Amazing Products TV Why Home Assistant is the FUTURE of Smart Homes

Awesome Tips Why Home Assistant is the FUTURE of Smart Homes

Home Assistant is the FUTURE! Let me explain…

Thanks to Paulus Schoutsen for letting me interview him at the Z-Wave summit!

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0:00 Intro
1:26 Home Assistant is growing
2:29 Getting easier
5:19 HA + AI?!
9:01 Z-Wave is not dead
10:19 HA is the future.
10:56 Number 1 feature?


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  1. Do you agree Home Assistant is the future? Let me know what you think👇

  2. do they know how much smart home people spent on philips hue stuff alone? i don't think they'll find this all that much for running AI at home (although i do find it too expensive for now and would rather just don't run locally)

  3. HomeAssistant for my wired KNX Smart Home is great.

    (But that‘s rather down to KNX, than just HA. Go check it out. There is nothing better for a new build or rewire than this wolrd wide standard with >9000 devices from over 500 vendors.)

  4. The future of smart homes is 100% clear:

    One day, sensors (Pushbuttons, Presence, Thermostats, etc) will be digitally wired, so they can be feature rich, reliable and never need a battery change.

    For better maintenance, scale and thermal reasons, actuators should no longer be put into the wall outlet, but into a central cabinet. That‘s also clear.

    That will require a world wide standard for wired smart home
    components, idealley one, that can be deployed cheaper and more flexible than Ethernet, where you can simply daisy chain the devices and don‘t need to worry about security.

    Finally, the components should be intelligent enough to even work when Home Assistant or whatever server you use is down. An while we are at it, they should work with multiple servers at the same time, so that you can control the hoise with a combination of HomeAssistant, ioBroker and maybe even some commercial solutions.

    Oh, hang on. This already exists. It is called KNX and for some reason is totally ignored by the retrofit-consumer nerds, even though it is hands down the best solution for new builds and rewires.

    Quite simply, if you have not played around with KNX, you should not consider yourself a smart home insider…

    If you are a KNX Pro, then you can even make a hotel, a train station or an office park „smart“. (Building Automation is the term there)

    So there is your career path…

  5. Legend absolute legend

  6. So what's with this emphasis on zwave? Is home assistant just trying to keep all bases covered? It's an indication that thread isn't the be all end all I guess

  7. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve installed, run and then deleted Home Assistant over the last 5 years! Breaking changes and stupid entity systems are what frustrates me every time I try it. Personally, I’m sticking to Hubitat!

  8. If it’s truly local and private, I’ll consider it.

  9. Hi,
    Great information:)
    I'm currently building a house, and it's in the rough construction stage. What minimal work should I do to prepare the building for smart solutions? Does every device need access to grid power? How can I optimally plan the layout of electrical cables in the rooms?

  10. Local, private, open source. Yep, everything checks out.

  11. I have a box (not super powerful… intel 10700k, nvidia 3070, 16gb ddr4) dedicated to AI/ML. ubuntu server bare metal. docker (current running codeprojectAI), also have python, pytorch and a bunch of other stuff (like fast.ai). I'm probably not "normal" but having a piece of HW that has some fairly 'standard' AI/ML software that OTHER things can plug into… seems… uhhh… like the future.

  12. I’m just starting my Home Assistant journey but even though the learning curve is steep the benefits are clear and the effort and thought going into it’s continued development is inspiring. Keep up the great work everyone!!! 😃

  13. A home-based, upgradable AI makes perfect sense especially if it can integrate across multiple platforms e.g. your smart home, computers/network and home entertainment. Information you don’t always want to share with the world!

  14. When will HA come to cars? So, you can monitor and protect your car the way we monitor and protect our home?

  15. Time to save for a Nvidia Jerson! $2000 is expensive! But if it can accelerate local TTS, STT, LLM, object detection! I am excited!

