Amazing Products TV Eufy Doorbell Dual: WAY More than Just Two Cameras!

Awesome Tips Eufy Doorbell Dual: WAY More than Just Two Cameras!

The Eufy Doorbell Dual comes with two cameras and lots of extra features! I tested it out and will show you how well it works.

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Eufy Doorbell Dual: use code “VDDUALSP1” for USD$40 off. (Expires 3/13/22)

Eufy 2K Battery:
Eufy 2K (on Amazon):

Doorbell Automation Ideas:
Eufy 2K Battery Doorbell:
2021 Ultimate Doorbell Comparison:


0:00 Intro
0:24 Design
0:54 Second Camera
3:24 Facial Recognition
4:55 Video Quality and Recordings
6:23 Compared to Previous Eufy
7:23 Should you get it?
8:32 Shhhh


Digifunk by DivKid

The End by EVA

Arcadia – Wonders by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license.



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  1. Do you think your next video doorbell will have two cameras?
    There's a good coupon code right now for this doorbell. Use code "VDDUALSP1" for USD$40 off. (Expires 3/13/22)

    *UPDATE* I accidentally said Google Home speakers can be used for the chime. I should have said only Amazon Echo speakers can.

  2. For all you uber dorks out there concerned about the recent security breach w/ Euffy uploading your data to the cloud for everyone to see. Run Wireshark to identify which port the api is using to callback home and send your data to the cloud then block that port on your firewall. Problem solved. You're welcome!

  3. now with spyware and sendint pics to the cloud and everyone can watch ur cams feed

  4. Care to comment on the controversy? They are taking pictures of you and sending it back to the mothership.


  5. Can I buy this as add on to my home base 3 and eufy cam 3?

  6. Does it also have a turret gun to shoot the package theives, camera theives and zombies?

  7. Dear Reviewer
    Did you get any updates on half baked/missing software features?

  8. With lack of HomeKit integration for a majority, if not all current Eufy offerings – what’s smart hub would you recommend / are you guys using??

  9. Great video thanks, 👍

  10. Just got one and the top camera has a pink colour. The bottom one is fine. Very annoying. Any way to get rid of it?

  11. will you be doing an updated review? Like if they fixed all of that stuff?

    • Natty
    • December 23, 2022

    The sensitivity of the aperture sensor is why it's blowing out the sky when its positioned under a darker enclosure. If it was in an open door way in full daylight it shouldn't be as much of an issue.

  12. This dude's voice is grating AF

  13. Any video about electric blinds? Thanks!

  14. Works great Newest.Technology no problems

  15. Have they updated the night time led feature to where you can disable it?

  16. Hello! Any way of connecting to the electric door lock? Thanks

  17. Good review and you look like David Puddy from Seinfeld lol

  18. Does the Eufy Doorbell automatically down load to the home base?

  19. What if its gets stolen ???

  20. I like Eufy cameras but the biggest problem with Eufy is their lack of software support for a desktop computer like Mac. Only supporting mobile app isn't sufficient for me. Mobile screen is too small and viewing multiple cameras on a mobile device is a real pain. This is what prevents me from getting Eufy cameras.

  21. You can’t disable the night light?

  22. You said it works with google home as a chime. I’ve been unable to get that to work, anyone have any details on that?

  23. Haha! Loved the ending. Great review, thank you 🙂

  24. Can this doorbell be hard wired?

  25. Any idea what is the best doorbell mount for this?

  26. Why does your package rock? (the brown one…)

  27. Is there a way to get this doorbell camera to connect to HomeKit, echo show 15, or any other device so i can view when my doorbell is pushed or any other Eufy security camera’s?

  28. Needed this video thank you 🙏

  29. I bought the wired version days ago and so for it's perfect and sends notifications instantly to my phone. The HD looks really good from my experience so far. I already like it so much more than my neighbors Ring pro 2

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