All the best devices we saw at CES 2021

Awesome Tips All the best devices we saw at CES 2021

CES 2021 might be a virtual show this year, but that doesn’t mean the tech is any less exciting. From flying cars to transparent TVs, here’s the best stuff you need to know from the show.

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  1. Why would anyone want a transparent TV?
    I'm tryna watch X-Files, not X-Files featuring my bookcase across the room.

  2. Nothing good! Just new samsung tv's. Boring 😴 Boring 😴

  3. Why can’t someone invent a robot with just 2 human like hands that can massage my feet and back like a human??!!
    I pay for that!!

  4. GM can't even build a decent EV car, how can they make a VTOL?

  5. P

  6. Lots of neat ideas here.

  7. All tech stuff attractive strongly.

  8. That ridiculous mask with speakers better NEVER see the light of day. Ridiculous is an understatement

  9. people in 1930's: There will be flying cars in the year 2000!
    cutting edge tech: okay get this. a screen, but it's harder to see anything.

  10. Bad video. There were so many gadgets showj in CES that us consumers will ACTUALLY purchase. Why show us rubbish out of our reach and not likely to even enter production?

  11. Oo

  12. why aren't these events being advertised on youtube anymore?

  13. Expensive and impractical toys.

  14. 0:55 The only cool thing on the list. It will be great for many things. Including vehicles windshields!

  15. Good

  16. It looks like us BOIZ are going to save some $$$ because at least if they are sane we don’t use lipstick!!! LOL

  17. Advertising covid crap like it's never going away. Smh

  18. Finally! Flying cars, only took about 1/2 a dozen End of World scenarios

  19. Wow i already get to..take me..i have proof..i dont want ster west price…i already making transparent tv to…i dont want sale hare acheap

  20. Можно было бы электро машину сделать на атомных батарейках, но это не выгодно, для начала должны появиться устройства превращающие газы в продукты, вещи, можно было бы сделать леветирующие машины, но это конечно не объяснимо в чем причины задержак!

  21. Amazes me how CES went from only TVs and radios to flying cars and the most advanced robots and other tech

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