iPhone SE 3 – But WHY? 🤔 #Shorts

Awesome Tips iPhone SE 3 – But WHY? 🤔 #Shorts

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The iPhone SE 3 (2022) is Apple’s most affordable iPhone with a 4.7 inch LCD Display, powered by the Apple A15 Bionic Chip, with iOS 15, 12MP Camera with new ISP, Home Button with TouchID, 5G, available in Midnight, Starlight and Product RED and Price starts from £419/$429.

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  1. Did somebody say Shorts? 😎 https://www.youtube.com/SuperSafShorts

  2. It’s classic design. Prolly it’s not for everyone in this particular generation, where people are spending most of time with there phones in a day, but this is the phon which kinda nostalgic to me small won’t took a lot to handle, llight weight, you wouldn’t even fell anything in your pocket. just like old good days. it’s not all about price but the old design, and that home button has an another feel to it ❤️.

  3. I mean I have. an iPhone X and I was in the Apple Store one day and literally fell in love with the SE I love the design but I will save for a few months to buy it myself I’ll buy maybe after Christmas i just love the iPhone 6-7-8 but can someone say if it’s worth it by having it? Because I’m thinking about saving longer for a 14 pro max

  4. People are complaining about the iPhone se 3rd gen. It’s not that bad it’s a really good phone just spend a little time with it and you’ll think the screen is perfect size and for the people who just want a basic and simple design but has the lastest tech plus affordable too, iPhone se 3 is also good for gaming

  5. It has the same design as the iphone se 2020
    Which has the same design as the iphone 8
    Which has the same design as the iphone 7
    Which has the same design as the iphone 6s
    Which has the same design as the iphone 6

  6. Me watching this on an iPhone SE 2020 like: 👁👄👁 wut-

  7. My grandma can't wait For A15 to shot 4k and play genshin impact 🫡🫡🫡

  8. Here’s why: the price. Who cares about the “Low Resolution” or “Huge Bezels” it has the best smartphone chip, has 5G, has iOS, and costs half the amount of overpriced other iPhones. It’s a great phone and it doesn’t deserve all the hate.

  9. I don’t care about the way it looks. I don’t care abt getting the best more expensive iPhone. I just want the SE3 because it’s smaller in the hand cause I’m 13…but I don’t really take pictures besides on Snapchat. But I would most definitely get the SE3

  10. Saf could've literally used an iPhone 8 and told us it was the leaked SE4.😅👍🏻

  11. Latest PWM free iPhone

  12. It seems basically everyone in this comment section is out of touch with the nature of this phone. Of course your grandmas not gonna use the A15, but that A15 is going to keep the phone speedy and updated with iOS updates for at least half a decade. From a tech perspective, it’s a horrible little thing but for people who just want more of the same – the home button, Touch ID – this is pretty much the only option out there in 2022. It’s not targeted towards us tech nerds – although as someone who considers himself a tech nerd, I switched to the 2020 version and I’m actually enjoying it – it just works and I don’t think I’ll upgrade anytime soon 🙂

  13. This supersuf !
    Not supersuf short ! 🥲🥲😂😂

  14. I like it

  15. I hope the sales tank. What a shitty product. That chip powering a 720p 60hz LCD panel from 10 years ago, a design that remembers the iPhone 6, battery life that a pair of Duracell AA can outperform and to top it all off 64 gb of storage without the ability to install micro SD. If that isn't a spit in the face of Apple users, I don't know what is

  16. Just money grab by apple lol. My grandma couldn't care less about an a15. What is more important is battery life and maybe a better screen. They could have done loads of things better without changing form size.

  17. Should I upgrade from iPhone 7 Plus 32gb 84% battery health(after using 2 years 2 month 1 day)to iPhone se 3 64gb? Please sr reply

  18. It is better to buy samsung phone at this price.

  19. You will Mention : Paid Promotion By Apple

  20. That iphone is apple sick joke and i think apple made fun of us when they launched it

  21. I just can't see myself paying $400 for a 64gb phone….yes you can up the storage but then you mine as well just buy a regular iPhone at that point haha

  22. Different chip, same old shit.

  23. Hey saf pls do a supersaf style camera test with other phones pls pls pls pls

  24. Iphone se 2022 is not worth the money

  25. Like the 5g isn’t that much better

  26. Just get an se 2 for half the price

  27. I ordered the midnight blue se on the 19th. Im trying to see if i like iphone and i didnt want to buy a new iphone and find out i dont like iphone. so i figured id get the se snd go from there

  28. This is an insult to all of rational human beings. WAY Better iPhones at refurbished condition at even lower prices.

  29. Only for money 😂 se 2nd gen those are not sold yet then best way to resale it

  30. it would be great for who love to use apple but cant afford flagship. But for me, i wont buy this because I prefer large screen . I play moba games 😂

  31. $400 is enough for a better Samsung

  32. Good short video sir

  33. Big mistake ! They should have made it with the iPhone XR chassis… 🤦
    People who want small iPhones shall take the iPhone 12 / 13 Mini 😉

  34. This is for kids

    • Ka Yo
    • December 23, 2022

    Apple just marketing another way to steal money from the Apple fan boys.

    • L B
    • December 23, 2022

    Hmmm.. turn it into a apple tv and connect it to your 4k oled Qled whatever tv

  35. Did he say for grandma 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😅😅😅😅😅😅

  36. laughs in iPhone 13 Pro Max that looks like an iPod touch

  37. One of the nastiest thing

  38. So what the camera is impressive ? On such a small and low resolution screen you wont notice a difference between this and iPhone 8 photos

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