Amazing Products TV Apple's New Encryption Changes Everything

Awesome Tips Apple's New Encryption Changes Everything

Advanced Data Protection is here, giving end-to-end encryption power to users to shield iCloud data from both cybercriminals and law enforcement. This move doesn’t just impact Apple users — its influence can spread across the tech landscape.

00:00 Intro
00:38 Advanced Data Protection
01:49 FBI Statement
03:07 Back in 2015
05:19 Call with security reporter
06:25 What’s next?

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  1. Can't trust your opinion if you trust a company like Apple.

  2. Dear fbi … how did you protect our citizens for ages before Apple was even a thought. Don’t be lazy.

  3. The government may not be able to get in, but, I am still not convinced that Amazon and Facebook won't be able to hack my accounts and usage to make money and guide my viewpoints. The resources they use make governments' capacity look pale and wan. (Look no further than twitter bringing the world's nations governmental communications to being on edge for an example of the systemic problem.) It is not a joke. At best I hope this privacy protection will be good until mid year although news of its integrity will continue for the next couple of years. As long as corporations have more protections than people there is little humans can do to remain safe long term.

  4. This is just another trick from apple to make this people want to hay everything " secure " in the icloud and if you have a lot stuff you will need to "buy" more storage. Ohh and it only works with "Icloud", making those people that have another cloud service SWITCH TO "Icloud"

  5. These privacy features don't apply to people using corporate iPhones or those with Microsoft's MDM intune installed. Be aware.

  6. this feature is not yet available at where I live. Yet I will 100% turn it on once I could!

  7. Gained a bit of respect when she mentioned RCS.

  8. Great signal to enemies of the state to buy Apple products, good for Apple. I wonder what happens after the next 9/11 if the authorities find out the terrorists have been using Apple products and cant get the data out? I hope that everyone will be proud of their dead countrymen rights to personal data protection…. If you don't have anything to hide there is nothing wrong with the status quo.

  9. If you are an absolute idiot completely drowning in an ocean of stupidity living in a space where reality never checks in then maybe just maybe the FBI doesn’t have a back door to your iCloud

  10. Great news. So the code is open source so that it is auditable?

    If not, then no, it's level of security is not verifiable and thus assumed to be untrusted.

    • G M
    • December 26, 2022

    Looks like Android users maybe be coming over to Apple if Google does not act fast.

  11. Bridget needs to have at least a dozen more kids – imagine a future world with 12 more grown up Bridgets? smart witty pretty and so incredibly fun!!!

  12. Hottest tech reviewer!

  13. 1000% the FBI has a backdoor

    • Bob
    • December 26, 2022

    If the Feds are upset, it's a good thing.

  14. I am SO SO SO SO SO fed up with the mountain of hyperbole that comes with all Apple news. Next Apple and the Apple fanboy community will claim that some new dongle that Apple forces you to buy (for only $500) changes human history now and forever….

  15. I cant tell if this is legit, or parody. I mean, the news is legit, but this lady smirking through the terms "killed by" and "terrorist" in reference to the 2015 FBI request was… distributing. I think you might be trying a little to hard to be funny, when you shouldn't be.

  16. With 16.2 my iPhone kept asking for my PW I'd input and it would say incorrect. Id reset it and move on. Day or two later adding an App and guess what asked for my PW I'd put in the new one from couple of days ago and guess what PW not recognized. This is a major bug and I'm now looking to move back to Android and probably shouldn't of changed few yrs. back.

    • Chris
    • December 26, 2022

    I get it…Apple provides products and services. How we choose to use them is not of their concern. Is it the manufacturers fault if I buy a baseball bat and bonk someone over the head? No. Society is always going to have its bad apples, but most of us are fairly decent and don’t need ”The Man” snooping in where they don’t belong.

  17. Ine criticism:saying "democracies" give citizens better data security is completes nonsense, misleading and dangerous if people believe it.

  18. Everyone should read the book called digital fortress. Essentially it’s based on the premise of the NSA pretending that they don’t have the ability to crack these complicated encryption schemes however they completely can they just pretend they can’t so that people feel safer.

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