  16. Yeah, they definitely need to overhaul Lovelace dashboard when it comes to theming. More settings (like card transparency or tap to open a stack that pops up a room or entity grouping) via UI rather than editing the theme.yaml or getting specialty entities/cards from HACS. Also? Significantly easier way to change wallpapers via UI too!

  17. How does this home assistant guy make money?

  18. Question as I am looking for a new smart home system for my new house build. I have been told home assistant or homey pro. Thoughts as you’re a big smart home guy. Just want to use my HomePods still.

  19. I have Govee and Tuya lights and devices and an Ecobee thermostat. Would everything be private and local if I switched to Home Assistant?

  20. Generative algorithms are not the same as AI. Why don't people understand that? It's not hard.

  21. I'd absolutely love an AI bot in my house, Sign me up.

  22. Home Assistant is not that hard! I don't understand why people think it is? And I'm not a developer, programmer, or some guru.

  23. Unless integrators or home builders start selling it, it will still be niche. Matter integrated with smart phones and micro hubs would be the likely thing that would be spur adoption more than home assistant at this stage.

  24. Home Assistant is the present AND future, as long as the leadership don't F it up and try to monetize the platform instead of continuing to follow the open source ethos. Sure, make it simpler for the "common" user but it's already at a point where virtually anyone can stand it up and do the basics. It's not a stretch that someone interested in home automation wuld also be intelligent enough to learn how to tap into the power of HA.

  25. I’m using AI in my home to control things, but only if I ask it to.
    The beauty is being able to say to your voice assistant “hey I wish it was brighter in here” or “I’m feeling kinda down, can you adjust the lights accordingly?” and it goes and does what it thinks is best. Obviously “turn on the living room light” is straight to the point and it does that too.

  26. Can you please send me your link to your other channel

  27. Wish he would have said rationale on why Zwave vs Zigbee.. I feel like there's way more stuff available as zigbee but obviously from brand to brand things don't work, which is why people need Home Assistant.

    But I don't understand why a brand chooses one or the other? And if someone already has a bunch of devices on one protocol, I'm assuming they can't just make a simple modification or even firmware change to 'update' to another protocol because COTS parts aren't easy to play with most of the time

  28. I'm not the first to say this by any means, but if I were on the Home Assistant product team, I would be working on onboarding/migration tools. In other words, how to make it easier to switch to HA. I have to believe one of, if not the biggest obstacles to adoption is customers that don't want to rebuild their set up in a new environment. If I could just copy over my set up from any other platform, I would switch.

  29. If the AI was as good as ChatGPT I’d pay 2k for it local. Easy

  30. hope the ai stuff run on my RTX3090 on Virtualmaschienes

  31. I've been using Home Assistant since 2016 nd I have seen it come such a long way. Home Assistant today is like a completely different system to what it was back then, yet in some ways you csn still see the roots. Home Assistant did what no other did. Completely local, no cloud needed. This is what set it apart for me.
    In many ways, even as it is right now, Home Assistant is easier to use than most other platforms on the market, and the way so many devices can integrate with Home Assistant just makes it ideal as that one hub fits all platform, even though it is much more than just a hub.

  32. Home Assistant is part of the future for smart homes but not THE future (in whatever role it plays) in my opinion. As a person who has used multiple smart-home platforms, I prefer Home Assistant, but there will always be a market for other options. EG, as you know from being a Smartthings user previously, is great for beginners, people who don't understand tech or don't want too much from their smart home, while others I know prefer Smart Life / Tuya for their cost-effective yet diverse ecosystem of products.

  33. Yep, I'd put in an AI box. For now I'm happy to wait for homeassistant on a normal GPU to bring enough over the table to be worth getting one of these for the homeserver.

  34. Just set up my home assistant server up this morning! 🙌

  35. Better to hire engineers who also do UXR stuff– we understand both sides! But in general for projects like this, it's most productive in my humble opinion if everyone is an engineer first, but who can bring something else to the table as well.

