Amazing Products TV Smart Home Tour with CRAZY sensors you’ve never seen 😱

Awesome Tips Smart Home Tour with CRAZY sensors you’ve never seen 😱

This smart home is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before… you HAVE to check out their unique sensors!

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RGB KAUF light switch:
YoLink outdoor contact sensor:
YoLink outdoor motion sensor:
YoLink indoor contact sensor with hub:
BOND fan controller:
Outdoor WiFi bridge:
Weather station:
Furnace filter differential pressure sensor:
Water flow meter:
Water pressure sensor:
Water flow meter for shower:
PLC attached to the grill:
Thermocouple modlue on the grill:
IO-Link Master the sensor plug into:
PLC (mini computer on the board):
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0:00 Intro
0:24 Outdoor sensors
1:12 Gate automation
1:59 Automated horse fan
2:51 Smart shop
3:22 Living room
4:23 HVAC filter automation
4:58 Water flow sensor
6:13 Grill sensor
6:49 How everything works
8:05 Car automation
8:27 DIY smart kettle
9:14 Submit your smart home!


All of the music throughout is by Nihilore.
Spotify playlist:

Ending song is The End by EVA.

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  1. Big thanks to Chris and Janna! Links to all of their tech is in the description. 👉 Want me to tour your smart home next? Fill this out: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YguzPKbs6m8LppW5mEPKzjLkk4-q0lgzqv1CEN5P2lU/edit

  2. Thanks for confirmation, here mechatronix engineer is remodeling his house and embedding Omrons PLC to run the sensor interface 😉

  3. Everyone should aspire for a high spouse approval factor 😄

  4. how did he automatically open the tesla car door? Thank you 🙂

  5. Wow! Fantastic example of a successful and super useful smart 'everything'. Love this video.

  6. Where the hell could i talk to a guy like this. I would love to know what the thresholds are for the HVAC. Super cool maybe a discord server?

  7. wow these are enterprise products being used at home

  8. It’s cool that his wife seems pretty on board with things

  9. Amazing😊

  10. What's with the blur circle @7:26?

  11. These guys have style. Love that gate automation as well as control panel. That hvac room rocks!

  12. What has been blurred out on the control panel back board?

  13. I can do this.

  14. This is so cool and very well done. What was the name of the Android tablet that he was using as the smart light switch?

  15. The scarecrow song from Wizard of Oz…..if I only had a brain. 🧠 I would the do this as well. 😂

  16. LoRa is no joke for stable, long range connections for these type of devices. I was testing some of YoLink's water sensor and I went way down our street and it was still connected.

  17. Okay, this is next level! Awesome!

  18. Those automations are wild and that property is beautiful.

  19. is the yolink hub integration cloud only or can you do local ?

  20. This dude is playing a whole different game.

  21. Wow this is next level home automation. One day I hope to be at this level but still amazing to see how users will come up with next level stuff to make life easier and cool at the same time

  22. Whoa, this is a very advanced smart home. Definitely for the tech savvy.

  23. This guy is next level! I hope he has a channel and if not he should start one. He's a pretty good presenter and clearly VERY knowledgeable.

  24. Got teens that love to shower for 10mins
    FYI: a cheap water sensor on your shower head will allow you to measure the water flow. I have mine into an arduino that starts beeping every second after 4mins. You turn the show off and it resets (after a minute of being off). After 5 mins.. it starts alarming. I’ve always threatened to have after 5 minutes to turn a valve on the hot water line on. You can have a long shower… but it’s gunna be cold!

    Very effective. My kids now learnt to have 5 min showers… and our waterbill has dropped.
    Feed this data into mqtt… you could trigger light changes etc…

    Easy and probably cost less than $50… been in place for 6 years now and part of our daily use

  25. THIS is how i want to build my home automation in my dreams. I live in an appartement and am not able to interact with my water, air and energy supply like in the video. I want this so bad 😀

  26. Hey Reed. That was one of the coolest smarthomes i've ever seen. Also, happy 2024. ❤😊

  27. Can we get more info about the Kettle and how he wired this? Thanks!

  28. loved this video, from a technical perspective with the pretty unusual integration of industiral equipment, but also the shots of their green garden, yard and the horses.

  29. So amazing!!!!

  30. That plc board would have to be over 2 grand, they are made for industrial environments, its overkill for a house

  31. Wow this was a great example of your house working for you, making your life simpler! Loved every one of the shown automations and aligns very well with stuff I'm currently doing with esphome and being able to locally control my own hardware. Very special background which certainly helps a lot!

  32. How was the NSPanel mounted? I have been looking for a way to put it in a 3 gang box.

  33. As someone who works with automated production systems I just assumed things like the pressure sensor were normal(ish). But it made more sense once the DIN rails showed up. TINK! That was the sound of the penny dropping 😀
    Although running PLCs are likely a little overkill they would also be the most robust solution I have ever seen. Time to talk to the sparkies at work.

  34. Awesome home tour! Thanks, Reid and everybody else. It's a beautiful home. My favorite is the Motion Sensor at the beginning of the driveway! Can’t wait to see more home tours. Awesome home tour! Thanks, Reid and everybody else. It's a beautiful home. My favorite is the Motion Sensor at the beginning of the driveway! Can’t wait to see more home tours

  35. I love seeing products and automations I dont know or haven't thought of before. 👍

    Nice smarthome and a good episode 😊

  36. I thought this was a great video series. Definitely do more if you can Reed

  37. Fantastic!

  38. You should convince Chris and Janna to have a YouTube channel to talk about these topics. Thanks.

  39. I remember learning to program PLCs at school. Definitely the most fun. It was like playing a computer game.

  40. 1:16 OMG! A wife who has glowing things to say about home automation??? Husbands everywhere take note! 😂

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