Amazing Products TV The Truth About The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – 1 Month Later

Awesome Tips The Truth About The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – 1 Month Later

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G In-Depth Review after One Month. Covering Cameras, Display, Design, Snapdragon 888 vs Exynos 2100 Performance, Battery & Price.
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0:00 – Intro
1:18 Display
2:56 3D-Sonic Gen 2
3:22 Build & Design
4:40 Ultrawide & Primary Cameras
6:40 Zoom Cameras
7:48 Portraits
8:58 Selfie Camera
9:42 Video
10:40 Snapdragon vs Exynos Cameras
11:56 Performance
13:12 Battery Life
15:10 Software
15:48 Spen Support
17:05 Storage and Price
18:10 Conclusion

The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra features a 6.8” 120Hz QHD+ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display, Quad Camera, Laser AF, Gorilla Glass Victus, Gen 2 Qualcomm 3D Sonic Sensor, Qualcomm Snapdragon 888/Exynos 2100 5G, 128/256/512GB UFS 3.1, 12GB RAM, 5000mAh Battery, Price is from $1199/£1149.

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  1. Who enjoyed the intro? 😎 #SuperSafStyle

  2. You are my best when it comes to phone review

  3. Ultra is very heavy 😢

  4. Me watching this before getting my s21 ultra

  5. Hey @supersaf can u tell me how to do lock wallpaper like you? I really want to do it.

  6. I'm glad I got the samsung galaxy s21 ultra in phantom black because why not I needed something that would improve my photography and videos and animations and other stuff I do as well I never liked my old phone at all it drain extremely fast for no reason and freeze on me all the time which I hated in the first place I never did liked my old phone anyways it would lag and freeze all the time I got tired of my old phone wouldn't let me do anything At all which was pretty stupid and useless the samsung ultra really makes a difference in so many ways

    • LB
    • December 24, 2022

    BOGO rn for Samsung ultra should I or go with pixel pro 6

  7. I've had mine almost a year now and I admit I haven't downloaded the monthly software updates. If I start this month what happens to the previous updates, are they ignored or are the missed updates downloaded as well? Appreciate your comments

  8. me: i love my s21 ultra!
    Also my phone one minutes later: 88% 87% 86%….

    • lownd
    • December 24, 2022

    I have the s21 ultra ex2100 version. Problem is wireless charging. I use a 3rd party wireless charger. I place it on it, it says fast wireless charging, then a second later it changes to standard wireless charging like Samsung have restricted the type if wireless charger that can use fast charging. Really annoying.

  9. Exynos Sux ,stfu Samsung here in EU !!!

    • Felix
    • December 24, 2022

    How I just wish Samsung can give everyone the Snapdragon version. Fkin annoying how I have to settle for Exynos. Idk how it is now but I've heard the Exynos have terrible thermals and that it overheats easily. So now I'm deciding if I should take the Z Flip 3 coz it has the Snapdragon.

  10. Thank you sir, for setting me straight, about the Samsung S21. I am a musician, and I got through 50-60 gigs of data, per month, and I really need a strong battery. Thank you, again. Joey

  11. 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐

  12. So how do you charge this photo?

  13. Thank you for your detailed evaluation of the S21 Ultra!!!

  14. I have been thorough two samsung galaxy S 21 ultra first one just stop working and my new one a week ago and my screen is blanking off and on . Now dont get me wrong iove it when ir was working right. .. now T-Mobile said there not getting them back in stock ..

  15. First time discovering your videos, one of the best and most thorough and transparent. Thanks for your help – ordering this phone now!

  16. My s20 plus still rocks 💪🏾

  17. The punch out is so much better than that ugly iPhone bar

  18. Is there any way to change the style of the FINDER Search on the App Page? I'm not talking about Search on the Home Screen. On my Sony phone the search is just a line with the search icon on the left. I want to remove or change the style of the FINDER on the Samsong Galaxy S21 Ultra. It's not a widget or an app so you can't move it or replace it.

  19. 3:57 you literally sound like you want to say ''it just looks so…so sssexy!'' and yes indeed the phantom black looks so sexy

  20. I couldn't figure out how to smash the like button, I think you can only click it. So I cant do that, sorry.

    • J R
    • December 24, 2022

    I just wished samsung software was as famous as apples😪

  21. I just upgraded to this although it has been a timely process due to delivery delays.

    My needs are pretty basic as I don't care about gaming although multimedia and photography or audio are important.

    I like how you mention your sponsor without being an annoying eejit.

  22. I enjoy how badass Saf looks on these selfies!

  23. The way he looked at his black phone is hilarious 🤣

  24. Loooove my s21 ultra 🥰from a s9 to a 21ultra definitely satisfied to have waited for the 21ultra and am still learning abou the 📷 improvements 💜💙💚which I'm really excited about 😃

  25. And why are you wearing sunglasses indoors? 'Cos Saf has gone Hollywood!

  26. I ordered mine from Samsung and unfortunately that means I'm gonna have to wait until the beginning of October to get it, but I also means I got access to some of the specialty colors. I do like the phantom black color it's really nice but as I looked at some of the other colors I noticed that on some of them the camera module has a really cool carbon fiber look on it which the phantom black one doesn't have and because I really like the carbon fiber look around the camera I decided to get the phantom titanium color. Also my last 3 Samsung Galaxy phones I got in black so I think it'll be cool to get one in a different color this time. I really wish they would have included the carbon fiber look around the camera on the phantom black model, if they had have done so I might have ended up getting it. But I have to say the phantom titanium color is awesome and with the carbon fiber look around the camera it makes it even cooler looking so I'm looking forwards to getting it and having a phone witb a cool carbon fiber accent around the camera and that's a really cool color that's not black will be a cool change I think.

  27. iPhone user and the s21 ultra has my attention, so I’m switching to it this Friday

  28. Re-watched the video after 6 months and found out that there is a very faint Bernie at 7:06 😮

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