Amazing Products TV LG C1 OLED TV review: This is the high-end 2021 TV I recommend

Awesome Tips LG C1 OLED TV review: This is the high-end 2021 TV I recommend

With a world-beating picture, oodles of features and slim styling, the LG C1 remains the TV to beat.

See the LG OLED C1 Series in 55″ and other sizes here:
*CNET may get a commission from this offer.

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    • CNET
    • December 24, 2022

    See the LG OLED C1 Series in 55" and other sizes here: https://bit.ly/30TXHYv

    *CNET may get a commission from this offer.

  1. I just bought this TV on Amazon "Black Friday sale" at 52% off!
    I can't believe I got this amazing TV for 1,197.00!
    Bought it on my Amazon Visa for anther 10% back!
    My patience paid off big time. Boom!

  2. Oled looks great when they are new but after just 3 years of normal TV viewing, my LG 65E7P looks really bad with burn in and color shading. Don’t waste your money, better options out there.

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  4. very tempting.

  5. You can buy 2 of the 77 inch oleds for the same price as one 83 inch. Why is that?

  6. What size TV is in the video?

  7. What about the judder/stutter with 24p content?

  8. Just got mine yesterday (65") and it's pretty amazing. I had gotten a Samsung QLED a few months ago (Q7a 55") and this mops the floor with it. I really regret NOT getting the c1 55" instead. It would have been around $300 more, but well worth the price.

    There is one fairly big issue I've run into though, and that's playing 4K Blurays on the Series X. The video cuts out on them. Even on menus that have videos playing. You see the menus, but not the video. The only viable solution seems to require buying another UHD player, which sets me back another $200, so that's annoying. This is more of an Xbox thing than an LG thing – as the Xbox Bluray software is horrendous, but anyone buying this to play movies on an Xbox should be warned in advance.

    also, suggestions for turning your video into 10 bit doesn't work – disabling 24hz on the XB does work, but it also makes the video horribly choppy.

    • K C
    • December 24, 2022

    Great picture vs my 3 year old non-OLED LG 65” HDR with Dolby Vision, but… the stand and clearance is useless unless you like your soundbar covering the screen. My Yamaha soundbar Is over the picture by about 0.5” (it’s only slightly thicker than an Apple TV) – and the ARC HDMI cable, power and sub lead wrap around the wide stand, so you can still see them. My old one has space under the TV stand and more clearance. Clearance is just slightly less than my Apple TV’s height – so even that is covering the picture. Oh and the stand doesn’t come with install instructions. It’s purely guesswork (or searching YouTube). Stick it on the wall. That’s the only viable option for this. Or use the stand and stick it on a plank of wood… Crazy.

  9. Is this the 55 inch?

  10. It's good 55 inch TV watch from 7 feets ?

  11. How’s the sound quality on the C1? I don’t want to invest in a sound bar + surround sound after buying this! Atleast not immediately! Isn’t 40 watts inadequate?

  12. I just bought this and love it! I do use this through a Roku Ultra. Should I get rid of the ultra and just use the TV? Any pros and cons you can share?

  13. Is this a good tv for watching the Golden Girls?

  14. Finally got Xbox X so picked up 55 C1 at old model 2021 clearance. Pair with Apple 4K TV. Always check your channel for reviews

    • Jesse
    • December 24, 2022

    So happy mine was only $1,100 today 👍🏼

  15. Just got a 65 inch from best buy today for 1,100! I saved a lot of money

  16. 5 days left until I get my 55 inch one, 2022 sale price is down to £899 in the UK making it the best OLED screen you can get for the money.

    I actually only needed a 48 inch screen for my space, but the LGC1 48 is only £30 less, and the Gigabyte monitor with the same screen is stupidly priced at over £1000, and it only has 24 Gb HDMI ports as well as crap firmware and update support from the manufacturer.

    Sure I would have loved a new QD one, but they cost too much. I paid an extra £30 for installation, and £85 for 3 year accidental damage cover which the warranty doesn't cover.

  17. Is there a way you can turn off the "motion control" mode?

  18. Just got it for $1700 and grabbed the Best Buy 5 Year Warranty.

  19. "No other TV at this price comes close"? In my opinion the Sony A80J which has the near identical price and is significantly better with color, motion, brightness, upscaling and has way more settings.

  20. How did you get one with a lighter color in back?

  21. 120 fps and Ps5 hahahahaha

    • Benya
    • December 24, 2022

    what is the difference between LG 55" OLED55C9 and this?

  22. How about the Panasonic JZ2000. That has to be better right?

    • Rahul
    • December 24, 2022

    Does it have aux cable to connect to speakers

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