New Nest Thermostat $129! Budget vs Premium

Awesome Tips New Nest Thermostat $129! Budget vs Premium

Smart thermostats keep getting less expensive, but which features are they skipping? I’ll compare the new Nest 2020 with the classic New 3rd gen and Ecobee, so you can figure out if budget or premium is the way to go.

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0:00 Intro
0:38 New Nest
1:57 Negatives
3:23 Set Up
3:50 Nest 3rd gen
5:27 Ecobee
6:42 Budget or premium
7:37 Have you seen the…?

Honeywell T9 review:
Nest temperature sensor review:
Nest 3rd gen vs Nest E:

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The End by EVA

Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver bought the Google Nest and Ecobee thermostats with our own money. Nest 3rd gen was sent years ago for a previous unbiased review. As always, our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced.

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  1. Mirror mirror on the wall… what’s the best smart thermostat of them all?

  2. Ecobee is pretty awesome! I highly recommend it.

  3. Great simple and short review. Thanks for the video!

  4. Great review!

  5. Great video thanks, I'm sure things have changed in 2 years. Questions if you don't mind me asking… Is there a way to get a smart thermostat that can turn my entire houses radiator heat on/off if any of my three floors are below/above a predetermined temperature.

  6. Nest is garbage and always will be. Ecobee much better.

  7. The thing looks like a cup of coffee on a saucer mounted to the wall.

  8. Do you know of a budget friendly thermostat that you can set a threshold and digitally lock it? I want to install in an Airbnb so the guest doesn’t go crazy turning it way too low or too high.

  9. Great video and great joke at end thanks!

    • GOD
    • December 23, 2022

    Visitors shouldn't be touching my thermostat in the first place

  10. Thank you, saved me time and money

  11. Thank you, very well done and I love your humor!

  12. I went with the budget 1 partly because I’m new to smart thermostat but also cause I got it on sale for $99

  13. I hate ecobee those are the worst

  14. I stopped using the Nest App for my 3rd Gen Nest, and just use the Google Home app instead. However if you wanted to change settings you'd still need the Nest App as the settings aren't accessible through Google Home. I use my desktop browser to make advanced changes, however.

  15. I agree the smart learning feature of Nest needs a disable feature. I hate fighting what it thinks I like vs telling it what I want. Don’t know how many times I’ve manually overrode what it was doing to have it switch back cause it’s what it thinks I want.

  16. I've been been using the Google Nest for my rental properties but Google is forcing me to use Google home rendering the Nest app useless in most cases (I can still use it for my home but not new rentals). Additionally, I cant share the thermostat with tenant unless they set up a gmail account. Their creative extortion and ruining the Nest app is infuriating as I loved the Nest and its app before Google F'd it up

    If you've figured out how to make the home app work well with Nest, I'd sure like to see a video review as Ive spent a ridiculous amount of time going in circles trying to get the Nest working via an app and/or Google Home and I'm ready to punch a puppy I'm so frustrated (and I LOVE puppies)

  17. How do you know if your Nest is 3rd gen?

  18. is there a microphone in the new Nest thermostat that uses the Google app? I hope NOT!!

    • Mike
    • December 23, 2022

    I found the ecobee app way too cumbersome to use, since I like having a held temperature always and using different sensors. If the nest app let you pick custom sensor schedules it would be perfect for me

  19. The base nest is perfect for every dad out there who doesn’t want guests to touch his thermostats

  20. I got the base nest for 89

  21. I just installed the Ecobee and also got two sensors. It’s so much better than the one I replaced (10 years old). So far,I really like it.

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