Amazing Products TV New Amazon Echo 4th gen is a Trojan Horse Smart Home Hub

Awesome Tips New Amazon Echo 4th gen is a Trojan Horse Smart Home Hub

The new Amazon Echo 4th gen is louder, rounder, and has a built-in Zigbee hub. In this video, I tested the speaker and connected several devices to it. I’ll go over some important things you need to know before replacing your hub with this.

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0:00 Intro
0:29 Design
1:16 Speakers
2:40 Zigbee Hub
4:07 Is it a true Zigbee hub?
4:59 Why Echo 4 is important
5:37 Sidewalk
6:13 Should you get it?
7:00 This is humiliating

Echo Dot 4th Gen review:
Ultimate Alexa Routines:
$200 Smart Home using Alexa routines:
Playing Music on Echo:

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Absolute Terror by Nihilore

The End by EVA

Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver was sent the Amazon Echo in this video for an early look and unbiased review. As always, our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced.

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  1. If Alexa routines were more advanced, could you use this as your main hub?

  2. Just bought one, Black Friday, for $45, to function as my ZigBee hub to manage motorized shades from Smartwings. This saved me thousands compared to the same vial Lutron Serina. The price was definitely right!

  3. Does anyone knows if there is a wireless button (bettery powered not inwall) that's working with echo gen4?

  4. It's Sept 2022, I'd buy this now, but seeing this was released in 2018, there's a really good chance Amazon is bringing out a 5th gen of this and very soon. Thoughts ?

  5. Yolink also goes a long range. And they already work without going into a sidewalk platform. Able to use echo to make yolink announcements also. The yolink speaker hub also announces.

  6. Given the Newest.Technology I decided to upgrade my Gen 2 Dot to Gen 3. It looks a lot nicer and sound quality is much better. Now I have 3 Gen 3's and 1 Gen 4. The Gen 2 will be a spare.

  7. im looking at this to replace my Wink hub, its on its second time down for over 2 weeks now and the people at wink have no idea when it will be back up. so do you think this would be a good replacement?

  8. Are you aware of any water leak sensors that work with the Echo hub? The link below doesn't list one.

  9. Do the ikea buttons work now?

  10. I ordered it. I need suggestions

  11. Hello, i have question.. Imrotant for me..
    Can i use echo 4 hub for philips hue like philips hue bridge ? i own two philips hue bulbs and Philips tv abilight, so a need connect my bulbs to TV and expans ambilight,,so can i use echo insted hue bridge to make this work? thx very much

  12. I had no idea that Echo and Echo Dot were two different things 😤

    Well, I did but I thought the Dot was the short, cylindrical device. I've been over here ripping my hair out trying to get a stupid DOOR SENSOR to hook up to my "4th Gen Echo" BECAUSE APPARENTLY ITS NOT AN ECHO AFTER ALL 😤

  13. It’s now mid January 2022 … the last week I have tried to add several zigbee items to my echo 4th gen which I also bought in the last week. NONE of them connected. I tried to connect each item over 40 times! Extremely frustrating and time consuming for absolutely nothing. I deliberately chose the echo because of the internal zigbee. Seriously thinking of returning the echo 4th gen and just sticking to sengled light bulbs, my plug sockets and my 3rd gen dot.

    I wanted to do a fair bit more, but can’t see it without spending an absolute fortune, which Alexa echo 4th gen makes out is possible.

  14. Any improvements in Amazon Routines since you released this video?

  15. So, only the larger, regular echo has the zigbee hub? That kinda sucks. Was really hoping the clock version of the dot had it too.

  16. You're my new favorite sub. Thanks for all your videos and the wonderful / hilarious content.

  17. Hey I have a question, I have Alexa dart and I just want to know with this fourth generation echo does it have a belt and recorder camera? And also how is the quality using this when if you do record? Because when I had my eye vision I was always using video editor to sync the music into my timeline which I can’t do that anymore so I’m just wondering does this have like a belt in the camera so we can actually record for you I lost my eyesight back in 2018 and has the mic and how many miles does it have i’m using my voice over from my iPhone and it messes up sometimes so if my words don’t make sense it’s my voiceover. Thanks

  18. Is the speaker much better then the cheaper version of the 4th gen?

  19. can other people see your echo once it is set up.

  20. What's your take on this after a year of updates?

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