Amazing Products TV 15 Coolest Summer Gadgets You Will Appreciate

Awesome Tips 15 Coolest Summer Gadgets You Will Appreciate

This is the summertime set of gadgets! Some of them let you glide underwater like Aquaman, some of them cool you down, and some of them let you ride with the breeze. Iโ€™ve also found something great to keep you comfortable and protected.

20 Coolest Summer Gadgets You Can Actually Buy

23 Coolest Gadgets You Will Definitely Enjoy

0:00 Introduction
0:13 Manta5 Hydrofoiler SL3:
0:57 Sublue Hagul EZ/Vapor Scooters: ||
2:05 OasisGO Backpack:
2:55 Pure Advance Flex Electric Scooter:
3:46 Aethia Outdoor NIMBL Surfboard:
4:27 Diveblues Handheld Turbo Fan:
4:59 Silent Cicada Personal Air Conditioner:
5:28 Tentsile Universe 5-Person Three-Element Tent: (get 10% off with coupon code AF96QRN4)
6:15 GeckoMan Bug Zapper:
7:00 Ocean Guardian eSPEAR:
7:34 GoSun Sport-E Hybrid Solar Oven:
8:25 Yellow Leaf Hammocks The Vista:
8:53 Anymaka Hammock:
9:16 RuK Pack Infinite Solar Backpack:
9:58 Ungoverned Vendetta:

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  1. Underwater scooters are rad. Can confirm.

  2. The Skateboard sets u back around 6kโ‚ฌ

  3. Faz ainda vรญdeo portuguรชs

  4. The bicycle on water thing starts at 14k lol

  5. Very cool

  6. Fan theory, the voice is actually under witness protection, and can only speak when the coast is clear.

  7. yes the good voice is back

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