Amazing Products TV Google Home Automations are now 100x BETTER!

Awesome Tips Google Home Automations are now 100x BETTER!

I set up home automation ideas using ONLY Google’s new script editor. Let’s see what I can do!

Pixel Tablet:
Nest Hub 7″ 2nd gen:
Nest Hub Max:
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Google Script editor:
Google Script editor examples:
Intro to the Google Script editor:
Create a Google Script walk through:
How I use Google Pixel Tablet as a dashboard:
Alexa vs Siri vs Google:

My smart home favorites:

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0:00 Intro
0:19 Warning light
1:12 Motion off disable
2:37 All in one!
3:27 Air circulation
4:04 Package reminder
4:52 Pause TV
5:25 Sync all lights
6:00 Vacuum right time
6:51 Script editor shortcomings
7:42 Yet another assistant battle


The Author Never Dies by Nihilore
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (vocal) by The Green Orbs
The End by EVA

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  1. The real question is: will this make any of you switch to Google, or do you think they will just kill this off? 🤔

  2. Also so many of us are using myq which also doesn't work with google home! Desperately need something to remind me to shut the garage door. Forgot way too many times recently and the rain was heavy 😭

  3. patiently waiting for a way to remind me to put the laundry in the dryer if its been a few hours. I'm using google home so haven't been able to use motion yet (was looking into eve, I think it's finally supported?)

  4. One thing still lacking is prompt-based automations that Alexa's hass integration provides. Echo can ask things like 'would you like the cinema mode to be activated?' Still waiting for Google to take actions from a response. I'm having both G-Minis and Echos everywhere just for that. 🙁

  5. They're not, it still can't recognize which Google nest is spoken to and which has to respond, glitch known for 12 years now

  6. Love the assistant wars in your videos. They just top off a great video.

  7. Can it welcome me home broadcast ("Welcome Home") when my phone connects to the WiFi?

  8. Hi
    today i bought a new fan with different modes and a remote control and i wanted to ask if i can build something myself (maybe some kind of new smart remote?) so i can control it with my alexa and add it in automations

  9. Wow I'm part of the preview program and I just found out today this was already available. Thank you. I'll start coding now

  10. as for the trigger? can we use sensors?

  11. You just have my dream home, love it! Maybe one day…

  12. Damn, I've been waiting for something like this since I first started on my Google Home.

  13. Sounds like Google is acatchign up to Home Assistant automations. The multiple automations in one, liek the "choose" action in HA, sounds like a great thing. This is something a lot of people would have been waiting for, especially those who like to tinker a little bit.
    Is the script editor in Google using a YAML style language? It looks very similar to YAML in Home Assistant from the few screens I saw in the video.

  14. I just don't like cloud stuff to run the house. Like that guy who got accused of being a racist by a driver with apparent hearing issues… and Amazon killed his entire account. There has to be a pretty strong reason for me to even consider cloud crap that I don't control (I run my own Nextcloud instance for my storage and web apps, even.)

  15. Your a legend i love the info and the funny antics 😂😂😂you make my day😅

  16. How did you get it to run an automation when someone comes home? What I set up was "when the door is opened, and nobody is home, turn on the entry light." But if you take too long to come inside, and your status changes before you open the door, the automation doesn't run. How did you get around that?

  17. Schedules never work for us but I love the ceiling fan automation and the package reminder!

  18. Is this Google (Home Assistant Edition) 😊

  19. When flashing the lights is there a restore to the previous state function?

  20. It's great that they are heading in the right direction but are still lightyears behind other systems, EG HA.


  22. Now only if google would automate displaying the doorbell feed on Chromecasts when someone rings the bell.

  23. Home assistant many times more powerful already

  24. I was hoping you'd make a video about this. After doing several azure pipeline stuff for work with yaml files I was pretty happy they added this. Though I agree it's currently a lot of manually searching or guess-and-check the functionality.

    I'm currently trying to work around the fact that the Roborock S7 doesn't have "routines" like the newer Q and MaxV lines. I was hoping this would add looping to enable polling-based scripting of rooms 1-2, empty bin, rooms, 3-4, empty, etc. There's also not much for the Roborock Google API minus the voice commands. Any suggestions for controlling Roborock beyond the basic Start/stop?

  25. Could you possibly ask chat GPT to make these automations for you? And paste the script….

  26. I'm still on Amazon for simplicity (and spousal approval), but I'm clearly shooting myself in the foot with my stubbornness. I still have a bunch of IKEA products I was told were Zigbee compatible that my Echo 4th Gen refuses to see. I'd toss the whole Amazon ecosystem but I have a ton invested in Ring security and we trigger off those sensors all the time.
    Any suggestions on getting these Tradfri devices working with Echos or do I need to add a third-party ecosystem?

  27. Looks like google script editor doesn't support virtual switches yet? That's a little disappointing since you could use a virtual switch instead of toggling a light on or off to "hold" a state of visitor mode for example.

  28. I will still continue to do all my automations on my Hubitat.

  29. you could have done all that using home assistant with node red if I am not mistaken.

  30. If I want to learn how to work with these scripts, what programming language do I need to learn? I’ve been wanting to take a coding boot camp, this is just the nudge I needed

  31. Is this kinda like rule machine in Hubitat?

  32. I knew Google would do it. I've only raised 4 children in the time it has taken them to catch up but it's great to see them finally progressing!

  33. always have google over alexa, just like it better.

  34. Homey pro is way better and easier to use with their Advanced Workflows

  35. Now the only thing missing is that WLED integration into Google Home. That would be perfekt😍

    • Mtm
    • July 16, 2023

    Laughs in Siri Shortcuts… the hidden factor that makes Apple Home super powerful

  36. Q: Is it possible to "lock" a smart powerbar from ever being accidentally turned off by Google commands or routines? I like to control the individual outlets on it but sometimes it seems the entire powerbar gets shut down. "Locking" the powerbar as a unit from turning off, if doable, would prevent this from happening. Can this be scripted?

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