Amazing Products TV Should You Buy Eufy or Skip? Testing Eufy Cams in My Smart Home

Awesome Tips Should You Buy Eufy or Skip? Testing Eufy Cams in My Smart Home

Is Eufy worth buying into? Eufy is becoming a major brand in the smart home space. In this review, I’ll test the Eufy 2K Indoor Cam, Pan Cam, 2C Outdoor Cam, Floodlight Cam, and briefly show the 2K Battery Doorbell. If you’re thinking about building your smart home with Eufy products, this video will help you decide if Eufy is worth it.

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Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver was sent the Eufy devices in this video for an unbiased review. Our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced. We have never been paid for any reviews.

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  1. Anyone successfully used the Google Smart Home app to add a Eufy 2C or 3C camera?

  2. Got a question, if the wifi is off, will the camera still operate or it will stop?

  3. No comment on the poor implementation of Geofencing. My Eufy camera routinely fails to recognise I have returned home and will remain in Away mode until I open the app on my phone. An online search will show this is a common problem that Eufy refuses to fix (it's been in Beta for years now).

    Unless you want to leave it in Away mode 24/7 avoid Eufy cameras.

  4. It's great.easy to install. came with all the hardware Newest.Technology Easy to set up.conects to my echo dots so that's great. Has night time mode. Detects movement all the way to the sidewalk

  5. How come you did not talk about price? Real price comparison?

  6. Hi. Interested to get one of this. Can I find out able to view 2 or more indoor pan tilt cam on the app at one go?

  7. Hey everyone, I bought the eufy cam E series 2 years ago and it's been great. The only issue is that when I went to add on I was told that they do not produce the "E" series any longer. So I would need to purchase another home base and the amount of additional cameras I wanted. Something to look into before buying this brand. Not sure if all brands are like this, but it's worth mentioning.

  8. We got eufy and realy enjoyed, the sensors are realy sensitive let you know when a door is opens and closed

  9. I luv my Eufy S40 Solo cams definitely worth the money " It Works Excellent" An Battery percentage stays 99-100 Always from the Built-in Solar Panel' Quality Made WiFi security camera 👍👍

    • yuck
    • December 23, 2022

    The “2k” is very gimmicky

    • F A
    • December 23, 2022

    @smart home solver, love your channel, I’m looking for a indoor battery powered camera for a small business with 24/7 recording, what would you recommend? Thank you!

    • H F
    • December 23, 2022

    The dog sketch was hilarious 😂

    • V G
    • December 23, 2022

    Do not buy the Eufy System. The Eufy website is worthless. It takes forever to load videos if they even load. I wish I had not bought the system. When I get a video notification on my phone I can not access the website. If I actually had an intruder he would already be in the house before I could view the video.

  10. Hi Reed, thanks for this video, what do you think now in 2022 regarding Eufy? I have like 14 Wyze, they had been downgrading recently, do you think it will be worth it for me as a Landlord to switch from Wyze to Eufy? You recommendation will be greatly appreciated.

  11. Eufy ……… I am on 5g network in Canada Rogers Does it work …. Simple Question ??????

  12. 👎🏼for Eufy. It’s doesn’t even have a alarm siren. The number one important feature of a siren for a security alarm system and Eufy does not have one or make one what a joke. And don’t tell me that there built-in speaker is loud enough because I have tried them and it’s a joke, my iPhone alarm is louder and you know it. By the where great video.

  13. Eufy doesn't have a powerful outdoor siren or a flash light. Burglars are mainly startled by a powerful siren, which the Eufy system cannot offer! Eufy does have a beeper (alarm) on the homebase and the camera, but with that you tell the burglar exactly where the camera and the Eufy homebase are. If he also takes it with him, then you have nothing because the video images are stored on the homebase! And the beeping sound from the camera or the Eufy homebase is far from powerful. A pitty for Eufy security system and a missed opportunity.

  14. Exactly what I needed!

  15. It doesn’t make sense to me to release new cameras that don’t record to the base station.

  16. I have three eufy cameras outside of my house and I love them . Best investment that I've ever made onto my house

  17. stay away to buy this eufy product, its low internal memory and its cant upgrade.always getting offline for no reason.the solution is buy the cloud storage.for the low budget get the reolink product.

  18. Beware: The Eufy app is not available on Amazon Fire tablet. 🙁

    • LR
    • December 23, 2022

    I don't trust Chinese cameras with my privacy.

  19. So big con of Eufy is you can't replace certain crucial parts. Big pros is cloud storage is still free. It seems they expect you to buy new eufy product once the previous is dead so they can upkeep the cloud storage costs xD

    • David
    • December 23, 2022

    Really poor review. Seems like Smart Home Solver wasn't confident in what he was talking about most of the time. I've seen review videos of Eufy that were superior to this one.

  20. Eufy is a Chinese company. Thank you for supporting communists.

  21. Does HomeKit Secure Video require the HomeBase for the Indoor Cams?

  22. Thanks for the video. I am curious why you need to access Eufy server to view your footage if it's stored locally. What's the point of local storage then? I hoped I didn't misunderstood your comment. This would be a no-deal for me.

  23. So what I am searching for is a well put together manual for the eufy 2c cameras. It is a pain going through the app to find what you need. I am running 7 of these cameras, soon to be 9, all outside with different settings. Do you happen to know a source? Searching but not finding yet.

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