Amazing Products TV 10 Secret Amazon shopping tips they DON’T want you to know! πŸ‘€

Awesome Tips 10 Secret Amazon shopping tips they DON’T want you to know! πŸ‘€

With Amazon Prime Day 2024 right around the corner, here are 10 Amazon tips to make sure you’re always getting the best deals available!
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β€’ Share Prime with Household:
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00:00 Intro
00:24 Tip #1
02:46 Tip #2
04:55 Tip #3
06:24 Tip #4
08:20 Tip #5
10:32 Tip #6
11:19 Tip #7
13:32 Tip #8
15:18 Tip #9
17:03 Tip #10
19:41 Bonus Tip

My Setup Gear!
My Camera Gear:
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β€’ Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
β€’ Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:

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  1. Well I can't use Keepa it's not supported for the Australian marketplace

  2. About bonus tip, I always (unless essential) add cart to move to save for later.
    Not only it controls impulse buy but also it becomes sort of a price tracker, everytime you visit the cart amazon will show you which items the price increased or decreased and by how much. A good way to know which items really are priced properly.

  3. There's practically no limit to monthly payments just depends on how the algorithm views you. I've been offered an overpriced 2500$ rtx4090 and a 6000$ camera on the monthly payments scheme.

  4. At risk of being overtly blunt, why wonder why your engagement is plummeting when you do blatant clickbait like this?

  5. The amount of people that are ok with this guy using clickbait to draw in views is a little disappointing.

  6. Time to unsubscribe

  7. Amazon has started putting that info bar at a random location between the top of the page and where the reviews start. It makes it harder to find when it's not right before the reviews if the page has a ton of random product advertising and info graphics from the manufacturer.

    Also I don't know that I would trust the AI results. I still typically click on the "Customer Q&A's" and "Customer Reviews" to hopefully get info from actual people. It'd be nice if the AI result also cited a source so I could check for myself.

  8. That star review tip is freaking gold! Tried it with the TLC 65 QM8. Huge shift in percentages!

  9. I installed Keepa a while ago after seeing it on one of your videos and what an absolute game changer it has been.

  10. 12:40 – nah its alot more, I did 5 monthly payments of $200ish on an Asus ROG Swift PG27AQN last year

  11. You can also get a discount on Prime if you are a recipient of SNAP EBT, Medicaid, or other qualifying government assistance program. The program is called Prime Access, and the current price is $6.99 per month.

  12. Please dont use click bait it really made me not want to watch this video which sucks because the video was pretty helpful. I been a consistent viewer of your channel and enjoy the content but dont enjoy the cheap tactics for views.

  13. randomfrankMVp coming in hot with the tips and tricks 🀝🏻 Keepa is a must, have used it for years too.

  14. Great tips for people for whom it's their very first day on amazon. Everyone else knows this stuff (except maybe keepa which you should definitely not use if you value your privacy). There aren't too many shopping sites where you don't have to proactively apply coupons and codes. The review sorting is for listings where there are multiple options/versions of things you can order, and it isn't hidden, it's right at the top of the list of reviews, always has been, or at least has been for a very long time. The problem with that is it doesn't adjust the star rating bar chart graphic to be only for the version you choose, so if the version you choose has a lot of reviews it's still pretty hard to get a quick overall view of how good it is. The Q&A feature has been there forever but it is trash now. The AI generated answers are NOT always accurate. The old version of Q&A you could read other shoppers' questions and the answers they received. Now it's down to just the AI answer, and when that fails to be helpful you can "post" it (it's not actually visible anywhere anymore) and any answers that come in are sent to you by email. I don't care about the thumbnail, that's standard clickbait stuff, but what I don't like is the headline that these "tips" are "secret" things that "they" (whoever "they" are) don't want you to know. Of course amazon sellers want you to know these things, that's why they have them splashed all over every product page.

  15. Amazon Monthly Payments, It can go higher than 300. I got my Nikon Camera with Payments and it' was about $1k CAD. Same with Quest 2 Headset.

  16. Thank you for the tip on filtering the reviews. I wasn't aware for a long time that Amazon listed its reviews like that. I can't fathom the rationale for it.

  17. W video

  18. One of your better vids FP, really appreciate this one bro

  19. Major click bait award goes to…..
    Honestly disappointment in ya for doing that. I always looked at you as a much better youtuber than that.

  20. Thumbnail is pretty sus

  21. Regarding Tip #2: It's the sellers who are abusing this "color"-variant system to group entirely unrelated items together in order to benefit from the positive reviews one of those items gets. In my opinion, this imemdiately marks untrustworthy seller and, as others have already said here, should be heavily penalized by amazon.

  22. Clickbait or not this is a great video. Thanks for the tips @randomfrankp

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