Amazing Products TV Is Solar worth it? My Experience 2 Years Later

Awesome Tips Is Solar worth it? My Experience 2 Years Later

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0:00 Intro
0:20 System size and cost
1:33 2 years of data
4:32 Current electric bills
7:45 Time to break even
8:55 Unforeseen savings
10:20 Is it worth it?
11:34 Solar system


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  1. So what do YOU think…is solar worth it?
    Compare solar quotes with EnergySage here: https://www.energysage.com/p/smarthomesolver/?
    Thanks to EnergySage for sponsoring a portion of this video.

  2. pluto is NOT a planet! come on!

  3. Those January solar production numbers … I'm so jealous … we make almost NOTHING in December/January. Dec. 2023 was I think 70kwh total solar for the month, on a good June day I can make 38kwh. So ALL of December is worth two solid June days … Ah, Belgian weather ….

  4. Good clear explanation. Here in California the PGE rates are insane. So maybe your system would pay off faster. Unfortunately the state may allow the power companies to charge a sliding connection fee to the tune of 30 to 100 dollars. Plus no net metering.

  5. If the neighborhood has a power outage are you immune or does system default to batteries?

  6. Curious why you have 2 A/C systems, in a 1 story?

  7. Great video man but fuck living in Arizona. Living in southern Utah near Moab was hot enough. lol You got a pretty good system there. do you know the efficiency of each panel? Is it 20-ish% i'm guessing. Because the average 0.5% reduction in efficiency each year can add up after awhile. I'd like to know the amount that is projected to make after 10 years with the efficiency rating going down. plus keeping the dust off the glass too is a factor. Thanks again.

  8. Protection from the grid's unpredictable outage is, in itself, priceless especially in the era of cyberattacks and freak weather patterns!
    Also, I'm thinking the property value may be somewhat enhanced!
    But the overall peace of mind is, no doubt, incomparable!
    Thanks for sharing @SmartHomeSolver

  9. There are SPAN Smart Circuit Breakers so you can control it on your phone and if the Powerwalls go under 20% Battery Backup during a power outage, you can turn off, for example, Air Conditioners or Refigerators to keep the house on

  10. Interesting video. The tech is cool but I can’t help but cringe at the government incentives. Almost $20k… I believe in a free market and if the tech is that great it shouldn’t need the huge incentive. Right?

  11. Thanks for the transparency, Reed.
    Do you also have a charge for electricity transmission, or does this "connection fee" replace that?
    Here in Ohio, we have two charges: one for electricy generation, which you can buy from multiple companies on an open market, and one for transmission, which comes from your traditional electric monopoly to cover the delivery and wiring to your home.

  12. My electric is about $60/month with levelized billing for $720/yr. At $48k for solar, it'd take me over 48yrs to see any savings (I'm 45yo now, btw).😒

  13. Pluto is and forever will 💯 be a planet!! Way to raise those kids up right!

  14. Hey Reed I am wondering if your willing to do a video on How you can integrate Solar system into home assistant and be able to have it monitor your electricity usage and let's say you system was to go to a certain percentage during the night how home assistant would start turning things off that are not needed to run ?

  15. I have made 23.5Mwh in 5 years, LOL…. nice setup!

  16. How long until the tesla battery storage starts degrading and those need to be replaced though?

  17. Enough with the "does not matter what my wife says" it's like once a week I hear this from Linus. Seriously it's very cringe to hear and you are perpetuating a very old thing that size matters. Just move on from 1980… ugh…

  18. 13.6 years unless something breaks or needs to be replaced….I mean that power wall thing broke after just two years so that's not exactly promising.

  19. HAHA shout out to @paulhibbert in the comment section.

  20. Always loved the humor in your videos! Very interesting; thanks for sharing. In the Great North unfortunately Solar does not cut it; we need way more energy to heat our homes than AC demands and we have obviously less sunlight.

  21. I’m in Scottsdale with APS, your system is oversized. The return on power wall is awful, the batteries may not last 10years. So you maybe paying for them after they no longer work. Battery back up only pays if you are off grid. I self installed 12.5kw for a total of $15k after rebates my cost was $9.5k. My payback has been less than 4 years. The paperwork/permits were a pain but well worth the effort.

  22. Break-even in Brasil for a similar size system without batteries is less than 4 years.

  23. Here in Canada people say that a solar setup will usually break even in 10-12 years. But that is without the battery side of the equation. Things vary a lot from place to place though. In my area there are currently no time of day rates or demand prices so batteries only make sense for power backup during outages.

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