Amazing Products TV You need to install your PC fans like this!

Awesome Tips You need to install your PC fans like this!

Are your PC fans installed properly? From placement, airflow, air pressure, and fan speed, everything matters!

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    • ORBO
    • December 24, 2022

    i have only 2 fans, one for the cpu (apu) and one for the power supply LOL

  1. Phisics says oposite, higher the pressure -higher the temperature… Enough said!

  2. No wonder my pc is dusty

    But I guess my desk is negative pressure too because it's very dusty

    I like drawing in the dust

    I drew 3090 in dust

  3. I've heard a good tip somewhere: Faces Suck

  4. I'm a big fan of this channel! good content!

  5. Got a case that only ended up having 1 fan mounting (exhaust at the back)… Poor little Ryz 5500 used to run at 95 degrees under load. Ended up cutting out 2 more mounts on the side acrylic cover and slapped on two intakes…now she sits 65 degrees under load…GPU down by 10 aswell but surprisingly wasnt overheating anyways to begin with.

  6. negative one cleaner. in my experience.
    positive usualy build dust deposit in some place.

  7. That loop made zero sense.

  8. the perfect loop doesn't exhis-

  9. Information level: Expert

  10. Dude thank you for this, I’ve got a 5000d case and was wondering how my orientation should be lol

  11. Otherwise what? Otherwise what?!!!

  12. LOL… my PCs are at 0dB without Fans at all 👍

  13. Doesn't matter which way u install it, they either suck or push air, their is no wrong way to install unless u only use 1 screw but even then it's proven 1 screw holds a 180mm fan just fine

  14. Is equal pressure good?

  15. This was the least informative video ive seen in awhile

  16. get reverse fans so u can get the "nice" face as intake!

  17. Dude negative air pressure is better.

  18. I game on Nintendo switch. This is very helpful. Also what is 4K

    • Hii
    • December 24, 2022

    Other wise what, other wise what, OTHER WISE WHAT

  19. Otherwiisssse………. WHAT

  20. thats wrong, with overpressure you get worse temperatures.

  21. Everywhere I’ve seen says your top fans should be exhaust, so how am I supposed to have more intake fans if I don’t have a case with those side fans? Two of my front fans are on my water cooler radiator and only one is blowing in.

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