Eufy 2K Battery Doorbell with NO Subscriptions – too good to be true?

Awesome Tips Eufy 2K Battery Doorbell with NO Subscriptions – too good to be true?

Eufy’s new battery doorbell has some BIG benefits over Ring. There is a lot to like about this doorbell, but there are a few negatives you will want to know about as well.

The original Eufy wired doorbell’s 5-star Amazon reviews show it’s a good option for front porch monitoring without subscription fees. I will test if this battery version is as good as the wired Eufy doorbell, and also compare it with Ring.

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Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver was sent the Eufy Battery Doorbell for an unbiased review. Our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced. We have never been paid for any reviews.

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  1. Thanks for watching! If there's anything you want to see in the doorbell comparison video then let me know.

  2. what about that Euphy Marketing is lieing to everyone?
    There is a disconnect between what Euphy Advertises as local only (we do not store on cloud) and it gets stored without your permission for 24 hours.

  3. Your title was correct, it is too good to be true after they made you the product

  4. but if no one is in , cant they just rip it off and use it to put on there door 🥵

  5. U dint mention where is the video stored cloud local? What if someone steals or breaks the camera will they replace it ? No? What if they steal the doorbell will the footage be lost too? Yes… better mention these critical things next time that’s a 👎🏻 for u

  6. Fast forward two years, I have the AI enabled two camera Eufy at one location and it is AMAZING and I also have a Ring second edition in another location. Hands down, the Eufy is the superior product!

  7. I gave up on my Ring after 3 frustrating months. Completely missed alerts -no notification or video. Needed to reboot all devices every day just to get a few hours of good service, then it would alway go back to no alerts. Ring has issues with certain phones and wireless router systems. never was told that in my dozens of calls to Ring customer service. They did send 2, yes,2, warranty replacement and it was always the same. I gave up. Got the Eufy battery powered. Same wireless, same phone and doorbell in same location. It works. That is all I want. My location is not ideal so i set the motion sensitivity at the next to last sensitivity setting. Very few false alerts. Not saying Ring is a faulty product but it does have issues with certain devices.

  8. Thanks for the review and mentioning the fact that it won't work with smart things. Do you know if it works with any other Home automation software. Thanks again.

  9. You mist the most important feature instant alerts on your cell when you're not home

  10. I could never get my Logitech circle to work right and assuming was a power issue with wires going to doorbell outside so hoping this will fix issue

  11. How easy is it to get the footage off of the locally stored hub? Like, if I want to go back and review something older not on the phone?

  12. Does it use 5g internet

  13. Is arlo any good 👍 🤔

  14. I feel like I'm going crazy… but I bought this doorbell (thanks to this review!) but his custom motion detection 4:58 looks completely different from mine. I only get 3 boxes to create, and I can make custom shapes like this. Does anyone else have this problem??

  15. You can see battery percentage in settings, power.

  16. it is so easy

  17. Hi I have been watching the eufy wireless door system ,supposing I want to add additional cameras to the eufy system is that possible

  18. I just purchased and installed a Eufy Smart Security Lock, Ring Wireless Door bell and tried to connect all 3 with Alexa. No Joy! Do you have any suggestions? And yes, I called Alexa and Rufy Customers Service and they were unable to help.

    Jim Hummel
    Virginia Beach

  19. Is Eufy privacy based? Will never get a ring device because of the privacy issues

  20. Just got it, really love it. You can charge it faster with an iPad charger!

  21. Do I need the hub with this door bell or can I connect it to echo show 10 instead?

  22. The only real question anyone should ask when buying a video doorbell is: does it work without the internet?
    I'm so sick of my Ring going offline and not having video when I get an alert WHICH IS THE ENTIRE DAMN POINT!

    After using my Eufy for a few weeks I can say I like it SO much better than Ring. The video shows instantly instead of 10 to 20 seconds later. And now that Ring has raised the monthly fee to use their useless service the Eufy's subscription free system is even better.

  23. Great for privacy protection. RING is simply data mining.

  24. I went to a store to buy the Ring and the guy talked me out of it and recommend this instead. East to install and setup. Better camera (2K )than Ring (1080p), No subscription AND my original doorbell chime still works with this. I can add 11 cameras to this at no extra cost.

  25. The one I bought has a different inside module. It is smaller and plugs in. Not sure if it is a newer model or just a cheaper one.

  26. My ring doorbell says " I'm going to collect 3 x 3 dollars from you every month for the rest of your life.

  27. I like eufy products. Adding a eufy doorbell 2K soon.

  28. I have the Eufy Battery Door Bell hard-wired and this last winter it would not work due to the -10 and temps at the time FYI.

  29. It's 5/22 and I see this comparison was 2/20… What's the latest update? I'm looking to buy ASAP. THX!

  30. I’ve just invested in Eufy cameras and door bell. It’s great, so easy to set up and add devices and I can keep an eye on my fur babies and talk to them.

  31. Don't buy, resent update now forces and ad on you when somebody rings the door bell, by the time you skip the ad you have missed who is ringing.

  32. Eufy sounds goofy😁😁

  33. Thanks for the informative review. When the doorbell is pressed do you get a distinctive "ding-dong" sound on your mobile (iPhone) or just a standard notification? I have the current model doorbell and I only get a standard notification and so miss pretty much every bell press. 

    My mate has a Ring doorbell and when its pressed he gets a clear and distinctive "ding-dong" on his phone. Albeit he pays a subscription it appears the better system?

  34. i have eufy security cameras, i have 3 and about to get a door bell

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