Amazing Products The Alienware AW3225QF Is The DREAM Gaming Monitor!

Awesome Tips The Alienware AW3225QF Is The DREAM Gaming Monitor!

Alienware AW3225QF vs Asus ROG PG32UCDM time! This 4K 240hz QD OLED monitor is perfect for an RTX 4090 and RTX 4080 gaming PC! Join PC Centric for the unboxing and initial review and test!
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Alienware AW3225QF
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Asus ROG PG32UCDM Monitor:

LG GS95UE Gaming Monitor:
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Aorus FO32U2P:

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🎮 My Personal PC Gaming Setup on Amazon Storefront:

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00:00 QD OLED 240HZ for LESS!
01:23 Unboxing Experience
04:30 Ports and I/O
10:11 HDR Calibration
11:50 HDR Testing With Cyberpunk 2077
16:03 Side By Side Reflectivity
18:27 Apex Legends Gameplay
21:17 Is It worth it?

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  1. Picked a refurbished aw3423dwf and replaced my 27 inch qhd nano ips monitor, the difference is insane

  2. Bought this monitor directly from Dell yesterday for 800 USD. Getting it in later today. Very excited, haven’t upgraded my monitor in 8 years.

  3. The dream monitor has a flat screen, a pair of built-in speakers for the on-the-go videos and gaming and a DP 2.1 port for a future proof GPU. Sorry, Dell.

  4. Im going to hold out until black friday for a good discount. Love the monitor

  5. no gsync dont its not dream monitor

  6. Still not available in Poland. Dell is useless sadly.

  7. The one downside for all QD-Oled monitors is they don't have true HDR 1000 only at 10% apl. A full white screen you get less than 200 nits. For SDR content, there's nothing better but not bright enough for HDR.

  8. Can u check out the 39inch ultrawide Asus woled monitor there are no reviews on YouTube

  9. Monitor is now on sale for $999 in Best Buy and Dell! Get it now!

  10. gaming in 4k lol

  11. Hope there is a non curve version

  12. Not have 3.5mm or optical ports is so dumb I cant believe they did that. But its aggressive right now in the USA for$800 so gonna return the MSI for this cant beat that pricepoint

  13. Can you only hook up audio through hdmi ? Can i do it with BT

  14. Nice monitor!!!

  15. i need an honest opinion. I am planning on building a pc next year. im currently playing console with a 49 inch on my desk that i built for my pc. the 49 inch is currently just too big and i was planning on buying the pc monitor first and use it for my console while i save up to buy the pc parts. i was thinking on buying one of these two. Or should should i wait and buy the monitor last since next year we might see better monitors or sales on these. thoughts?

  16. Owned this guy for a few months was a big splurge since my ips always hurt my eyes that they were so bright. Coming from multiple premium ips , led, etc and this is vastly superior picture and vastly reduced eye strain with clear text. All these are Samsung panels so they're all the same. Get flatt Matte or non curve whatever your pref. Just a tip, Turn off windows variable refresh any monitor above 144hZ and turn it on your graphics card software. Also, get a verified dp cable or hdmi 2 cable if amd 7900 series to reduce chance of screen flicker.

  17. I have this monitor – I don’t think ABL is enabled at all in SDR mode, I could be wrong though but I’ve never noticed the brightness level change like that (I keep hdr disabled in desktop mode)

  18. I was wondering if there is a way or method to have 2 displays, 1st display as in my case a standard TV to use for work use on the desktop i.e. word documents, excel etc (thus allowing me to work all day) and the 2nd Display to be an OLED monitor (the monitor he is showing in the video) just for watching movies and playing games (thus no burn in). Like having 2 monitors being used for different things.

  19. My video card would disappoint that monitor SO, SO much… 🫢

  20. Monitor review with a different monitor sponsor … you sir are living life on the wild side 😂😂😂

  21. Marcus why is your mouse mat upside down? more fps? lol 😂😂

  22. sometimes i wish someone would donate a PC to me sigh……………………………

  23. watching on my msi 321urx alan wake 2 looks crazy on this monitor you should do a review on this one

  24. I have this monitor and absolutely love it!

  25. Looks good but price is insane.

    Will stick with my Samsung 42” QLED tv. Getting 144hz out of it right now which is still more than what top end will give at ultra 4k settings.

  26. Ive had this monitor for a few months now and it's really incredible.

    Games look amazing on it and (so far) no burn in. I've paired it with a 4090 set up and it's a dream

  27. Is there a point of a 4k 240hz monitor?
    Only a 4090 can play 4k games over 120fps, max settings and it still wont get near 240hz.
    The 4090 wont even get over 200fps on a game like PUGB, which 7years old.

  28. way to expensive… since no gpu can do 240hz 4k – just buy discount LG 42 Oled C3 or C2 for $800 – $900 less…

  29. I hate curve monitor

  30. I have this monitor and love it. Never had the fan turn on ever. I run it in HDR dark mode tho. I can't handle the super brights the dark HDR is ideal for me

  31. not ultrawide🤮

  32. can they drop the price on oled´s already ???? This is insane ….

  33. The price in Australia went from 1550 to 1890 overnight. That's a 22% increase. I will not support corporations that contribute to the inflation crisis by price gouging.

  34. I was lucky to purchase this monitor from Amazon for 829£ ''Used as New'' condition but when arrive I did not spot a single defect/scratch. Really good monitor. Great colors, great responsive, great sharpness. Only ''whites'' are not as I would expect but this is possibly a nature of Oled panel. One thing I can complain so far is that I cannot update a firmware, even I used a cable provided by manufacturer.

    Ps. If You are moving from a good IPS 2k (approx 240hz) monitor do not expect a miracle. It will be better but not as good as expected, in my opinion.

  35. This or the aw3423dwf which is massively discounted at the moment. £630 ish on Amazon UK and from Dell.
    The 4K vs ultrawide dilemma

  36. any recomendations on budget 240hz 1440p monitors?

  37. I've had the same monitor for over a month and still can't get a grin off of my face every time i boot it up.

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