of them or anything maybe you could do that and also help quantum cloud services get more publicity they could be big one day and help out society in ways that nobody can forsee

  25. Second computer when


  27. IMAGINE… 3 gamers 1 CPU, car edition

  28. Teaching children cable fishing techniques is top tier parenting. Great episode

  29. I feel like this was the perfect scenario for 3 Gamers 1 CPU

  30. 13:59 Alex, my favorite way to fish for cables is to use a 2m plastic folding ruler.

  31. The family build vids are always good fun. Nice seeing how much the kids like helping out. But it's probably good Linus got fixed. If he had another one now, it's first words would either be segue or sponsor.

  32. That monitor is illegal in every state and territory in the United States. You cannot block the rear view mirror.

  33. Linus’s kids look like if Linus and Yvonne had kids.

  34. I notice a couple of things here. 1. Linus has a pooch. 2. The kitty kats ask a lot of questions, which indicate that they’re smart; they must take after their mother.

  35. Justin is cool

  36. 🤍 This! Getting the little ones involved is awesome! My son already knows how to do some things around the car… NEXT lesson for him is how to change the break pads!!!!! THEN he can do them for me from now on! LOL!! !🤣

  37. alex trying so hard to get linus to recognize that its a lord of the rings reference lol. love it

  38. Why not new laptops

  39. Linus's son is getting reasonably mature, and he's clearly had enough strong parenting to do a good job. What a good kid.

  40. I would think nylon gloves would be idea for deburring/grinding— the same light/thin ones you would use when changing oil. Just enough to avoid a scrape, but any real pull and the plastic will rip away.

  41. NGL, i didnt expect that sponsor segue. Yall stepping the sponsor game up.

  42. Linus: Super rich. Also Linus: Has a mediocre oldish family minivan.

    This is why we all ❤ Linus, he's still an everyman man of the people, with a normal vehicle that 99% of his audience can afford (but also owns a Taycan too).

  43. A collab with a car youtube channel would be awesome! To build the ULTIMATE gaming van. (big time coff coff)

  44. Linus and fam, hope there will be no regrets including the kiddos – most 'fun' I've had watching an LTT video in a while

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