Amazing Products TV Homey Pro is how Home Automation SHOULD be! Well, mostly…

Awesome Tips Homey Pro is how Home Automation SHOULD be! Well, mostly…

The Homey Pro smart home hub has incredible options for home automation, BUT there are also some limitations to know about!

Homey Pro smart home hub:
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0:00 Intro
0:20 Hardware
1:43 App
2:42 Automations
4:42 Connecting devices
5:56 Homey Pro apps
6:31 Should you get it?
7:12 Yikes!


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  1. Are you switching to the Homey Pro smart home hub, or keeping what you already have? 🤔

  2. i think you really should stop getting money from manufacturer

  3. I have run both Homey Pro (the ball) and Home Assistant. Both have its pros and cons, so it’s impossible to just have one.

    The good with homey:
    Works better with Aqara devices than HA
    Connects to a lot of things
    Easier to use

    The bad with Homey:
    No dashboards
    No template sensors (that I know of, please correct me with a solution)
    No good energy dashboard. The one that exists hasn’t been updated since 2021 and isn’t very good.

  4. Can I disable the WFi?
    Why doesn't it have LoRa?

  5. It seems really diluted to me. I guess I have… Homey apathy.
    I'll see myself out.

  6. @smarthomesolver How are you using this in your environment? I am running home assistant for my automations but i have devices sent out to homekit through home assistants homekit bridge so i can use siri to control stuff, if need be, same with amazon but all automations are done in home assistant. This looks cool and i like the flows as i can't seem to figure out node red but i was curious how you plan to use it with your setup.

  7. I've been looking at the Homey Pro for when I start my smart house conversion.

    Please tell me you're making a series of flows and automations, as well as recommended accessories for the Homey Pro.

  8. Nice video Reid. Sticking with Smartthings for now!

  9. How does Homey Pro compare to Home Assistant as far as the power of the automations and reliability?
    You can add ZWave to the Home Assistant Yellow, as well as WiFi and the like, but yeah, the default box doesn't come with it. I am more interested in how the automations work though, and how easy they are to set up.

  10. Thanks, Reed. That is a steep price point but it does seem to be cutting edge in user-friendliness, so I'll definitely be taking a closer look.

  11. I have one. It's my first automation hub and I'm happy with it. Very easy to use, Advanced Flows are great. I do have some issues with WiFi reliability but they're working on that and ethernet seems to work fine for others.

  12. For 400 USD i'll KEEP what i have think you very much no way no how will i EVER go back to a proprietary hub and definitely not at that price.

  13. $400 for a hub? No thank you.

  14. Interesting product.

    Having Homey do the Flows/Automations would be great. But for day to day use I would want to (forgive me YT) use the Apple Home app

  15. I've had this several years and love. Now using the latest Homey Pro 2023, and it is awesome and can't really be compared to the older models…
    You mentioned there are no substitutions… Thats wrong! You need one very important subscription: The automatic daily backup!! Thats important, when you have built a lot of great flows and your personal settings, it must be backed up 😉

  16. 6:34 😂 I dont care if this hub can transform and cook me dinner at night. For that price they can keep it.

  17. I'm sorry, I don't care HOW good it is. That name…. <shudder> Having to tell anyone I had a "Homey" Pro in my house? Not gonna happen.

  18. If I get this hub, will I still need a Lutron and Hue hub?

  19. 0:19 – I reckon I can do that rubik’s cube no problem.

  20. Don’t bay the homeypro before you read forum on the homey can’t add zwave

  21. 400.00😂 NOPE

    • Rob
    • September 17, 2023

    Tried the app, connected it to my Hue lights. Yawn.. The app is not easy to use, like where are my rooms / groups whatever they are called in Hue? I looked and looked and it was not obvious. The flows initially seemed to make sense but then got confusing. Gave it a chance but no i'll pass.

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