  36. -Privacy and local control also offers ownership/sovereignty of your data. Corporate clouds taking your data for free centralises a multi-billion dollar revenue; homes before corporations.
    -There are new and better business models than legacy/outdated ones today, where home users choosing to approve selling their data are paid 80%, corporations make 20% and advertisers who pay for this data receive much more accurate demographics and information.

  37. I already run a local private AI (LLM, image and voice generation). I don’t need a specialized system to run Ai AND HomeAssistant. I need HomeAssistant to be able to interact and use the AI (APIs) as needed. Let me make that connection and use it. That should be possible asap if it’s not already.

  38. 2 grand for an AI module? Nope.

  39. 99% chance someone buys HA out. I know this isn't a popular opinion but…seems like this is how it goes these days.

  40. The general public continue to confuse "breaks" in the platform (it doesn't work!) blaming Home Assistant itself, rather than proprietary home automation companies who try lock down their APIs. They are the villains here. Not the HA platform itself. So if the Nabu Casa team wants it to scale (and I hope they do!) I think the team should market the platform a bit better. Explaining how it works and why it sometimes breaks (it's not Home Assistants fault! ) Explain why keeping it end user focused and open source is so important to it's future growth.

  41. Hahahah, a "plant" dashboard, it's kinda funny to hear that from a Dutch guy IYKWIM

  42. I would never buy anything from NVIDIA again given their links to the genocide in Gaza. It is a pity that such an evil company has such a stranglehold on AI. In general I would consider a home AI, although not at that price. It’s a lot different that a £35 Raspberry Pi even after you add a power supply and an SSD. But it’s irrelevant anyway as NVIDIA AI is used to kill civilians in Gaza.

  43. Home assistant is likely the best platform to end up on. Starting on a Google/Alexa ecosystem is usually more attractive as it's built in to everything we buy these days. These automations are a lot easier now than even 6 months ago bridging the gap between the "starter" platforms and home assistant.

  44. If I could get an AI that I control locally but can query online resources to get answers (I control what comes in and goes out), I would drop Alexa in a hot second. Integrate that tech with Home Assistant and I don't think the competition stands a chance.

  45. I would be interested in a local AI box

  46. I have been interested in home assistant for some time, but only just got a Green hub this week. Bro, I will NEVER recommend smartthings or anything else to anyone again. HA is brilliant. It's so fast since everything runs locally, and setting everything up was so much easier than even in google Home. My google home duplicates everything so i have double the amount of devices in my Home than there really are.

    Not to mention the flexibility of the software. You can do SO MUCH even without addons, etc. You can tell it's built by people that just want to have a good system that THEY can use.

  47. I jumped onto HA a year ago and love it. Went from Smartthings and believe it is the best thing I ever did for home automation. I am so impressed on the amount of changes and improvements each release.

  48. Absolutely it's the future as long as it remains open source and end user focused. I'd pay even a bit more for my Nabu Casa subscription, if it improves in the way you say – but here is the thing. As long the end user model doesn't change. Do NOT mess with that! NEVER sell out to a Dealer focused automation company. That would destroy it! I swapped to HA from Control4 a fews years ago because it was locked down to a dealer only supply/instal/service and upgrade model – which drove me crazy. You even had to get them out to do a firmware upgrade! Once I ditched Control4, I've never looked back. I'd also buy a genuine Nabu Casa HA Touchscreen, say with built in local HA voice control. (Echo equivalent). If they would ever make one. So I hope in the future a few more in house (ready to go out of the box) hardware devices are released to the market for us to purchase. A more powerful (than a Ras Pi) PC/SSD based server with built in HA software, ready to go out the box, would be a huge hit for new users I'd reckon. HA is awesome. Thanks for the great video and the opportunity to provide feedback. Hopefully all the useful comments from users in the chat are read by the team at Nabu Casa. And kudos to the founder. He deserves massive praise for launching this fantastic platform. I hope he makes a fortune from it – but please Paulus if you read my comments- NEVER SELL OUT to a Home Automation dealer instal (focused) company. Home Assistant MUST remain end home user focused. Cheers!

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