Amazing Products The SMOOTHEST and FASTEST Mouse Feet? Pulsar Superglide Review

Awesome Tips The SMOOTHEST and FASTEST Mouse Feet? Pulsar Superglide Review

Today we are looking at some feet, no, not those kind, the feet that are on the bottom of your mouse! We are checking out the Pulsar Superglides! A new set of feet from Pulsar hopefully aimed at kicking off a new trend. Will you loathe missing out on this new “glass” technology? Find out in todays review! Available on Amazon: (aff)

PULSAR Xlite Wireless Review:

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  1. the artisan Hein xxs mouse pad is really good to pair with super glides

  2. Same. It doesn't matter what makes it happen, the fact is, it sucks in the end. That being said, the oil from hands and forearms is the culprit imo. Glass is not oleophobic like PFTE and after I washed my completely muddy (i have sweaty hands) wugi 2 (hard smooth cloth pad) it came back its original form… Only to deteriorate again in a couple of days… And I'm not washing my pad every 2 days when I can tell it's slowing while using (inconsistent). Back to PTFE for good.

  3. I get a kick out of it when I see people using cloth pads (slow as molasses) and wanting a faster skate. Magical thinking .. How about a faster pad and a faster skate? Wow!

    I use an aluminum core PVC covered mouse pad (If you don't like that, try some other hard surface pad) .. It's already stupid fast adding the glass skates on there .. one sneeze and your mouse is in the next zip code.

  4. Have you tried it with hard plastic pads perhaps or other fabrics ? Like the razer strider/cordura yet?

  5. gotta use a hard pad. not half and half. literal plastic metal glass

  6. What the hell is going on with these feet… Some report the same issue as you, some have 0 issues

  7. Can you do a review on the LGG skates and I’d it muddy using the g pro superglides?

  8. So apparently the LGG glass skates don't have this issue, and neither do the new batches of the superglides (for example: the ones of the G Pro X Superlight)

    • Peeko
    • December 26, 2022

    Can confirm, it's a moisture thing. If you take a few drops of water on a cloth and wipe down your pad (And it really doesn't need much water, my pad didn't even feel damp when I did this) and don't give it time to dry, if you bring the mouse pad the glide comes back and is almost too fast. Seems like you need a harder/water proof pad like codura for them to be consistent? It's a shame most of the bigger reviewers didn't touch on this.

  9. Found these work really well with the Hien mousepad. I have little to no static friction but decent dynamic friction. Makes it super easy to move around but keeps a very high amount of control.

    For me Hien is too fast with PTFE skates

  10. Same experience. At first out of the box it feels smooth and glidey but after some time it gets muddy to the point my stock/tiger ice skates are faster and more glidey. I'm quite disappointed with this glass skates.

    • FLAKE
    • December 26, 2022

    glad I'm not the only one experiencing this … even got the paraspeed (cordura) and after 2 days static friction increased a lot

  11. bless me!

  12. i get the same experience as you on my Otsu. I've tried it out with a cordura pad (fantech mpc 450) and i see that gave me the most consistent results. However, it lacks the control i had with my otsu for the 1st 3days using the superglides out of the box. Hoping LGG skates coming soon dont have the same results

  13. What do you think are the best replacement feet for the normal G Pro?

    • Zombo
    • December 26, 2022

    hey man cool vibeo

    • coyo
    • December 26, 2022

    strea- reviewer bless me with a reply pls :3

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