Amazing Products Scientific Tuesdays – Freeze Water on Command!

Awesome Tips Scientific Tuesdays – Freeze Water on Command!

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Supercooling water will let you keep water in it’s liquid form below 32 degrees F / 0 Degrees C. The only way to pull it off is to use very, very pure water. I suggest distilled water or purified water than has been filtered via reverse osmosis. This will make sure you removed all of the impurities and minerals from the water and keep it from freezing over prematurely. .
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  1. The term for this condition is called supercritical.

  2. What if you put your finger in it? Would it freeze around it?

  3. what if you drink it?

  4. I have an idea. Let's see what happens when YOU drink acid :D. Only you. No test subjects. No bugs. No animals. No fakes.

  5. I thought salt melts ice

  6. what happens if you splash it somewhere

  7. does this mean that you can freeze your finger in the ice

  8. is it hard like it can't break

  9. Using freezes water to make freezes water lol

  10. i just noticed the quality of his video

  11. u should put your finger in it to freeze your finger inside it

  12. Caught the ice-9 reference. Gave me a chill.

  13. So let me get this right, you have a lot of ice wich you render to unusable crap with salt then you waist some time making a smal amount of usable ice?

  14. This is way better than putting a bottle in the freezer for hours!

  15. whai kind of liquid canyou tellme

  16. 2:27 yeah because someone will mention that to me at some point.

  17. what would happen if i stick my finger in it as it freezes

  18. This is good vido

  19. Kden

  20. what happens if you were to drink it than swallow a peice of ice

  21. Can you use normal water


  23. We put our bottle waters in the freezer and can tell just when to take them out so that we can tap them and do the same thing. Makes a nice slush.

  24. hey can you get water over its boiling point with out it boiling

  25. I tried this and my little brother taught that I was Elsa and start buggin' me to give her my powers for almost a month

  26. Dont drink it XD

  27. I wonder if you pour it on your skin mabye it will freeze it?

  28. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  29. This is the best for a Frozen Live Action movie.

  30. I guess u could say this a bit sALty

  31. Can you eat it.

  32. stick ur finger in it then the icecube 😀 XD


  34. i do this with water bottles in the freezer and i drink it is like snow it is really good

  35. what would happen if you stuck your finger in the water?

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