Amazing Products DIY Custom Drink Coasters!

Awesome Tips DIY Custom Drink Coasters!

Tired of boring drink coasters? Let’s design our own with just a few simple supplies. You will need a picture, some tiles, mod podge, felt and a brush!
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Full Instructions:
To pull this off we need a few basic items… a cutting board or scissors… Some mod lodge glue and sealant. a brush, some ceramic tiles and some felt.

If you want a custom design print out a couple color pictures but leave enough room for about 4 and a half inches each. A standard piece of paper can hold a couple of these.

We are using a standard 4×4 ceramic tile. These can be purchased at the hardware store for about 18 cents each!

Print out your design and lets cut it up! You want to make a square that is 4 and 1/8th inches on all sides.

Once you cut it up place it on the tile to make sure the measurements were correct. You want a little bit of white as a border.

Now grab some mod lodge and apply a thin coat directly on to the tile. In a pinch you could use elmers glue but the top layer will not be as clean and good looking.

At this point it’s good to mention that you don’t have to print anything, you can cut logos or pictures out of a magazine or old book to make your awesome coasters however you want… just follow the same process as before.

Once the image is centered and secured into place. Apply a first top coat to the picture. Go slowly and steady here to avoid bubbles in the paper. Make a nice thin and straight layer and then give it at least 10 minutes to dry.

After you have applied about 3 layers, you should have a nice water proof and flush looking coaster. It’s time to pad the bottom with felt to finish up the project.

Get your felt out which can be purchased at any art store and cut it to the same size at the paper… That’s 4 1/8 inches on all sides. Now apply another thin layer of mod lodge or glue to the bottom and carefully place the felt into position.

And that’s it! Once this process is completed, let everything dry for about an hour and they are ready for use! These things make great gifts for anyone.

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  1. That's a whole lot of commy propaganda…. parasite!

  2. Did you use photo paper?

  3. Winces in Book-lover. Still a good idea, just…don't destroy books. 🙁

    • D W
    • July 1, 2023

    Very awesome!

  4. Hi. I like your tiles. I was wondering if you could tell me the water resistance level of these is using the mod podge?

  5. Nice 👍 and I am more than happy you mentioned felt instead of cork which most videos tell people I have had nothing but bad experience with cork For one I trusted buying cork sheet from a reputable craft store such as ac more and I had two problems with it For one it breaks apart after you cut it Two it looks terrible Cork not only makes the coaster too thick even being the thin sheet type but it is also very ugly to look at especially when you spend a lot of time mastering a project So yes I give your video thumbs up 👍 for mentioning felt Thank you

  6. 1:48 Why Vladimir Penin?

  7. 1:43 Why Stalin Coaster?

  8. whats the name of that book you're taking pictures from

  9. what kind of printer should I use? after researching, i found that ink jet printers don't play well with mod podge lol the colors bleed immediately.

  10. Will it work with Fabric? I have an old tee that was signed and want to keep it.

  11. Burnie Sanders needs that one with Stalin.

  12. oh, man, I'm almost a year late…

  13. I WANT THOSE SOVIET COASTERS! Well, no Stalin, just the Lenin one. Dope video

  14. did you use a special type of papier to print, it seams shinny

  15. Nice work. Htf did this comment section become a history lesson?? lol

  16. when i saw this title my mind went "DOCTOR WHO COASTERS!!"

  17. I want them please

  18. I made the coasters and they worked but these coasters or photo coasters are for cold drinks only .. not hot drinks like coffee or tea otherwise they will leave a mark !!! .. So do you have any ideas if I want to use them for hot drinks .. what to do to protect the coasters from damage ??? Please .

  19. it's not give, it's gif

  20. lets video chart

  21. Its grrrate!

  22. Is the Giveaway already closed?

  23. Made some this weekend for Mother's Day and when you use them and the cup is wet the mod podge becomes wet again. Any thoughts?

  24. now do you have to use ceramic tiles or you get something else

  25. Nifty! I haven't even thought of decoupage since I was a kid. I just checked, and you can even get round ceramic tiles for this if you want.

  26. Wait a minute! At 0:31 did he say 18 CENTS each or am I deaf?!

  27. I want to try this, but I almost don't trust that the mod podge will make it waterproof. Do you have any other tips for how to apply it thoroughly?

  28. Too bad I didn't win one of your coasters. I really like the idea.
    Could you please specify what type of Mod Podge this is.  I've seen several different types and complaints about it not being what they thought.  I don't want to buy the wrong thing by trial and error.  Thanks
    Oh, and your felt looks like it has a backing. Did you purchase it that way? it is more rigid than felt I have.

  29. Why dont u give à bottle of that stuff away 🙂 much people cant get it in their country like me :p

  30. You can find felt at your local Michael's for about 38¢ per sheet and they're the size of a piece of printer paper. I'm not sure if that's the price but trust me they're CHEAP!

    Whenever I make just a little bit of money I'm going to whip out my old camcorder and make some videos! 😀

  31. love the Star Trek ships by the printer!

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