Amazing Products TV Amazon’s NEW Devices 2022: Home Automation Surprises!

Awesome Tips Amazon’s NEW Devices 2022: Home Automation Surprises!

Amazon just announced several new smart home devices and features! I’ll summarize what this means for your Alexa home automation.
In this video: (affiliate links)
Alexa Voice Remote Pro:
Echo Dot 5th gen:
Amazon Astro:
New Fire TV Cube:
Halo Rise:

Other new Amazon products that I didn’t have time to cover:
Kindle Scribe:
New Echo Studio:
Blink Mini Pan/Tilt Mount:
Ring Spotlight Pro:
Ring Spotlight Plus:
Amazon QLED Fire TV:

Everything JUST Announced by Amazon! 2021:
Echo Show 15 Review:
15 Easy Home Automation Ideas with Alexa:


0:00 Intro
0:25 Alexa Voice Remote Pro
1:16 New Echo Dot Automations
2:16 Fire TV Cube
2:50 New Routines?!
3:19 Halo Rise Bedtime Routines
4:00 Amazon Astro Alerts
5:53 Astro taking over…


Doctor Momentum by Slynk
The End by EVA

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  1. What do you think matters more, the hardware or the software?

  2. I just purchased the echo dot 5gen last week with the clock and I like it a lot. I have the 4th Gen dot without the clock stowed away somewhere and I was too lazy to find it. Yesterday I heard the 4th Gen has been updated to some of the features of the 5gen. Oh well.

  3. This would be cool if these devices weren’t connected to the internet. A closed network within your home would be nice.

  4. Just hand over the kingdom to amazon. Competition what Competition 😅

  5. Astro on Roborock s7 maxv would be insane

  6. Save electric don’t buy this crap and do things the old way

  7. My fifth gen echo dot w/ clock has a temp sensor, but I can't seem to use it for routines in the Echo app. So for now I have a 4th gen echo controlling the temp in my kid's room. Also the clock seems to be on all the time even though I have the settings turned all the way down on it.

  8. Mr Smart Home Solver, I wonder if you could address the temperature sensor in the 5th gen Echo. I purchased one to turn on and off the oil filled rad in the chilly UK and I've found the temp sensor just doesn't trigger routines properly. There appears to be a large time between unprompted temp reads by the device and so far I've found it unusable for using with a routine. Can you put it through its paces and give your tips or opinions please.?

    • Bored
    • December 23, 2022

    "maybe you won't need a sensor for every door anymore" me who has no sensors for any door 😀👍

    • Nick
    • December 23, 2022

    I like the 2nd gen remote with volume buttons and no app buttons. The newer ones have too many buttons. I just want power, navigation, back, play/pause, FF, rewind, volume, and mute. It's perfect. I don't want a bunch of extra crap on the remote or I have to divert attention to figuring out what friggin button to push, it's easier to just tell Alexa what I want.

  9. A dream come true. Surveillance of each private space. And people are even paying for it.

  10. I love the idea of switches to make things happen, you know, like turning the light on and off, a bit like… er… a light switch.
    "Where's the switch dear?"
    "Just walk past the light switch and it's down the corridor on the right."
    "OK, back in a minute."

  11. Why do I want to hit things that I can yell at from across the room?

  12. Pay to allow Amazon into your home.
    What could possibly go wrong?

  13. Loads more plastic shit they copied the designs from other people to sell to more idiots thinking cheap plastic shit is worthwhile.

    Meanwhile, crappy influencers act like the toilet water, flushing things along.


  14. horrible .. this video, all those devices .. insane, humanity is doomed

  15. Everyone loves tech. Especially when it monitors you 24/7.

  16. You must be pretty naive to let Amazon spy your home by a robot…its the same story with the chinese vacuum cleaner robots who collect heaps of data about your interiors!

  17. but the real question is how do we stop amazon advising me how to make groceries easier? (despite all the recommendations being off in the alexa app)

  18. Everyone knows amazon supports civil rights violations.

  19. Thumbs down because you are supporting civil rights violations.

  20. The only thing I hate about my Amazon devices is Alexa always talks too much… Compared to my Google device. She always wants to suggest some thing and I do not know how to turn that off. I don’t think it’s possible.

  21. He in all videos: automatic, automatic, automatic, automatic 😂

  22. Instead of 2 buttons on the remote for automations, how about one single button followed by an upto 3 digit number on the keypad ? giving a 1000 automations. Doh.

  23. Cool robot, but is there one for the elderly or disability that make calls should there be medical or fire etc..

  24. Google likes automations, but I think Amazon is more intuitive with the hardware

  25. They launched the Echo Dot 5 after a long period of time. But good job with the in-house processor that Amazon developed with Mediatek.

  26. Dumb stupid 🤡

  27. It's good to see an HDMI input in the fire cube . The only other device that has this was the xbox one .

  28. what about matter on this devices? includding astro?

  29. What is the timeline for Alexa supporting buttons? I'd love to be able to pair the cheaper ikea tradfi buttons to my Echo to be able to turn lights on/off.

  30. The beeping remote feature has been around for quite a while it was on the hopper from dish Network and it works because I lose my remote all the time and it finds it

  31. Can you get historic room temperature data from Echo Dot?
    Or is it better to use a separate temperature sensor (like Switchbot/Tuya) for tracking?

  32. A cool thing for Astro could be a hook you place on the door down low that Astro can hook on to and close doors. Or also have smart door handles that can open up and Astro can push inside to give you a view of the room. That could be really cool.

  33. The robot is still useless. a sensor on each door is going to be cheeper, faster at noticing a door has been left open, or closed by mistake and send notifacations to me much quicker than the robot can. those sensors could also be used to trigger routines.
    Amazon should add more fetures to routines such as Virtual Switches, If statments, the ability for routines to trigger other routines. and if i can make a routine that will perform diffrent actions based on factors (saying do this, do that, and if this is ____ then do this else dont) routines would be more powerful, usefull and easier to diagnose. essentially makeing routines more programmable rather then do this that and the other.

  34. Why are y'all still using your Amazon remote? Logitech made the better remote the entire time. Now we need another alternative

  35. Supposedly, Amazon Echo doesn't listen unless you say the wake word. The other day, my dog was snoring like crazy, I mean it was looooud. Next think you know, I am getting suggestions from Alexa on my phone to automatically perform actions when it detects snoring, like turn off the lights… what, the, F? Immediately killed the mic's on them.

    • Tate
    • December 23, 2022

    in the uk, we have had remote finding feature in our SKY remotes for years…..

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