Amazing Products Highlights of MSIology: Ahead of the Curve June 2022 (4K) | MSI

Awesome Tips Highlights of MSIology: Ahead of the Curve June 2022 (4K) | MSI

MSI, a world leader in gaming hardware and innovative business solutions, announces the latest HX series laptops with 12th Gen Intel® HX series Processor today. The most awaited new series is equipped with the latest 12 gen Intel® HX series processors, up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 3080 Ti Laptop GPU, and MSI-exclusive thermal solutions, which boost performance to the extreme.

The whole new series is here. We’ll see you ahead of the curve!!
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00:00 Opening – Derek Chen
00:16 Linus Tech Tips First Impressions of Titan GT77
02:00 Titan GT Series, Titanic Power, King of the Laptop
02:17 Raider GE HX Series, A Gaming Monster
03:08 CreatorPro Series, Powerful Mobile Workstation
03:55 Closing – Derek Chen

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  1. Don't buy msi.

    The worst technical service on the market and the laptop will not last more than 2 years without breaking

  2. Your company's still operating in Russia and taxes are being paid to the Russian regime. How many more people have to die for you to stop hoping for a business as usual with Russia?

  3. Computers it's ⬆️⬇️💹♒ .Every serious things related to,it's work and innovation work.Sometimes it's very very very good important matters and there is the other part.Heaven you have to create it.
    And for gaming,for online gaming sometimes it's fun or very fun but sometimes you can easily be forced to smash "your" computer.And to play can easily turn into a big work.

    For geniuses like me it's all right,I can work endure and make everything having fun.
    Sometimes it can turn neutral.Me I create and make lot of stuffs with my computers.

  4. The MSI Raider GE77 is very very nice.It's not really everywhere yet only to purchase on internet.
    Now is not really the moment to buy for somes cause there is other important stuffs,and it's ➕ taxes and then we would have to buy all the rest of the system to make a 💻 system.
    Maybe preparing for next year there will be new releases at the same time to buy it at time or maybe this Raider would still be the one.
    I keep this in mind.

    Taxes would be so so 1000$,man the guy from the store make extra 1000$ and no problems for him.
    US could pay me the taxation for agreeing for society type of system then imposing itself in Canada.
    Well let's prepare to go make a fantastic work.
    Or he could make no taxes and a reduction of mo then 1000$ buying the laptop.
    How would he feel?
    We are paying laptops high engine $ machines.
    So we have intel processors and I'm a MSI raider.We can find solutions.

    Americain + Canadian from the rest of Canada(excepted Quebec province) kind of high vampire poison gave us lot more than time,patience to wait for the normal kind of life.
    I'll completely empty back some stores even stores fo women after I'll play hockey,before to restart to keep $ from all entries to buy the Raider computer.I'll keep $ from 1 entry only until and I already have cash that I've kept.

  5. I wound love see benchmark with " low spec " gt 77 with i7 and rtx 3070 vs GE77 with i9 and
    Rtx 3070.

  6. Titan 🤘🏼

  7. I'm just asking a cheap laptop like nitro 5 from Acer but it should be thin as MSIs GF 65 thin with better display with at least 99% sRGB,light charger,slightly big battery and better hinge. An i5 12thgen paired with RTX 3070 or 3070ti or 3080. I just want to spent 60% or above money for GPU, coz it may go obsolete faster than CPU. It should average durable but thin.

    • EDO
    • December 24, 2022

    Kapan masuk resmi Indonesia

  8. I first purchased a MSI Curved monitor in 2018. I had to go through the RMA process 2 times by late 2020, and now my 3rd monitor failed 6/10/22.

    I have a monitor that has been issued to me in a warranty repair. This is my third monitor I have had to get back because of issues with the displays.

    I have the issue of lines going across the screen on both the HDMI to my xbox and Display port to my PC.

    The pc picture shows the white screen and the top half is darker because of little lines across the screen.

    The xbox you can see the lines are thicker and take up more of the screen. You can see the lines on the top half.

    This is very frustrating to have paid $460 on a monitor and to have the issues continously happening. I even had to pay the shipping to have my monitor replaced.

    I am to the point where I want a refund for the monitor as I don't want to deal with display issues every year or two.
    When talking to customer service they won't do anything to help me and just say my monitor is out of warranty from my original purchase.

    Overall I received 3 monitors for my $460 and they have all been defective in less than 1.5 years. The first one was defective on delivery I only noticed when I had it in the basement and when it was cold there would be lines across the display and it would disappear 20 mins after warming up.

    Very disappointed never going to be an MSI customer again.

  9. Great specs and lots of innovation, however MSI really needs to focus on the design aspect. The Titan looks cheap, despite the specs. Alienware is still ahead when it comes to design.

  10. Hi MSI, interesting presentation, GJ
    How much is the BIG Fish cost?
    Full CPU+GPU power wattage 250 Watt

  11. Ohh this is stunning!!!!!!!!!!

  12. give me Mac speakers and take my money.
    weird that 3-4k $ machines have speakers worse than my 150$ phone

  13. Msi ge67hx 😍

  14. 😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩😍🤩

  15. Happy to see Linus here.

  16. Good luck and prosperity to your business.

  17. 懇請GT77能夠選擇高更新率螢幕
    身為一個玩家我認為更新率比畫質更重要,更新率的高低對遊戲的戰局影響很大,尤其是槍擊遊戲。其實這部電腦其他的配置在我心目中已經是完美,如果有2K240hz我想我會立即購買,最後希望能看見我的訴求因為我真的很想換一台高階的新電腦 。

  18. If you launch new AMD RYZEN 6000 series msi modern 14 Laptop then please add fingerprint sensor… 🙏

  19. Price and availability in 🇪🇺 for the GE77 ?? 🤔

  20. пушка вообще! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  21. I am rich

  22. I will this msi new laptop

  23. I really like titan but its price will probably be titanic.

  24. Ништяк ноутбук,взял бы парочку

  25. please give other screen options for GT77, i prefer a QHD 240Hz over UHD 120Hz..

  26. Titan is Back!!

  27. Oh man I'm in love with MSI

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