Amazing Products TV Why Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Is a Big Deal #shorts

Awesome Tips Why Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Is a Big Deal #shorts

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  1. This technology is a dead end. It will take decades to develop according to the authors of the research. That is another way of saying no idea. This tech is not scalable, and extremely expensive. It is not producing net electricity either, just energy. And btw, fusion still creates nuclear waste, just not long lived nuclear waste.. neutrons still make the containment vessel radioactive.

  2. If nuclear fusion is the holy grail of energy, conciousness is the 🍷 wine.

  3. How will the govt capitalize on this. They will find a way those jerks

    • magym
    • December 23, 2022

    This is not a scientific breakthrough but a major deception! Gov't scientists also deceive to get more funding for worthless money pit experiments that will not never achieve their stated goal of net gain. Watch Youtube Anton Petrov “Was there a major Breakthrough in fusion” and Sabine Hossenfelder “How close is nuclear fusion power? Total Energy means all the energy required to perform the experiment. ie; vacuum pumps, laser power, cryogenic systems, etc That's what matters! Q total= Total Energy out/Total Energy in. Q total > 1 is net energy gain. Q total < 1 is net energy loss. iter total energy in 440MW. iter total energy out = 500MW of heat. 50% lose converting this heat to usable energy = 250MW Total Energy out. iter Q Total 250MW/ 440MW = 0.57 is net energy loss! iter = scientific Ponzi scam. This is worse than Theranos!
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    Total energy in to run this experiment 300MJ
    Total Energy out 3.15MJ. 50% lose converting this heat to usable energy = 1.575 Total Energy out
    QTotal = 1.575/300= 0.005 major energy loss!
    Billions of dollars spent on one experiment to prove that it requires more energy in then they got out! Total waste of taxpayers money for one experiment to prove something they knew already!
    Fusion scam folks!

  4. Way overdue

  5. I'm curious 🤔 as to how much can the sun take from us drawing from it. Also can whatvwe do be pulling it closer to us. Also constantly pushing holes through to space & return. Just curious 🤔.

  6. We have to hold back some of what the Americans say! Besides, it is a laboratory for the development of nuclear weapons. What Americans want is to destroy the earth and the people on it, not to generate electricity.

  7. Chemotherapy…?
    Best wishes…!

  8. Decades ? More like never… or they will massively over price it

  9. Hey! Wasn't Fission supposed to meet all the wolds energy needs too?

  10. Ya i don't listen to Muslims go worship Mohamed

    • LAM
    • December 23, 2022

    Such an intelligent, well educated scientist… I just don’t fully get the hijab.
    The hijab certainly makes sense as a practical time saver that gets around the chore of conforming to hairstyling standards imposed on women.
    Whatever though… “to each her own” or chaqun à son goût ! … and yes, may fusion energy one day actually elevate the human condition, as well as enable the survival of other species.

  11. To clarify, this is only technically a net positive reaction. The technicality comes from the fact that the fusion reaction released more energy than the sum of the energy of the lasers that were fired into the fuel canister. However, this discounts the energy required to fire the lasers. In order to make this process anywhere near feasible, we would need to have significantly more efficient lasers. The amount of energy they put into the entire system is still much larger than the net energy produced from the reaction.

  12. Clean Energy in which small mistake could lead to global catastrophe, like what happened on Chornobyl. 😮😮😮😮

  13. This is progress? Next tell me getting a frog to jump 10 feet gets us closer to frogs jumping into orbit. (It’s more believable)

    • Leon
    • December 23, 2022

    Isn't fusion against sharia law ?

  14. Maybe then we can finally solve the water problem. It takes a lot of power for water desalination in areas like California. With enough power, it could be a lot easier.

  15. You people share good knowledgeable information. 👌

  16. it was unbelievable that a person can believe in Nuclear Fusion, and pig is non edible, a person can stop the moon moving, and travel to and from mecca & Jerusalem in one night, and women is less intelligent, at the same time.

  17. If you thought nuclear energy was dangerous, this is off the charts. Can we? Probably. Should we? No

  18. Whoo! Another Breakthrough! See you in 50 years when we're still talking about breakthroughs!

  19. Could you power a spaceship with one of theses.

  20. This is good news! The bad news is the video orientation. Makes it look like we are looking at video through a slit or window. Not so bright!

  21. slowly transitioning to fallout's universe

  22. Guess who will delay or kill this project….

    • Moe K
    • December 23, 2022

    Beautiful hijab

  23. Now, if we only had a breakthrough in video orientation…..

  24. This is what Dr. Octopus was trying to achieve in Spiderman 2! “The power of the sun in the palm of my hand”. Scientists were actually able to achieve it! What was thought of as fiction is now reality! 😁

  25. Love how say clean energy ow the waste don't count

  26. who is she

  27. One step closer to Mr Fusion from Back To The Future. I’ve been waiting to power my flying car with banana peels and egg shells for too long!

  28. How long before this is the power source on military equipment? Aircraft carriers and submarines?

    I imagine it’ll get used by the military before it’s used in a neighborhood to power your refrigerator.

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