Amazing Products TV Samsung Galaxy S20 FE UNBOXING

Awesome Tips Samsung Galaxy S20 FE UNBOXING

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition), Unboxing, First Look and Hands-on Impressions.
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The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (Fan Edition) features a 6.5” FHD+ 120Hz SuperAMOLED Display, Triple camera (12MP Primary, 12MP Ultra wide, 8MP Telephoto), 32MP Selfie, Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 5G/Exynos 990 4G, 6/8GB LPDDR5 RAM, 128GB UFS 3.0 Storage + MicroSD, 4500mAh Battery with 25W Wired/15W Wireless Charging and Wireless Powershare with price from £599/$599.

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  1. Yes, it certainly won't be as scratch resistant as glass, but it won't crack like glass either, the last thing you need is a broken background and shards

  2. Does it really have a screen protector? I dropped mine and something shattered. But it's still working fine. So I'm assuming it is the screen protector?

  3. Just got the phone on Saturday, incredible experience so far

  4. Nice sense of humor 👏 👍 👌

  5. S20fe vs s20fe 5g which one better?

  6. i come for check screen protector thx

  7. what does FE stands for? unlike other galaxy

  8. I got this phone and it flies on Android 12

  9. Note 20 is a complete trash. S20 Fe is an actual premium phone

  10. Recently got the s20 fe and it for some reason always turn my YouTube videos from the full screen into the small picture by picture screen if it's not touched every five minutes and has black flickering occasionally. Not a huge fan of it so far.

  11. Where is the headphone jack?

  12. It come with a case

  13. 😂😂😂😂 I like the way you feel that plastic off that’s funny however I’m on the iPhone SE 2020 and I’m going to charger and cables it’s only a couple few months old it’s like brand new I don’t understand I’m getting asked nine to last me till I can get the one that you have in there always get either Apple or Samsung because you can resell them when you’re ready to upgrade without signing a contract forget that

  14. Great video? Question I noticed there is a second screen protector, can we still just remove that since I plan on adding a tempered glass screen protector?

  15. I like the box

  16. Watching on s20 fe

  17. s20 FE 5G snapdragon variant was not launched in my region. So, I am confused which one to buy.

    S20 fe 4g having exynos processor or this a52s 5g having snapdragon processor.

    • sama
    • December 23, 2022

    Oof can’t wait to buy this !!!! 🌌🍎🌌🪐🌌

  18. kkk lol….

  19. Does it come with headphones?

  20. does it have a cover

    • Andy
    • December 23, 2022

    $399 rn on boostmobile website

  21. I bought the s20 yesterday

  22. Is it worth it in 2021 and I have an iPhone 7 is my worth getting this

  23. Hi Supersaf! Im about to replace my galaxy note 9… samsung FE is better? It is a good deal? i want cheaper but very very good specs. Your repsonse is highly appreciated.

    Btw. I just subscribed to your channel. Your topics are so interesting! Thank you!

  24. Packaging produced himself… just to look more different and special.

  25. Goddamn how cheap do you have to be to cut on the freaking charger…

  26. Thanks for the video! How long duration can the FE 5G record continuous 4k Video?

  27. So happy to move from iphone to this phone , the camera is amazing , havent had a samsung since the s2. Saf is there a way of getting a single tone for a single app , had it on the iphone

  28. I have the Samsung galaxy s10e

  29. Bts phone?

  30. this is what annoys me about Samsung, only 3 years of updates for the S20 FE. Unlike Apple iphones! I don't own or want an iphone!

  31. i have a samsung galaxy S10e and I've had it 2 years now and i still love the phone it's great. I'm not sure i will upgrade but if i do this maybe a choice for me. still i have never had a single problem with my s10e.

  32. Oneplus 9 or s20 fe?

  33. Hi Saf, I'm in a dilemma over choosing the Vivo X50 pro or the S20 FE Exynos which are both around RM2400 here in Malaysia… Your insight would be most appreciated! Thanks

  34. Samsung could you please be so nice and put the phone in Bottom of the Box. I cant hear that "but first we put the phone byside" anymore

  35. secure folder

  36. Literally just brought myself this phone today

  37. Watching this unboxing on my S20 FE 5G, absolutely love this phone.

  38. This a joss phn is samsung

  39. Only fans? You watch porn alot? Fan editation

    • Jo
    • December 23, 2022


    Me who is watching this on my samsung galaxy a5 2017 next to my s20 FE

    • DLY
    • December 23, 2022

    s20 phones, no earphones. s21 phones, no earphones no charger. s22 phones, no phone?

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